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Victorian Labor requires legal action against member amid allegations of branch stacking

Posted December 10, 2015 22:18:35

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The conflict more than branch stacking in the Victorian division of the Labor Celebration has intensified, with the party taking legal action to force a dissident member to destroy records he says prove widespread stacking is occurring.

The ABC has been told the celebration will seek in an injunction in the Supreme Court on Friday to force Eric Dearricott, a rebel member of its administrative committee, to destroy the records, which he says are evidence of the widespread use of pre-paid present cards to stack Victorian branches.

Mr Dearricott has long agitated against what he claims is the manipulation of celebration membership to advantage Labor powerbrokers, particularly in the party heartland of the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Celebration officials have claimed Mr Dearricott improperly accessed membership records, such as names, addresses, payment particulars and internet protocol addresses, and last month lawyers for the celebration demanded Mr Dearricott destroy the records.

Mr Dearricott claims he was entitled to access the information, and was truly asked by the celebration to study the records to determine regardless of whether rorting was occurring.

Media reports have alleged widespread use of the pre-paid gift cards — which can be bought and utilised without the purchaser providing any identification — to sign up ALP members with out their information, or to spend for huge numbers of memberships to cement manage of branches in several Victorian electorates.

Nevertheless, in leaks to other media outlets, opposing sources apparently aligned to the party hierarchy have denied that the rorting is widespread or systemic, and mentioned the party was operating to stamp out the practice.

A recent investigation at the behest of the administrative committee, carried out by the right’s Garth Head and the left’s Liz Beattie, determined that widespread membership rorting making use of pre-paid cards was not occurring.

Nevertheless, critics have suggested Mr Head and Ms Beattie’s report did not expose the accurate extent of the difficulty.

Legal action comes as celebration prepares for Wills pre-selection

The ABC revealed earlier this year that a former staffer to party heavyweight Senator Stephen Conroy, Haykel Handal, had been kicked out of the party for utilizing the pre-paid cards to sign up numerous members.

The ABC also revealed that a Moreland City councillor linked to alleged Italian organised crime figures, Michael Teti, utilized the office of former federal Labor Senator and acolyte of Senator Conroy, Mehmet Tillem, to improperly sign up folks to the Labor Party with no their understanding.

The ABC does not recommend Mr Tillem knew of Mr Teti’s links to the alleged crime figures or the alleged branch stacking.

The legal action against Mr Dearricott also comes as the celebration prepares for a potentially bruising pre-selection ballot in the formerly rock-solid Labor-held electorate of Wills.

The pre-selection, triggered by the impending retirement of MP Kelvin Thomson, is shaping up as a battle between Mr Tillem, reviled by some in the celebration as an archetypal Labor factional operator, and whoever emerges as the candidate of the anti-Tillem forces, who are agitating for a neighborhood, female candidate who will hold off the encroaching tide of Greens help.

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten is generally described as an ally of Senator Conroy’s but is believed to be contemplating backing a female candidate against Mr Tillem, due to Labor’s stated goal of ladies filling 50 per cent of all celebration positions by 2025.

Both Mr Dearricott and the ALP’s state assistant secretary, Kosmos Samaras, have refused to comment.

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Australia however to take action against teenage hacking fugitive

Posted December 11, 2015 00:16:07

Australian authorities are however to formally request the extradition of a teenage personal computer hacking suspect, a lot more than a fortnight right after he boasted about fleeing to Europe although below police surveillance.

Dylan Wheeler from Perth was just 17 when he was charged over involvement in a main international hack of Microsoft and US Army computers.

The FBI says the hackers are believed to have stolen international home worth $ US100 million.

Nearly 3 years later, facing a possible ten-year jail sentence, Mr Wheeler fled the nation.

Last month he told the ABC’s 730 program it was “scary” how easily he was able to leave.

“I left Australia due to the fact my case went on for about two to 3 years and it was obtaining nowhere,” Mr Wheeler said from his new house in the Czech Republic.

“It was quite scary that I was in a position to leave on my Australian passport, due to the fact they truly have a program called PACE … it is a method they use at border manage to basically figure out if you are a criminal if you are attempting to leave the country, and generally it will flag you.”

The Australian Government is refusing to comment on the case, or say no matter whether it is looking for to extradite Mr Wheeler.

“As a matter of longstanding practice, the Australian Government does not disclose whether it has produced, or intends to make, an extradition request to a foreign country till the person is arrested or brought prior to the court in a foreign nation pursuant to that request,” a spokesperson for the Lawyer-General’s Division mentioned.

