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Reviewing a device from OnePlus is often a strange proposition. We get the devices at Ars simply because we’re privileged journalists, but most individuals can’t just go out and buy a OnePlus device. The company insists on selling its devices by means of an “invite” technique, which tends to make buying OnePlus devices a large hassle. You can show up to OnePlus’ internet site money-in-hand (metaphorically), and you’ll be turned away if you do not have a golden ticket.

The explanation is that OnePlus just cannot afford to sell a ton of phones at the listed MSRP. The upstart company freely admits it has “No plan to make any income for two years,” and along with the limited release approach, we’re guessing it loses funds (or, at very best, breaks even) on each device it sells. OnePlus’ current business technique is unsustainable, so it feels a small dishonest to examine the company’s devices to items from actual functioning firms attempting to make a profit. OnePlus appears to be far more focused on creating hype than producing sales.

Nevertheless, the business model is not really the consumer’s issue, so if you are interested in taking advantage of OnePlus’ generosity, let us present to you the “OnePlus X,” the company’s latest bang-for-your-buck smartphone. The “X” takes what is generally a late-2013 or early-2014 flagship and sells it two years later for $ 249. Think about a Nexus 5 or Galaxy S5 and you’re in the correct ballpark. You are getting a 5-inch, 1080p show powered by a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 SoC.

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