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The Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday as element of an exhaustive investigation that as a lot of as 110,000 “questionable” speeding tickets have been issued in the past two years in Chicago as portion of a speed-camera system developed to preserve youngsters safe close to parks and schools.

…City Hall has systematically ticketed drivers close to schools with out the legally important proof of a schoolchild in sight. A Tribune random-sample evaluation puts the quantity of these questionable tickets at about 110,000.

And whilst it was pitched by the mayor as a way to shield youngsters walking close to parks and schools, the most prolific cameras in the two-year-old “Children’s Safety Zone” initiative can be situated along key roadways, precisely exactly where crash specifics show youngster pedestrians are least almost certainly to be struck by speeders.

The lengthy report is worth a study.

Amongst other components, the report positioned that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s speed camera plan issued 22,000 tickets for speeding close to parks and 1 far a lot much more 11,000 tickets close to parks that had been closed for the evening. What is a lot a lot a lot more, an added 28,000 citations “had been issued at cameras plagued by troubles with warning indicators that did not meet the minimum legal specifications.” And at least 62,000 tickets have been supplied throughout the summer season time time “when school activity is so restricted that drivers are left to guess regardless of no matter whether or not or not college is in session or not.”

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