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Loadfail, unsafe load on back of a truck Photo: New South Wales Traffic and Highway Patrol Command officers follow up on leads sent via by means of Facebook from the public when unsafe scenarios are reported. (Supplied)
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Protruding pallets and mattresses tied down with strings are high on the list of difficult towing techniques that have New South Wales police seeing red.


  • Driving a automobile exactly where the load is not secured: Appropriately $ 815
  • Drive/two car with overhanging load: $ 424, 3 demerit points
  • Body element outdoors of vehicle window/door (driver): $ 319, 3 demerit points

The Visitors and Highway Patrol unit have begun employing social media to expose some of the most foolish and risky drivers snapped overloading their cars on roads across the state.

The New South Wales Police Force Targeted traffic and Highway Patrol Facebook web page has attracted a lot more than 210,000 “likes” in 3 years.

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And whilst the police officers who monitor the page take a critical stance on road safety, the #loadfail photos have been some of the most common posts.

From tumbling truckloads of pallets to couches teetering on roofs, and drivers making use of one particular hand to steer and the other to steady, the public have submitted pictures day-to-day to the page to shame poor driving behaviour.

NSW Targeted traffic and Highway Patrol Command stakeholder manager chief inspector Phillip Brooks stated officers followed up offences caught on camera.

Many audience pictures have resulted in charges, warnings and crackdowns in local places targeting hooning or speeding.

“The web page has turn out to be a space for men and women to report concerns on the web page or via a private message,” Inspector Brooks mentioned.

“We have been capable to then response in real time and send out patrol cars to where punters are carrying out burn outs or speeding in distinct school zones.”

Towering toilet paper and dodgy hauls top the list

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Although the site visitors command has 1354 officers and 565 automobiles on the roads, the #loadfail posts are contributed nearly wholly by other drivers.

“The images give us difficult proof and automobile registration plates permit us to move forward and investigate,” Inspector Brooks mentioned.

“We act on every thing and we have great success in terms of localised neighborhood concerns.

“We had a photo recently of a punter in a sedan with a load of timber hardware causing the car to drift off the roadway and we took action against that person swiftly.

“The subsequent day we went and spoke with him and he admitted to driving the auto unsecured.

“The evidence is clear when there is a photograph and in-auto video footage from the dashcam.”

Inspector Brooks stated virtually practically nothing was surprising on the roads anymore, but a recent photo of a van carrying bulk toilet paper on its roof was 1 of the most uncommon towing dilemmas he had noticed.

He mentioned whilst some of the #loadfail pictures were funny, the offence of overloading a car and could outcome in a significant crash or even death.

Reaching out for road security using social media

Inspector Brooks stated the Facebook page— set up in 2012— had turn out to be an invaluable tool to connect with the neighborhood, construct trust, generate road safety discussions and residence in on problem areas.

“This is far more an chance for police to showcase what they are performing seven days a week, 24 hours a day in true time,” he stated.

“Road safety is a global problem, so in addition to attempting to highlight local issues, this is a genuine time voice for road security, so we populate the web page with not only regional images but items that will capture debate in road security.

“Patrols and infringements notices imply practically nothing with no awareness.”

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