Posted December 15, 2015 02:25:55

Stargazers around the world have begun sharing images of the Geminids meteor shower on social media, describing the show as “magical”.

Dr Ian Musgrave from the University of Adelaide stated Australia would get a decent show amongst 1.00am and four.00am (AEDT), with the spectacle anticipated to reach its peak at two.30am.

He stated the meteors would be most visible from far north Australia.

“You ought to also flick your eyes from side to side since even though [the meteors] radiate out of the north, they really begin to burn up a tiny bit further along their track,” he stated.

Stargazers from about the world reported mixed results as Australians waited with their eyes on the sky.

“Laying outside beneath the night sky … I’ve already noticed a handful. Amazingly magical,” 1 Instagram user, kaiyaepiphany, wrote.

But many shared spectacular photos from vantage points in the United States, United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

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