Nevertheless, a spokesman for the Czech government has confirmed to the ABC that Australia is however to formally request Mr Wheeler’s extradition.

“[The] Ministry of Justice hasn’t been contacted by any authorities in this matter, so we have no information about the case of Mr Wheeler,” the spokesman stated.

Because leaving Australia, Mr Wheeler claims he is using his skills for very good, by helping European government agencies protect themselves from malicious hackers.

He stated he was not afraid of getting caught or that his previous would catch up with him.

“The accusations they have claimed are untrue, and to the greatest of my expertise I have not committed a crime,” Mr Wheeler stated.

“I would like them to just drop the charges, drop the accusations and face defeat and say, ‘Hey, we stuffed up’.”

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Victoria Police give notice of strike action more than pay dispute

Posted December 08, 2015 08:02:14

Victoria Police say they could take industrial action as early as next week, unless a spend deal is reached with the State Government.

The Police Association has provided formal notice of the action, following months of negotiations.

“We’re committed to try and attain agreement by the end of the week,” Police Association Victoria Secretary Ron Iddles said.

“If that’s profitable then there won’t be industrial action but the membership have voted overwhelmingly to support industrial action which would commence on Monday.”

Members want a five per cent spend rise more than three years, as nicely as penalty prices for weekends and public holidays.

Mr Iddles stated the proposed actions have been designed to hurt Government income, not the public.

“We would park marked cars at speed camera sites, not situation penalty notices. That’ll have a key effect financially on the Government,” he said.

“The final enterprise bargaining round, it was costing the Government about $ 11 million a week in lost revenue from speed camera fines.”

Far more on this story:

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CPSU use crowdfunding to support workers during industrial action

Posted December 07, 2015 11:53:20

The Community and Public Sector Union is making use of a crowdfunding campaign to support Immigration and Border Force workers need to they be stood down in the course of industrial action.

Border force workers are imposing perform bans from nowadays, targeting freight and cargo at ports and international mail centres.

But the union’s Nadine Flood said the immigration department had indicated it would respond by standing down workers and docking spend.

“Border force freight workers expect to be stood down without having spend by the division for taking industrial action which means properly they will be sent on strike by their boss,” she said.

“That will have an effect on goods getting into the country like parcels, mail and cargo.”

To financially support employees affected by the dispute, the union has set up a impromptu crowdfunding campaign.

“They’ve lost cash and they are heading into Christmas,” she stated.

“They’re facing the threat of the loss of further rights and pay, but also the loss of funds from industrial action, so currently hundreds of tiny donations have come in from people prepared to help these workers.

“Workers would much rather this impasse was resolved, but … we are prepared to roll out a larger effort to create support amongst the community and folks working in other industries for our members.”

Ms Flood said the campaign had gained powerful assistance from the public and workers.

“There is been a robust show of support for these workers who do a difficult job defending our borders and what they are trying to attain,” she said.

“People recognize that being stood down with out pay, just for fighting to preserve the rights and spend you’ve currently got, is a draconian tactic from Government.”

Ms Flood mentioned 92 per cent of public sector workers nevertheless did not have work spot agreements in place.

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States can take lead more than climate alter action: Weatherill

Posted December 05, 2015 09:18:34

States and regions have the capacity to tackle climate adjust even if national governments discover it hard to attain agreements, South Australia’s Premier Jay Weatherill has mentioned.

Mr Weatherill and other provincial leaders met UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in Paris on Friday as talks continued in the French capital on a worldwide climate deal.

He stated sub-national governments had been a major force in tackling climate change.

“Territory and regional governments are investing in their transport systems, their energy systems, and their waste systems,” Mr Weatherill stated.

“It falls to state and regional governments and cities to take these methods because there’s been so much paralysis at an international level in action on global warming.”

South Australia is 1 of the chairs of the Climate Group States and Regions Alliance, which contains Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT, as well as several Canadian provinces, American states and European regions.

Mr Weatherill mentioned the meeting was told of South Australia’s program to turn into carbon neutral by 2050.

“We’re already out there carrying out it, and if there are troubles in national governments reaching these agreements, then we can attain agreements at a sub-national government level and get on with the enterprise of really taking on international warming.”

Mr Weatherill’s delegation will be in Paris till Tuesday, and he will be speaking at other international forums.

“We want to offer ourselves as a test bed for new technologies and new concepts that will not only lead us in the fight against worldwide warming, but develop the jobs of the future,” he said.

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ECB action weighs on US, European markets

Posted December 04, 2015 10:12:14

Stocks in the United States and Europe fell sharply in the overnight trading session, with investors disappointed by the European Central Bank’s (ECB) meagre rate cut and extended stimulus measures.

