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The Titanic's grand staircase re-created at the exhibition December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: The Titanic’s grand staircase has been re-created at the exhibition. (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

An exhibition that mixes life-sized replicas of components of the Titanic with period memorabilia associated with the famed ocean liner has gone on show in Perth.

Titanic: The Exhibition has been touring the world and has come to Western Australia for the initial time.

Developed by Picture Exhibitions chief executive Tom Zaller, the show mixes conventional displays of historic objects in glass circumstances with replicated sets of parts of the ship, which was famously billed as unsinkable but which sank right after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

Tom Zaller, CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, inside the first class corridor at the Titanic exhibition December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: Tom Zaller, CEO of Envision Exhibitions, inside the 1st class corridor at the Titanic exhibition (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

Guests enter via a brief gangplank, stroll by means of the 1st-class cabins, the grand staircase, via the lower-class cabins, the boiler area powering the steam engines, the promenade deck depicted on a starry night and ultimately, up close to an ‘iceberg’, replete with sound and climate effects.

“We have recreated a enormous boiler room and you come in and you can smell the scent of the coal, you can hear the engines,” Mr Zoller mentioned.

“There is a little breeze on the deck as the ship rolls along. It is a small cooler in here and it feels like you are on the ship.”

In the subsequent room, the walls are adorned with photographs and contemporary newspaper reports that show just how the vaunted voyage went so horribly incorrect.

Crockery from the White Star Line, operator of the Titanic. December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: Crockery from the White Star Line, operator of the Titanic. (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

“They knew there was ice in the area they received ice warnings all day,” he said.

“They also got a telegram, which they called a Marconi-gram, but they have been too busy sending out messages about the massive party they have been going to have in New York when the ship arrived that they sort of disregarded the ice warnings.

“There was no moon that evening, [that] would have allowed the guys in the crow’s nest to see the water lapping on the icebergs.

“They also didn’t have their binoculars with them that night.”

The 'iceberg' at the Titanic exhibition is made of real frozen water. December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: The ‘iceberg’ is a 4-metre block of ice that guests are invited to touch. (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

This show is augmented with an artificial ‘iceberg’, a four-metre block of ice that visitors are invited to touch and think about how cold the North Atlantic was the night the Titanic sank.

Lastly, there is an exhibit that recreates the watery grave of the Titanic these days, informed by Mr Zoller’s firsthand expertise of seeing the wreck in a tiny submarine in 2000.

“I feel it is a human story,” he said of the 1912 story’s enduring appeal.

“We all have hopes and dreams and often issues do not go the way you plan.

“The film did not hurt either, men and women loved the film,” he mentioned of James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster.

The exhibition characteristics a couple of props from the film, which includes the necklace worn by Kate Winslet that held a large blue diamond called the heart of the ocean.

“There have been many props made for the film and you can get your picture taken with it at the finish,” he mentioned.

Titanic: The Exhibition is at the Perth Convention Centre from December 12 until February 9 and is a ticketed occasion.

The necklace named the Heart of the Ocean which featured in the movie Titanic at the exhibition. December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: The necklace named the Heart of the Ocean, which featured in the film Titanic, characteristics at the exhibition. (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

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