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DICE and EA never have a great track record when it comes to multiplayer releases—see the likes of the disastrous launch of Battlefield four. But Star Wars Battlefront, while not exactly the game several were hoping for, at least seemed to operate pretty effectively, with none of the extreme server problems that dogged BF4.

Sadly for EA, Battlefront is suffering from a various sort of problem: that of the immortal player. According to report from Ars sister publication Wired UK, immortal players have been causing grief in the game’s multiplayer modes. Wired UK played a number of multiplayer matches earlier this week, and saw at least two situations of players who have been impervious to all weapons and melee attacks. Those players racked up one hundred kills each in a mere ten-minute round.

Check out the immortal Snowtrooper who just will not die.

The look of immortal players has lead to accusations of deliberate cheating on social media and Reddit. However, with most of the reports of immortal players coming in from the PlayStation four and Xbox One versions of the game, it makes it hugely unlikely that any deliberate hacks have been deployed. Rather, players on Reddit are claiming they inadvertently became immortal right after crashing a ship, with others saying it just occurred randomly.

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