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A new HDMI box named “Drift Tv,” priced at around £80/$ one hundred, promises to enhance your good quality of sleep (and lessen the time it requires you to fall asleep) by removing or decreasing the quantity of blue light emitted by your TV screen.

The box, created by a business known as Saffron, has an HDMI input on one particular side, an HDMI output on the other, and some buttons that boost or lower the quantity of blue light emitted by the Tv. You can program the Drift to automatically transition from complete-spectrum to no-blue over a period of an hour so that you never notice the shift. You can also set a “wake up” time, presumably in the morning, when the full colour spectrum is restored.

Exposure to particular frequencies of light can suppress the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that helps animals anticipate the onset of darkness, and hence it also plays a role in governing our circadian rhythms. Back in 2012, Harvard published a investigation letter saying that blue light in certain is extremely potent when it comes to suppressing melatonin secretion.

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