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What’s in your properly? (credit: National Park Service- Sonoran Desert)

You most likely make it via most days without pondering about groundwater. All you know is that water comes out of the faucet when you turn the deal with, and there’s fresh generate (and beer!) at the grocery store. Some locations rely on surface water to make these issues occur, but a lot of other individuals pull their water from wells.

The “age” of the groundwater coming out of those wells may well sound like a weird factor to concern yourself with, because the atoms in the molecules have obviously all been about about as extended as the Earth has. But some groundwater was rainwater that seeped by means of the ground just final year, and some groundwater has been underground for more than a million years.

Regional groundwater studies may possibly look into age, but no a single has ever tried to place with each other a global image because, properly, it is actually hard to do. A new study led by the University of Victoria’s Tom Gleeson requires a whack at it, even though, and shows us just how small of our groundwater is significantly less than 100 years old.

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