The ECB reduce the overnight deposit rate by 10 basis points, from -.two per cent to -.3 per cent.

It also extended its asset buying system until March 2017, but the size of the stimulus has not been increased, as many analysts had anticipated.

In official US economic news, initial time claims for jobless rewards enhanced last week, but general they remain at levels constant with a strengthening labour industry.

That data comes ahead of tomorrow’s employment report, which is expected to show 200,000 jobs were added in the US in the course of November.

The Dow Jones Industrial Typical closed down 1.42 per cent to 17,477.

The S&P 500 Index lost 1.44 per cent to finish at two,049 and the Nasdaq fell 1.67 per cent to 5,037.

Overnight, shares in Europe suffered their biggest fall in 3 months.

London’s FTSE one hundred Index closed 2.27 per cent reduce at 6,275.

The Australian industry was anticipated to open decrease and at 9:00am AEDT.

The ASX SPI 200 was down 1.3 per cent to five,164.

At the exact same time, the Australian dollar was buying 73.44 US cents, having rallied overnight.

On the cross-prices it was worth 67.1 euro cents, 48.46 British pence, 90 Japanese yen and $ NZ1.09.

West Texas Crude oil was greater at $ US41.03 a barrel, Tapis was worth $ US44.19 and spot gold had edged up to $ US1,061.70 an ounce.

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Israeli families sue Facebook demanding action on violent posts

Posted December 03, 2015 23:33:30

The web has grow to be the newest frontline in the battle amongst Palestinians and Israelis.

Hundreds of Israelis families are suing Facebook, demanding they do something to cease the spread of pictures and messages on its platform that glorify violence against Israelis.

It follows a spike in street violence between Israelis and Palestinians more than the past two months.

Ninety-seven Palestinians have been killed considering that October 1, a lot more than half of those while carrying out attacks on Israelis.

Nineteen Israelis have been killed in these attacks, which contain stabbings, shootings and auto-rammings.

A photo of Richard Lakin who was killed on a bus by two Palestinians. Photo: A photo of 76-year-old Israeli Richard Lakin who was killed on a bus by two Palestinians. (Facebook)

Richard Lakin, 76, was one particular of the Israelis killed by two young Palestinians who boarded a bus he was on and began attacking.

Mr Lakin’s son, Micah Lakin Avni, said he nevertheless cannot make sense of it.

“How could it be that two 20-year-old children … got out a gun and started shooting men and women in their 70s,” he told the ABC.

“And when they fell to the floor, took out a knife and began stabbing them, and when they run out of bullets began strangling people.

“What brought individuals to do this, how could individuals be so evil?”

Mr Lakin Avni started scouring the web for answers and was horrified by what he identified.

External Link: Facebook post Richard Lakin

“Here you have a chart that was posted on Facebook that showed how to most successfully hit a main vein or artery,” he stated displaying a web page on the net.

“This was posted on Facebook and spread around all over the internet.”

“The quantity of incitement to violence on the internet had got these kids worked up to the point where they run out, take a kitchen knife and go out onto the street and run towards an innocent civilian and try and stab them.”

Not lengthy prior to his death, Richard Lakin, who had taught at a joint Israeli/Palestinian college, wrote this post on Facebook, addressing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu straight: “It’s time to wake up and seek a typical ground with our Palestinian neighbours … stop all provocations in the West Bank.

“Adequate with the non-negotiations that the Israeli and Palestinian public has had to endure throughout your time as PM. Every thing has gotten a lot more extreme.”

Mr Lakin Avni made a certain point of searching for information about the attackers who had killed his father.

“I found that one particular of them had posted on Facebook a few months just before, a sort of general get in touch with to martyrdom, saying, ‘I’m going to grow to be a martyr and get in touch with on all of you to do the same’,” he mentioned.

“I think the argument that social media is just a billboard and they [the social media websites] do not bear responsibility doesn’t carry water since they manage the content they know exactly what I’m undertaking.”

“It is not a difficulty to generate an algorithm to recognise all these videos and hire ten or 20 or even 500 people, if need be, to monitor them and take down the issues which are actual dramatic incitement to violence.”

‘Sentiments on the web a symptom, not the cause’

But sites are proving significantly tougher to manage.

Ahmad Yousef works for Quds media, a web-primarily based Palestinian news service that has more than four million followers.

He said the primary videos on his web site that go viral are the clips that capture what life is like under Israeli occupation.

