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Public servants spend too significantly time stuck in one job and are missing out on the opportunity to broaden their horizons, the Australian Public Service (APS) says.

In the State of the Service report for 2014-15, the Australian Public Service Commission bemoaned the lack of employees mobility, noting that 80 per cent of personnel at APS level had only ever worked for one department.

The report mentioned staff stuck in the one particular department were not receiving the chance to broaden their perspectives and boost collaboration.

It stated elevated mobility would guarantee employees discovered new ways of issue solving, and grow to be far more familiar with private sector practices.

“A number of barriers exist to the movement of employees among agencies, other government jurisdictions and the private sector,” the report mentioned.

“Numerous are primarily based on perceptions, whilst other people are a lot more structural.

“In 2015, only 1.6% of APS staff moved among agencies.”

The report said that movement of staff should be utilized to create their expertise and prepare them for management roles.

Private leave also continues to be a concern to the public service, the report identified.

The report revealed personal leave rates averaged as high as 20 days per employee in some departments.

Across all departments, the average quantity of sick days taken per employee continued to rise, from 7.eight in 2011-12, to 9 in 2014-15.

The report said that engagement was a key element in determining how considerably leave employees took.

“Data collected this year shows that there is a complicated but clear relationship amongst employee engagement and sick leave use,” it stated.

“Importantly, the data shows a partnership among a variety of attendance management practices, such as managers becoming appropriately supported in managing employee attendance, and sick leave.”

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