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Bishop accused of distancing himself from information of abuse to ‘protect church’

Posted December 14, 2015 19:06:20

A Catholic bishop has been accused of attempting to protect himself and the church although giving proof at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Kid Sexual Abuse.

Bishop Brian Finnigan was among a group of priests who handled complaints of paedophilia amongst priests in the Ballarat Diocese in the 1980s.

Counsel Assisting the Commission Angus Stewart SC asked the bishop why his evidence in a private hearing earlier this year differed from his evidence in public hearings right now and last Friday.

“The evidence that you have given for the royal commission on Friday and indeed this morning has not been given in such a way that you have sought to help the royal commission and the public to recognize the history of Gerald Ridsdale in the Diocese of Ballarat,” he put to Bishop Finnigan.

Bishop Finnigan replied that his intention was “certainly not to create confusion”.

Bishop Finnigan: “If I have designed confusion due to the fact of my numerous methods of expressing things all I can say is ‘I’m sorry’.”

Angus Stewart SC: “I say to you bishop that in your evidence in this public hearing you have consistently distanced yourself from any expertise of youngster sexual assault by priests of the dioceses to protect your self and to defend the church – is not that right?”

Bishop Finnigan: I wouldn’t agree with that.

Earlier, Mr Stewart read from a transcript of an interview Bishop Finnigan gave in 1993 to the Catholic Church’s insurers, asking the bishop to confirm the truth of his answers.

Each Mr Stewart and the commission chair Justice Peter McLellan expressed aggravation with the bishop’s inability to do so.

Justice McLellan: “You told me the other day that you answered truthfully, did not you?”

Bishop Finnigan: “Yes I did answer truthfully. I wasn’t producing up stories, but at the exact same time I didn’t think about [the church insurance coverage interview] a formal interview beneath oath or something like that.”

Justice McLellan: “You wouldn’t see the obligation to tell the truth to a CCI [Catholic Church Insurance coverage] investigator in the exact same light.”

Bishop Finnigan: “I would envision that I was attempting to tell the truth of what I knew at the time but I’m happy to acknowledge now the really loose statements that I created.”

Priests’ celibacy led to immaturity

In other proof, a Catholic priest said the require to stay celibate led to a level of immaturity inside the priesthood and contributed to the church’s inability to recognise paedophilia within its ranks.

Father John McKinnon acknowledged he failed victims by not questioning why numerous colleagues were moved about the Ballarat Diocese throughout the 1970s and 80s.

I occasionally wonder no matter whether the fact that we are celibate signifies that we miss out on that standard incentive to grow.

Father John McKinnon

Father McKinnon stated he was not conscious of the paedophilia issue until the late 1980s and did not question choices made by Bishop Ronald Mulkearns.

He mentioned a cultural immaturity within the priesthood meant priests advising the bishop were not sensitive to the possibility youngster abuse was the cause some colleagues have been becoming moved.

He believes immaturity stemmed from the truth several priests went straight from college to a secluded life in the seminary, a extremely diverse life to young men their age.

“Most fellows would have had the opportunity to cope with falling in adore and negotiating relationships and some would have grown and had their personal households and so on and once again creating that capacity, that sensitivity to a youngster and that sense of sacredness of the child,” Father McKinnon said.

“I at times wonder whether the fact that we are celibate signifies that we miss out on that standard incentive to grow.

“I consider it would be greater if there had been ladies among the consulters and women in positions of leadership since I think they would be instinctively sensitive to these issues when we weren’t.”

The hearing continues.

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Case against murder accused ‘a college of red herrings’

Posted December 08, 2015 22:03:47

The case against a man accused of murdering punk rock fan Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber is “a school of red herrings” and “stinking kippers by the dozen”, his lawyer has told a court.

Christopher Navin, 29, has admitted stabbing Mr Sofer-Schreiber to death, but has pleaded not guilty to murder by explanation of mental impairment in the ACT Supreme Court.

