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The R-23M “space cannon,” revealed to a Russian military television plan at the secret business museum of the KB Tochmash design bureau in Moscow.

Final month, a Russian military show, Voennaya Priemka, revealed a single of the greatest secrets of the Soviet Union’s 1970s space program: the R-23M Space Cannon. A defensive weapon created to counter the threat of American anti-satellite weapons, the R-23M was a 23-millimeter automatic cannon that could be fired in the vacuum of space.

Making use of footage from the show, Anatoly Zak, of, and other people had been able to produce a 3-dimensional model of the R-23M, published yesterday by Popular Mechanics. Fired only after in its lifetime—just as the space station carrying it was preparing to be decommissioned by means of a fiery re-entry—the R-23M served aboard 3 Almaz Orbital Piloted Stations (OPS). The Almaz plan, originally undertaken in the 1960s as a objective-constructed military reconnaissance space station with a reusable crew return module, was folded into the Salyut plan in the 1970s.

The R-23M was based on the tail gun of the Tupolev Tu-22 “Blinder” bomber. It weighed 37 pounds and had a fire rate of above 950 rounds per minute, Zak reported, “blasting 200-gram shells at a velocity of 690 meters per second (1,500 miles per hour). According to veterans of the Almaz project, the space cannon effectively pierced a metal gasoline canister from a mile away in the course of its ground tests.”

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