To claim that Palestinian resistance and Palestinian anger these days and the uprising is only because there is some thing on the internet is simply very superficial and incorrect

Palestinian parliament MP Mustafa Barghouti

“Facebook is not ‘helping’ to incite [violence, like] Israel is accusing,” he told the ABC.

“It assists to bring the image to the individuals — to show them what is taking place.”

But Mr Yousef also publishes photos that do glorify violence against Israelis and he stated he will continue to do so.

“It really is extremely regular, this is the scenario of Palestinian resisting Israel for the past 67 years,” he said.

“It’s my appropriate to treat the freedom fighters as heroes — to contact them heroes.”

Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian parliament, said the pictures and sentiments on the internet are only symptoms of the anger, not the cause.

“To claim that Palestinian resistance and Palestinian anger today and the uprising is only because there is one thing on the web is merely quite superficial and incorrect,” he told the ABC.

“There is a lot of Israeli violence against the Palestinian men and women and at the end of the day the question is exactly where is the cause of all of this?

“The major cause is occupation and the continuation of occupation.”

In Jerusalem, Mr Lakin Avni spoke at the Israeli parliament to attempt to get members to introduce legislation that will force Facebook to act.

“My father Richard Lakin, he was a human with a great heart,” he told the meeting.

“As we ask banks to cease transferring funds for terror acts goal, just like we ask the communication organizations to inspect the content material of what they give, so we need to demand from the social media networks actions in order to cease terror acts and incitement.”

He has already had some achievement with Israel’s deputy foreign minister last week meeting with Google and YouTube representatives in Silicon Valley to talk about the issue.

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In their words: World leaders get in touch with for climate action in Paris

Posted December 01, 2015 09:26:32

Map: France

Globe leaders speak at the climate change summit in Paris.

Our agreement in Paris should give a typical platform for action. Australia is not daunted by the challenge. With fantastic optimism and faith in humanity’s genius for invention, we are confident that with collective leadership we will, with common cause, secure our future.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

As the leader of the world’s biggest economy and the second largest [greenhouse gas] emitter … the United States of America not only recognises our role in creating this difficulty, we embrace our duty to do anything about it.

Barack Obama, US president

Developed nations ought to honour their commitment of mobilising $ US100 billion every year from 2020 and offer stronger monetary assistance to establishing countries afterwards … It is also important that climate-friendly technologies be transferred to developing nations.

Xi Jinping, Chinese president

Infographic: Tuvalu prime minister Enele Sopoaga.

[Governments need to show the strongest leadership to limit] the effects of climate modify which we strongly think is also the cause of radicalism and terrorism. The plight of refugees we see today … and increasing terrorisms and radicalism represents a small measure of what the planet, mankind, will face if we do not tackle climate alter.

Tuvalu prime minister Enele Sopoaga

To resolve the climate crisis, very good will [and] statements of intent are not sufficient … We are at breaking point.

Francois Hollande, French president

This is a question of environmental necessity, but also of economic frequent sense … Our really future as humankind hinges on this … Billions of individuals are pinning their hopes on what we attain here in Paris.

Angela Merkel, German chancellor

Infographic: President of Comoros Ikililou Dhoinine.

We have to accept the reality that climate alter is accelerating more quickly than climate adjust negotiations.

President of Comoros Ikililou Dhoinine

We think about it crucial that the new climate agreement is based on the principles of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and is legally binding. Each created and creating economies must take portion in its realisation.

Vladimir Putin, Russian president

Climate modify is a major global challenge. But it is not of our creating … We want the world to perform with urgency. We want a complete, equitable and tough agreement which should lead us to restore the balance between humanity and nature and in between what we have inherited and what we will leave behind.

Narendra Modi, Indian prime minister

I urge you to instruct your negotiators to decide on the path of compromise and consensus. Bold climate action is in the national interest of every single country represented at this conference. The time for brinksmanship is over.

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general

Infographic: Honduran President Juan Hernandez delivers a speech at the COP 21 United Nations conference on climate alter, on November 30, 2015 at Le Bourget (AFP: Jacques Demarthon)

For Honduras, climate modify is a matter of life and death. The figures never add up … we are not all equally responsible. We have not come cap in hand … we come to show you how??much we endure.

President of Honduras Juan Hernandez

If the planet have been a patient, we would have treated her long ago. You, ladies and gentlemen, have the power to place her on life support, and you need to surely begin the emergency procedures with no further procrastination.

