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Man, wouldn’t it be a total mess if Amazon Studios created an Ars Technica film? Assuming I ever finish this script, and then submit it directly to the studio via its Amazon Storywriter app, they just might.

Although a range of free and low-priced scriptwriting apps are available across all key computing OSes and Web browsers, only a single has launched with a constructed-in capability to send a finished script directly to a film or television studio.

The totally free Amazon Storywriter app launched on Thursday by loudly advertising that direct-pitch capability, and it has asked aspiring scribes to write, then straight submit, screenplays for comedy Television series, drama Television series, and function-length films. Need to authors currently have text in progress, they can import PDFs, FDX, and Fountain format files to the app (or export to these formats) with no needing an Amazon Prime account or any other paying membership.

The app otherwise functions like your run-of-the-mill scriptwriting app, which means it formats text for the sake of dialogue, transitions, action descriptions, and a lot more, and your only font choice is Courier. If you’d like to use the app although offline, you can do so by way of a Chrome extension. Unlike other Net-primarily based services such as WriterDuet, which comes in both free and paid flavors, Amazon Storyteller does not offer you any live-collaboration solutions for the subsequent fantastic Affleck-Damon duo. Storyteller also does not offer a direct way to submit young children-distinct content material pitches any spiritual successor to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood must be sent to Amazon Studios by way of a Net interface.

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