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As Microsoft’s Surface styles have improved and grow to be far more successful, clones of the very same basic concept from the Pc OEMs have turn out to be a lot more and much more widespread (the same factor occurred with the Lenovo Yoga design following Windows eight came out). Lenovo has the Miix 700, Dell has its new XPS 12, and HP not too long ago debuted the Spectre x2. Most of these PCs straddle the line amongst tablet and laptop by combining a massive touch-capable slab of a tablet with the Surface’s kickstand-plus-keyboard-cover notion.

Yesterday, we got a likelihood to appear at another iteration of the thought from HP, dubbed the Elite x2. If you’re familiar with HP’s naming conventions, you’ll know that its “Elite” merchandise are typically high-end organization computer systems that are sleek and properly-designed adequate to be desirable to home users, and that is what the Elite x2 is attempting to do. It is a version of the Surface’s design that makes concessions to organizations that like to repair and upgrade systems on-site—you can actually take away the screws hiding underneath its kickstand and pull the screen off with a suction cup, exposing the battery, SSD, motherboard, and the Wi-Fi and cellular cards for effortless repair and replacement (as greatest as we can tell, the RAM is nonetheless soldered to the motherboard). The Surface Pro has in no way been an simple machine to open and perform on, so these are all good options to have.

The construction of the tablet itself is a small on the boxy side but undoubtedly high-finish. It really is created mostly of aluminum, with the exception of the glass that covers the show and a strip on the back exactly where the camera and its LED flash are embedded. The kickstand is also aluminum, but it is just a thin piece of metal rather than a big aluminum slab like the Surface kickstand. HP tells us that it is created out of 7000-series aluminum (as opposed to the lighter 6000-series aluminum utilized for the rest of the chassis), which ought to aid preserve it sturdy, and it leaves far more area in the body of the tablet to fit the battery and other elements. The kickstand is stable regardless of the angle you use, and bends back up to 150 degrees, which is beneficial when you happen to be drawing on it with the pen.

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