Significantly of the trial, which has run for 3 weeks so far, has been devoted to evidence about Navin’s mental well being and regardless of whether he was suffering psychosis at the time of the killing.

The crown outlined a case suggesting Navin was motivated by animosity, soon after he blamed the victim for isolating him from close friends in the punk rock scene.

The pair had fallen out when they shared a home, with the victim taking legal action against Navin, partly more than damage to Mr Sofer-Schreiber’s garage.

The case was resolved and pals mentioned Navin laughed it off.

Prosecutors also detailed forensic evidence about blood patterns, suggesting the victim was not first stabbed at the front door, where Navin said the attack started, but at his dining table.

The court heard Navin attempted to cover up the crime by burning the knives and other evidence, and that he lied to the police.

Another essential piece of evidence was repeated phone calls and text messages Navin produced to the victim shortly just before the killing, to which Mr Sofer-Schreiber did not responded, in spite of the pair agreeing to meet up for lunch.

Prosecutor Margaret Jones told the jury many of Navin’s actions afterward suggested he knew what he did was incorrect.

“He goes to the funeral, and you may discover that was to give a veneer of innocence,” she mentioned.

It was clear proof of someone getting dictated to by psychosis.

Stuart Littlemore

She also told the court he gave varying accounts to the psychiatrists.

Navin’s personal account recommended the decision to kill the victim solidified when he left his parents on Boxing Day.

For months he stated he had it in his thoughts that the voices in his head have been in league with Mr Sofer-Schreiber and he must make friends with him, as he feared he was a threat to his family.

By the time of the killing, he believed the victim was organizing to hire a hit man to kill members of his family members.

Navin said he saw warning indicators, including when he went to feed a friend’s cats and saw a book with the words “on the loose”.

He said he took that to mean there was a hit man on the loose.

Then at his parents’ residence, he saw a piece of wire in the shape of a noose on a bench and saw his mother move a necklace in a manner that produced him consider she was in quick danger.

Landmarks for psychosis did not modify: Littlemore

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber Photo: Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber was found stabbed to death in his Canberra apartment on December 29, 2013. (Supplied: ACT Policing)

The prosecution pointed to differences in the narrative told to many psychiatrists who treated and interviewed Navin, some a lot more than a year later, as evidence he was not telling the truth.

But defence barrister Stuart Littlemore described it as “a case theory that is irresponsible and mindlessly prejudiced”.

He stated it would be unusual if the stories were precisely the exact same.

“But the landmarks along the road for the psychosis did not modify,” he said.

Mr Littlemore said it simply was not accurate that Navin was socially isolated, and said he had contact with buddies and family.

He stated his actions could be explained in the context of his mental illness.

“It was clear proof of an individual being dictated to by psychosis,” he stated.

Mr Littlemore told the jury there was 1 situation to make a decision: “The only genuine query is how psychotic he was on Boxing Day two years ago, when he knocked on the door of the Lyneham property.”

The case is continuing.

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NBN Co accused of duplication, overbuilding existing net solutions

Posted December 03, 2015 19:49:11

The organization charged with rolling out the National Broadband Network (NBN) has been accused of wasting taxpayers’ cash by installing precisely the same web services on top of current broadband in some areas.

Wholesale broadband network businesses say below the Coalition Government, NBN Co is stifling investment in the sector and leaving consumers worse off.

Michael Sparksman, the chief executive of OPENetworks, told Lateline that two years following his organization installed a superfast broadband network in a building in Sydney Park Village, NBN Co installed the very same service.

“It is exactly the identical as building two super freeways to a neighborhood,” he mentioned.

“They offer the very same solutions and facilities over which the trains and trucks and automobiles can travel and so there is no benefit in obtaining duplication of that infrastructure.”

LBNCo chief executive Steve Picton mentioned his firm had also been overbuilt.

“We’ve surely seen it take place in a couple of our main estates in Western Australia,” he mentioned.

“We’ve got a main facility off towards the airport at Mascot where once once again, one of our one hundred megabit buildings, in that particular case utilizing a diverse technology, has currently been overbuilt.”

