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(credit: Jim Whiteley)

A new study published in Science presents evidence that probably some of the apparently extravagant suggestions about Vitamin C had been not totally off base. The study in question examined human colorectal cancers containing specific genetic mutations that are identified in up to half of these cancers. These cells ended up drawing in so much Vitamin C that it caused their death.

The researchers used a cell culture and subsequent experiments in mice to explore the effects of higher doses of vitamin C on cancer cells. The initial information came from an application of vitamin C and metabolized versions of vitamin C to a cell culture that integrated both mutated cancer cells and wild type control cells. The cancerous cells carried two mutations (in KRAS and BRAF) that are generally discovered in colorectal cancers.

Their results indicated that the colorectal cancer cells have been much more most likely to absorb the vitamin C metabolite than the cells with out those mutations. This is due to an up regulation of the protein that pulls vitamin C and its metabolites into cells. These cells imported so a lot of these chemicals that they experienced cell death.

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