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Volkswagen says allegations it lied about the carbon dioxide emissions of up to 800,000 automobiles have proven to be largely unfounded.

The vehicle maker now says the quantity of impacted automobiles was about 36,000.

Essential points:

  • Volkswagen says only 36,000 cars affected by false carbon emissions, not 800,000 as formerly reported
  • VW was initially expecting charges of at least two billion euros which includes compensation payments to customers
  • The German carmaker is scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday on the fallout so far of the pollution-cheating scandal

“The suspicion that the fuel consumption figures of current production automobiles had been unlawfully changed was not confirmed,” VW stated in a statement.

“Only a tiny quantity of the model variants of new cars will have the catalogue (CO2) figure slightly adjusted.”

It mentioned the “unfavorable influence on earnings of two. billion euros that was initially expected has [also] not been confirmed”.

VW mentioned final month it had falsified fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions in about 800,000 automobiles sold mostly in Europe and was expecting costs of at least two billion euros like compensation payments to clients.

“The damaging influence on earnings … has not been confirmed,” VW stated.

“Whether or not we will have a minor financial impact, depends on the results of the remeasurement physical exercise.”

On Wednesday, the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that the number of cars actually impacted was much reduced and owners would not be expected to make any further tax payments as a outcome of the discrepancies.

The newspaper reported that fewer than 40,000 cars had been truly impacted.

The report comes after a November 3 report that the auto giant revealed an internal probe had uncovered “inconsistencies” on carbon emissions as properly, affecting not only diesel engines but petrol engines too.

VW is at present engulfed in a massive pollution-scandal that had initially centred on so-referred to as defeat devices, sophisticated software program fitted into diesel engines to skew the outcomes of tests for nitrogen oxide emissions.

The carmaker admitted to fitting 11 million diesel engines worldwide with the rogue computer software, triggering each regulatory and criminal investigations in a range of nations, like Germany.

VW is scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday on the fallout so far of the pollution-cheating scandal.

It will also hear from the top executive of its Audi unit what methods he plans to take to repair luxury diesel automobiles fitted with computer software found to have enabled its engines to evade US emissions limits.

Shoppers have been deterred from making purchases due to the fact of the CO2 cheating, functions council chief Bernd Osterloh has stated, adding to currently falling demand for its cars in China and Latin America.

NordLB’s Schope predicted the group’s global sales would fall as considerably as four per cent worldwide subsequent year in a marketplace that looks set to grow by the identical margin.


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