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Tasmania’s Aboriginal community has celebrated 20 years since the most considerable land hand-back in the state’s history.

In December 1995, title to 12 parcels of land was handed back to Aboriginal elders by then Liberal Premier Ray Groom.

The land included Risdon Cove, also referred to as piyura kitana, on Hobart’s eastern shore.

Twenty years on, the Aboriginal community returned to the place to celebrate.

“It is an critical time to acknowledge the folks who, and the neighborhood who, contributed to the land returns, and the elders that accepted the titles here,” said neighborhood member Adam Thompson.

Michael Beaton was working at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre in 1995.

There’s a lot of Crown land left in Tasmania and that land is our land. We’re asking the present Government [to] give us the autonomy over these lands.

Trudy Maluga

“It was a fantastic achievement for the community and it was a community effort to get the land back,” Mr Beaton said.

The common public have been invited to take guided walks on the land and to see how it is being managed.

“We are capable of searching following our land, and we do it in a peaceful and cultural manner,” mentioned State Secretary of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Trudy Maluga.

“The healing method and the tactics that we’ve learnt along the way are useful to all people,” she stated.

Land hand-backs in Tasmania

  • 1995 – 12 parcels of land, such as Risdon Cove – piyura kitina
  • 1999 – Wybalenna on Flinders Island
  • 2005 – Cape Barren Island – Truwanna
  • 2005 – Clarke Island – Lungtalanana

Ms Maluga mentioned Risdon Cove was a place of celebration but also of sorrow.

“It was a massacre website for our men and women,” she mentioned.

Risdon Cove was the 1st internet site selected for British settlement in Tasmania in 1803 by Lieutenant John Bowen.

It was abandoned the following year in favour of Sullivans Cove from which Hobart sprang.

Premier urged to act on guarantee of a lot more returns

Premier Ray Groom hands over land deed in 1995 Photo: In 1995, Premier Ray Groom handed back 12 parcels of land. (ABC News)

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre utilized Thursday’s occasion to call for more land returns from the State Government.

Given that Cape Barren and Clarke Islands were returned in 2005 there have been no legislated hand-backs.

“We will usually contact for more land,” stated Ms Maluga.

“There is a lot of Crown land left in Tasmania and that land is our land.

“We’re asking the present Government and future governments to take that into consideration and give us the autonomy more than these lands.

“To heal them, to bring our youth there, to teach them and share all of our expertise with the broader community.”

Premier Will Hodgman stated his Government has committed to “reset” the partnership with Aboriginal Tasmanians.

“That contains in a quantity of regions, hand-backs, land management systems, new techniques of ensuring that Tasmanian Aboriginal people have access to the land with which they have a powerful connection,” he said.

“He’s been saying that considering that he’s been elected,” mentioned Ms Maluga.

“It’s about time he truly shows us how he intends to do that.”

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