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Go inside the world of Michael Maher, cattle farmer, and one particular of Australia’s top saddle bronc riders, as he prepares to contest the national rodeo championships in Warwick.

Created by ABC R+D, ABC Regional, Pixelcase

External Link: Enter the planet of bronc rider Michael Maher

What am I searching at?

In October this year a group of ABC content makers teamed up with virtual reality specialists Pixelcase to introduce Australia to Michael Maher, and the possibilities of virtual reality (VR) and 360° video in Warwick Gold – Australian Rodeo.

This mini documentary follows Michael as he goes about his day on the farm and prepares to contest the Australian rodeo championships at the popular Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft.

VR has extended been touted as the future of video, but is now only just beginning to emerge as a achievable medium for audiences — largely because of smartphone technologies, and the increasingly connected globe we reside in.

Both VR and 360° offer wonderful possibilities to immerse men and women in locations and stories they would otherwise in no way have access to, and the ABC is looking to discover the possibilities they could bring to you, our audience.

What’s the best way to encounter the 360° video?

The video is at its best when viewed on a smartphone or tablet in the YouTube app, as this permits you to physically explore the space.

Make certain you put your headphones on, and move your phone or tablet about to navigate the 360 space. Obtaining a swivel chair or open space to stroll about in is ideal! You can also drag your finger more than the video to look.

You can also view the video on a desktop pc, using your mouse cursor to drag the view about, permitting you to discover the video.

My video doesn’t appear to be in 360°, how can I get it to function?

This sort of technologies is still in its infancy, so there could be a few issues with trying to get the video to work straight away.

If you are seeking at the video on a mobile device then you will need to have to have the YouTube app installed, and it must load in 360° automatically.

You might also have to upgrade your YouTube app to the latest edition, and if you never have the app (and YouTube doesn’t prompt you to download or upgrade it) then download it from your app retailer and try again.

For desktop computers, the YouTube player is developed to function across all browsers, but you will want the latest versions of these browsers. If you happen to be on a desktop pc and it’s still not working you can view it on the ABC’s Facebook page.

I want to watch the video in VR, can I?

If you have an Android telephone (a telephone making use of Google’s operating method) you can truly watch this video in VR, but you’ll need to have a cardboard set of goggles that turns your telephone into a VR headset.

If you have a cardboard headset and an Android telephone then press the cardboard headset icon in the YouTube app next to the volume button and it must transform into a split screen show for VR.

If you have yet another telephone like an iPhone you can download the Vrideo App, which is developed to show video in VR across all platforms, and search for Warwick Gold – Australian Rodeo.

For readers with VR headsets maintain an eye on your product’s internet retailer to see our video, it ought to be appearing shortly.

How is this even feasible?

The video is produced by a series of cameras that are set up to film 360 degrees of vision. The individual pieces of footage are then stitched with each other afterwards creating an effect that enables you to look anyplace you want whilst the video plays.

Exactly where can I locate out much more?

The super-wise folks in the ABC’s research and development division have place with each other a web page explaining the hows and whys of the project – such as a behind the scenes video that shows how it all came with each other.


Production group:

  • Interviewer – Cassandra Hough, ABC Rural
  • Lead producer – Dan Battley ABC Open Tropical North (Mackay)
  • Chris Lewis, ABC Open Mid West WA (Geraldton)
  • Emily Bissland, ABC Open SW Victoria (Warnambool)
  • Astrid Scott, ABC R+D senior producer and experience strategist


  • Technical director – John Colebrook
  • Digital producer – Carsten Reimers

Executive production and assistance:

  • Scott Gamble, ABC Regional
  • Matt O’Sullivan, Acting head – Rural
  • Angela Clark, Director – Digital Network

Topics: rural, science-and-technology

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