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Bolden, far left, and Sullivan, far appropriate, were crew mates on the mission that launched the Hubble Space Telescope. (credit: NASA)

As NOAA has endured a series of Congressional attacks this fall for its climate change research, the agency’s administrator, Kathryn Sullivan, has largely remained silent. But the former astronaut’s wing mate for two spaceflights, Charles Bolden, has not been so reticent. The NASA administrator this week continued to blister Congress for its tack on climate adjust science.

Soon after delivering a keynote speech on the commercialization of space at the SpaceCom conference in Houston Tuesday, Bolden talked to Ars about his own agency’s Earth science study. He also addressed the efforts by Texas Congressman Lamar Smith, who chairs the Property Committee on Science, Space, and Technologies, to receive the e-mails of NOAA climate scientists, in which Smith expects to locate political influence and maybe fraud.

“I don’t think scientists will be intimidated by the subpoenas and almost everything else,” Bolden stated. “That may possibly be its intent, but I don’t think it will operate. Its peoples’ life’s operate, and they’re not just going to walk away because somebody threatens them with a subpoena to seem just before the Congress of the United States. They’ll probably welcome it, to be very sincere.”

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