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Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop spent far more than $ 50,000 on a country-hopping South American trip earlier this year.

Mrs Bishop resigned as speaker in August following weeks of pressure over her taxpayer-funded expenditure.

New documents reveal she travelled to Ecuador, Peru and Argentina between January ten-25 this year.

Four other MPs and senators have been portion of a delegation that travelled to Ecuador and Peru for the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum.

Mrs Bishop travelled to Argentina with out other members of the group.

The other four charged taxpayers much less than $ 24,000 every.

The most current expenditure report for MPs and senators showed $ 32,046.28 was spent on airfares and $ 12,625.35 on accommodation and meals, whilst the total expense was $ 52,700.62.

Mrs Bishop’s office has been contacted for comment.

Earlier this year it was revealed she spent a lot more than $ 5,000 chartering a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong in November to attend a Liberal Celebration fundraiser.

The expenditure report, released right now, showed she continued to charter aircraft after the notorious November helicopter trip.

On March six this year, $ four,100 was spent on a return trip to Port Macquarie, where she attended the Hastings Heroine Awards — an occasion recognising regional women leaders.

No direct flights are obtainable among Canberra and Port Macquarie, but the journey can take significantly less than 3 hours flying by way of Sydney.

A six-day trip by Ms Bishop to Vietnam in March and April price taxpayers $ 19,218.99, like almost $ 13,000 on flights.

External Hyperlink: Expenditure claimed January 1 to June 30, 2015

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