Lateline has obtained a letter displaying that NBN Co plans to roll out broadband at Wentworth Point, an estate with about three,000 houses already serviced by Mr Picton’s company.

“It makes no sense. This is delivering a superfast broadband network, it is entirely equivalent in terms of the service levels we’re supplying inside the estate so it’s total duplication,” he mentioned.

Mr Sparksman said overbuilding was killing off investment in the sector.

“Residents and occupiers of the company across the road have requested that we extend our network into their constructing and we would be ready to do so but unfortunately the investment risk is now if NBN Co will overbuild us there, there won’t be a return for us to do so,” he stated.

That leaves organizations like Brightwell Transport stuck in the middle.

Organizations caught up in broadband stand-off

Brightwell Transport is across the road from apartments that have superfast broadband from both NBN and OPENetworks.

But Brightwell’s spokesman Cameron Dorrington mentioned they can’t get access to either.

He mentioned private firms do not want to take the risk of getting overbuilt, but the NBN Co stated they were still years off.

“They say they are not rolling out at this area at this time and their forward projections are saying it’s about three years ahead of they’re preparing to do that,” he stated.

“They’re taking the very good buildings in the area, leaving the challenging web sites for somebody else.”

In March, the Federal Government outlined its policy on overbuilding, saying: “it need to ordinarily steer clear of duplicating or overbuilding current higher-speed broadband networks in new estates except in situations exactly where it has obtained consent from the Government for this in advance.”

A statement from the NBN Co said: “Until an area has been declared as ‘adequately served’ with higher-speed broadband, then NBN has an obligation to construct its network in that area.”

A spokesperson for Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said in a statement that the Government was not conscious of any NBN overbuilding in new developments.

Watch the complete story tonight on Lateline at 9.30pm (AEDT) on ABC News 24 and ten.30pm on ABC Tv.

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Double murder accused on bail after hung jury

Posted December 03, 2015 12:17:38

A man who went on trial accused of a double murder in Launceston has been granted bail following jurors failed to attain a verdict.

David Ronald Morgan, 56, of Lalor in Victoria, had pleaded not guilty to the murders of Angela Hallam and Joshua Newman in Ravenswood in August 2012.

Soon after 11 hours of deliberations, jurors said they had been unable to reach a verdict and were discharged this morning.

The crown alleged Morgan was component of a joint enterprise with Marco Daniel Rusterholz to bash Ms Hallam, and he should have foreseen that Rusterholz would murder the pair.

Morgan’s lawyers argued Rusterholz’s acted independently and Morgan could not have foreseen his actions.

In Might, Rusterholtz was sentenced to 45 years in prison for murdering the couple who he stabbed and then set on fire.

Morgan had been in custody since September 2012.

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Accused murderer ‘knew something was going to happen’ at Launceston home

Posted November 26, 2015 14:00:05

Connected Story: Man accused of two murders intended to bash one particular of the victims, trial told
Map: Launceston 7250

A man accused of getting involved in a double murder in Launceston in 2012 told police he knew “something” was going to come about at the unit where the killings took location.

David Ronald Morgan has pleaded not guilty to the murders of Angela Hallam and Joshua Newman.

Crown prosecutors allege he formed a joint enterprise with Marco Daniel Rusterholz to bash Ms Hallam, and despite the fact that he was not present when Rusterholz committed the murders, he could have foreseen they would take location.

Rusterholz was convicted of murdering Ms Hallam and Mr Newman earlier this year.

These days the Supreme Court jury was played videos of interviews Morgan took element in with detectives after the murders.

In one particular of the interviews he told police on the evening of the murders, Rusterholz asked him to go to Ms Hallam’s unit and verify if she was at residence.

Morgan told the detectives he did this and then phoned Rusterholz and told him Ms Hallam was at home but other people had been also present.

In the interview he said he did not knock on the unit door because “I didn’t want to put myself inside the unit that evening due to the fact I knew something was going to happen”.

The crown has completed its proof in chief.

The trial continues.

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