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Following a December 8 update, you are going to be able to throw this out the window if you want.

For almost exactly eight years now, Rock Band‘s kick pedal has presented a steep learning curve for wary new drummers. At the simpler troubles, tapping the drum’s 4 colored pads in time with the music isn’t that tough on its personal, nor is tapping a kick pedal with your foot every single few beats. But carrying out each at after demands a type of coordination and limb independence that most men and women don’t naturally have. And let’s not forget the possible drummers who are physically unable to function a kick pedal for what ever explanation.

Excellent news for those groups today, as Harmonix has announced that Rock Band 4 players will get selection to ignore the kick pedal by way of a downloadable update on December 8. An in-game selection will let the game play the bass drum portion automatically whilst players hit the plastic skins. This feature was apparently offered in Lego Rock Band, but has been missing from the series’ major entries till now (exciting truth: The Ideal Purchase demo stations for the original Rock Band had been also missing assistance for the kick pedal, probably because drummers had to play standing).

Ultimately, those wary wallflowers at a party will not be in a position to use a straightforward foot pedal as an excuse not to try the drums, and uncoordinated parents will be capable to jam along with their kids that significantly far more easily. “It is a genuinely niche feature, but it is been requested for a lengthy time,” Harmonix spokesman Eric Pope told Ars. “It has basically been requested for all of Rock Band.”

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