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The Visual Studio Code editor, now open source, editing TypeScript on OS X. (credit: Microsoft)

NEW YORK—Developers can now debug apps running on Linux servers or IoT devices from the comfort of Visual Studio. Microsoft right now released a preview of a Visual Studio extension that adds remote debugging utilizing GDB of Linux software.

This was a single of a lot of announcements made at Microsoft’s Connect developer occasion these days as the business aims to give its developer platform the broadest attain it’s ever had, capable to manage Android, iOS, and Linux improvement, alongside the a lot more expected Azure, Office, and Windows. Visual Studio 2015 already made large strides in this direction, and Microsoft is pushing ahead to try to make Visual Studio the greatest improvement environment around.

The free and cross-platform Chromium-based code editor Visual Studio Code is being open sourced today. A new build has also been published, adding an extension mechanism to the editor. There are currently some 60 extensions available, including new language support (such as Go language), richer debugging, code linters, and more.

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