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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has described Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a “breath of fresh air”, although promoting the Coalition’s climate change policy ahead of United Nations talks in Paris next week.

Ms Bishop made the comments in the course of an address to the Liberal Party’s Victorian state conference in Geelong today.

She told the delegates the Prime Minister had brought in a “fresh, dynamic, optimistic confident narrative” since ousting former leader Tony Abbott in September.

“The Australian people are listening and they like what they hear, and Malcolm, he’s been a breath of fresh air across the country,” she mentioned.

“I have visited many electorates considering that the change in leadership and it has been welcomed by a lot of men and women.”

Mr Turnbull was absent from the conference and is attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Malta, exactly where climate alter is high on the agenda.

Ms Bishop will travel to Paris subsequent week to help promote the Government’s strategy to minimize emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

She said the Coalition’s targets have been a lot more viable then Labor’s policy of reducing emissions by 45 per cent more than the very same period.

“A 45 per cent reduction, we know from their modelling, will hit the economy by about 600 billion dollars,” Ms Bishop mentioned.

“It is unbelievable, they will not tell us how they’ll do it, we know it will be a enormous hit to the economy.”

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