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Safyre Terry Photo: Safyre Terry suffered burns to 75 per cent of her body soon after the fire. (Facebook: Safyre Schenectady’s Super Survivor)
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A young girl who lost her entire family to arson two years ago has asked for 1 issue this festive season — Christmas cards.

Safyre Terry’s father, sister and two brothers died in an unsolved New York home fire in Could 2013.

The eight-year-old was the only survivor and was identified shielded from the flames by her father, though she suffered burns to 75 per cent of her physique.

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Safyre has because had over 50 operations and has lost her proper hand and left foot, according to aunt and sole custodian Liz Dolder.

Ms Dolder had set up a Facebook page for the young girl, who has received a lot of assistance from nearby community organisations.

After Ms Dolder purchased a card tree this year, she mentioned Safyre was excited to fill it up but that she herself was a bit far more sceptical.

“When she stated she can not wait to fill up the card tree my response was ‘I never consider it’s gonna get filled up but I am sure we will get a few more cards,” she wrote on the Facebook web page.

Ms Dolder shared a photo on the Facebook web page of Safyre standing beside the tree.

The photo has since noticed hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook and other social media websites like Imgur.

“I am certain you have no concept who I am but … your outlook on life makes me smile and your undefeatable attitude is what makes humans remarkable,” one particular card mentioned.

One more card study: “You are a stunning girl, and hope you will have a very good Christmas.”

Safyre should be expecting far more to arrive in her mailbox quickly, as numerous other individuals have left comments on her Facebook web page about sending their cards.

“It really is magical,” Ms Dolder told local media.

“You usually hear about these horrible items happening. And for this to happen — it restores your faith in humanity.”

Safyre and her card tree Photo: Men and women have been sending Safyre Terry cards right after seeing her photo on Facebook. (Facebook: Safyre Schenectady’s Super Survivor)

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