Prince Charles of Britain

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Security steps up in Paris as confidence builds for climate change action

Updated November 28, 2015 12:36:26

The “stars seem to be aligning” for severe action on climate alter, UN secretary common says, but the threat of extremist violence threatens to overshadow essential climate change talks in Paris this week in the wake of terror attacks in the French capital a fortnight ago.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has joined representatives from 52 other countries at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta, exactly where climate modify is higher on the agenda.

Security was tight as the two-day CHOGM meeting started in Valletta attended by UN chief Ban Ki-Moon who flagged his hope that the talks could develop momentum ahead of the climate conference early next week.

“This is practically the final political milestone ahead of we meet in Paris,” he mentioned.

In a press conference overnight, hours after tens of thousands of individuals rallied in Melbourne for action to address climate modify, Mr Ban said he was more hopeful than ever that a consensus could be reached.

“The member states are now displaying their leadership. They are close friends: Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia they’re now showing their commitment for climate financing,” he stated.

“We are now functioning and going to present the politically credible trajectory for $ 100 billion.

“This is a trust and self-confidence issue.”

French president Francois Hollande — who arrived at the conference as a guest soon after a sombre ceremony in Paris commemorating the 130 individuals killed by Islamists — also expressed self-assurance in the global action on climate change.

“We are making progress in all of our discussions on the binding element,” he said.

More than 140 world leaders will begin to collect in Paris more than the subsequent two days.

With final preparations underway for the climate talks, Paris police prefect Michel Cadot said he was taking each precaution to make certain the safety of delegates and these in Paris.

“The very first message I want to provide again right now: it’s a get in touch with for wonderful vigilance from all the inhabitants of our area and a get in touch with for not using automobiles on Monday, due to the fact of the targeted traffic restrictions in this area,” he said.

Tackling extremist violence is also high on the CHOGM agenda with British prime minister David Cameron warning it poses a lasting threat to Commonwealth nations.

“A single of the most critical items we can do here is speak about the perils of Islamist extremist violence and the dilemma of extremism more broadly,” he said.

“I want to put that on the agenda of the Commonwealth, particularly when you think about how many young men and women there are in the Commonwealth.

“This is the struggle of our generation.”

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Thousands turn out in Brisbane march calling for climate change action

Posted November 28, 2015 12:18:05

Thousands gather in Queen's Park for a climate action rally through Brisbane. Photo: Thousands collect in Queen’s Park for a climate action rally by way of Brisbane. (ABC News: Matt Eaton)
Map: Brisbane 4000

About five,000 folks have braved hot and humid weather in the Brisbane CBD for a climate change rally ahead of United Nations climate talks in Paris subsequent week.

They included members of the Pacific Climate group, who spoke at the rally to raise issues that many Pacific islands would face catastrophic sea level rise without having critical international effort to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

The protest is one of a number of demonstrations planned across Australia this weekend.

From the gathering point in Queen’s Park, the rally started a march through the CBD and across the Brisbane River to South Bank.

Ipswich couple Ray and Robin McGuire mentioned they have been attending since they wanted the Queensland and federal governments to halt Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland.

“We adhere to the (climate alter) problem extremely closely,” Mr McGuire mentioned.

Ray and Robin McGuire came from Ipswich to attend the Brisbane climate rally. Photo: Ray and Robin McGuire came from Ipswich to attend the Brisbane climate rally. (ABC News: Matt Eaton)

“We’re concerned about the Pacific islands and what will take place to them. In the end, it really is a moral choice individuals have to make.”

Mrs McGuire said she was fed up when she thought about how much the climate had currently changed given that she was a youngster.

“The ethical basis of economics and politics is unreal,” she mentioned.

“We want to quit the Carmichael mine, but also update policy and assistance for renewables.”

Queensland Government releases land clearing report

Ahead of the rally, the Queensland Government released a report that revealed land clearing rates across the state doubled in the initial two years of the former LNP government.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said the report outlined an alarming trend on land clearing.

“I am really concerned about what the science is telling us – land clearing and connected emissions have improved exponentially under the LNP,” she stated.

“That is why the Palaszczuk Government will introduce legislation early subsequent year to much more successfully manage vegetation clearing in Queensland.”

Ms Trad said the Government would also do its very best to minimise “panic clearing” ahead of any tightening in restrictions.

Scientist Dr Martin Taylor from the environmental group WWF Australia said the Queensland report figures revealed in 2013-14 there was 35.8 million tonnes of carbon released by land clearing across the state – the equivalent of adding yet another 8 million cars to the roads.

Pacific Climate Warriors told the rally Pacific islanders are facing a climate catastrophe. Photo: Pacific Climate Warriors told the rally Pacific islanders are facing a climate catastrophe. (ABC News: Matt Eaton)

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