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Adelaide teen hit by automobile ahead of becoming bashed by guys

Posted December 09, 2015 14:59:47

Map: Dernancourt 5075

A teenage boy has been run down by a auto and bashed by a group of men at Dernancourt in Adelaide’s north east.

Police say they are searching for 4 men and a blue 4-wheel drive right after the violent attack which occurred about midnight.

The teen was walking along Lower North East Road with a buddy when he was knocked down by the auto.

The boy was then punched and kicked by the males just before they left in the auto, which drove off towards the city.

The victim suffered minor injuries.

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CFMEU members protest outdoors Melbourne court ahead of look by senior officials

Posted December 08, 2015 09:10:18

A huge contingent of police has gathered outside the Melbourne Magistrates Court ahead of an look by union heavyweights John Setka and Shaun Reardon.

Police have been out in force which includes on horseback, outside the court as dozens of CFMEU members gathered to show their support for the state secretary Setka and his deputy Reardon who have been each charged with blackmail on the weekend.

CFMEU members marched outside the court shouting: “Johnny Setka, here to remain! Shaun Reardon, here to keep!”

The charges are linked to a long-operating dispute with concrete firm Boral.

The men had been arrested and charged by a taskforce set up to investigate matters arising from the royal commission into trade union corruption.

The men are expected to seem in court shortly.

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Activists descend on port ahead of nuclear waste ship’s arrival

By Emily Laurence and staff

Posted December 05, 2015 11:12:23

Greenpeace nuke ship Photo: Greenpeace activists track the BBC Shanghai. (Supplied: Greenpeace/Dominic Lorrimer)
Related Story: Very first nuclear waste shipment returns to Australia nowadays
Map: Port Kembla 2505

A major safety operation is underway at Port Kembla, on the New South Wales south coast, exactly where a shipment of nuclear waste is due to arrive.

On board the BBC Shanghai is 25 tonnes of nuclear waste, processed in France, for lengthy-term storage in Australia.

Greenpeace activists have taken to the water and shore in protest of the ship’s arrival.

Much more than 50 water police were involved in on-water operations on jet skis, tactical response boats and command vessel Nemesis.

About 500 police will be involved in the land-primarily based operation as the waste is transported to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) facility at Lucas Heights, in Sydney’s south.

The Federal Government is in the process of obtaining a permanent internet site for the dump and the waste will be kept at ANSTO in the interim.

Six regions have been named on its shortlist, including three in South Australia.

South Australia is currently holding a royal commission to investigate whether or not the state ought to turn out to be more involved in the nuclear industry.

Public consultation about the website of a permanent waste facility is underway and the Federal Government will narrow down the list to just three web sites early next year.

Australians do not want waste, activists say

Greenpeace said the Australian public do not help the return of the nuclear waste.

It has commissioned a poll, displaying nearly 3 quarters of Australians oppose plans to store nuclear waste for other countries.

The ReachTEL poll conducted in November surveyed three,144 individuals.

It identified 72.1 per cent of respondents opposed the concept of relocating waste to Australia, 9.six per cent had been undecided and 18.3 per cent supported it.

The poll had a margin of error of 1.9 per cent.

BBC Shanghai Photo: BBC Shanghai is shipping 25 tonnes of reprocessed nuclear waste from France to Port Kembla. (Supplied: Greenpeace/Dominic Lorrimer)

Bringing reprocessed waste back to Australia

In the past two decades Australia has sent eight shiploads of waste overseas.

In the 1990s, the Federal Government created a deal with France to take some of our nuclear waste.

Australia does not have the capacity to reprocess it to make it protected for extended-term storage.

France has now completed that and what is left is on a ship coming residence.

Eight shipments have been sent to France, the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The waste sent to the UK will return in the second half of this decade and the waste sent to the US will stay there.

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Monsters Inc: Six factors to know ahead of you adopt a croc

Updated December 04, 2015 08:23:02

Map: Darwin 0800

Yes, baby saltwater crocodile.

By Joanna Crothers

A boy kisses a baby crocodile.Infographic: Cruz Harris with his pet crocodile, Billy the Billabong King. (ABC News: Joanna Crothers)

1. Where does my croc come from?

Jayne Harris was wary of letting a crocodile into the household.

“To commence with I was like, oh my goodness what are we doing?” the Darwin mother-of-two stated.

Her 5-year-old son, Cruz, was determined to become a crocodile wrangler, and so they visited the neighborhood crocodile park to understand a lot more about the adopt-a-croc system.

Crocodylus Park has a permit from Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife to collects hundreds of croc eggs from the wild every single year.

A croc’s sex is determined by the temperature of the egg: the eggs are incubated to ensure they hatch as males.

“We can raise up to three,500 crocodiles a year.” Crocodylus Park production manager Olivia Plume told them.

It normally takes crocs about 80 days to hatch from when their laid, the crocs use a special egg tooth to chip their way out of the shell.

“They chip away at the egg shell and the membrane inside. They use the tooth to break through it all,” Ms Plume says.

The park looks soon after the crocs until they are about a month old and then they can be adopted.

Reptile permits in the NT are managed by Parks and Wildlife, and you can get one particular by filling out a few forms.

They named their croc Billy. Billy the Billabong King.

Crocodylus Park crocodile eggsInfographic: Trays of crocodile eggs incubating at Crocodylus Park in Darwin. (ABC News: Joanna Crothers)

2. Is it hazardous?

The Harris family was taught to place a tiny, thin rubber band about Billy’s snout when they take him out his cage.

What occurs if Billy bites you just before you get the band on?

“It hurts” mentioned Cody, Cruz’s father, who does not harbour an ambition to be a crocodile wrangler.

More than handling can also result in the hatchling tension and make them agitated.

“All crocodiles bite, from hatchling to adult,” Ms Plume mentioned.

“Some can be more aggressive than other folks but all ought to be treated with respect and caution.

“A bite from a hatchling for an adult is more of a shock than it is painful, even so a 70cm animal can give really a nasty bite.”

External Link: Croc wrangling: Billy’s snout is secured with an elastic band

three. How a lot does it eat?

When they are little, not a entire lot.

“They are fairly straightforward to appear soon after,” stated Cody.

“They are quite low upkeep. But it definitely added another spectrum to our weekend routine. After a week Cruz and I go down and we take Billy out and siphon out the water.”

Cruz said they feed Billy about 5 or six fish once a week. Pet fish.

“We get him some pet fish what individuals maintain,” he says. “The individual puts them in the bag and we bring them home and then we put them in Billy’s tank and Billy eats them.”

According to Ms Plume, hatchlings can also consume crickets and other small insects, as properly as diced up meat such as pork, beef or chicken.

And they need to have vitamins, she said.

“Crocodiles like all reptiles can endure from metabolic bone illness if not fed correct amounts of calcium and vitamins.”

Harris familyInfographic: The Harris loved ones (clockwise leading appropriate): Cody, Jayne, Ava and Cruz. (ABC News: Joanna Crothers)

four. Exactly where do I keep my croc?

The Harris household spent a couple of weeks building Billy’s enclosure, just before picking him up.

“Your enclosure will want to adjust as the animal grows to make sure he has sufficient space to move about,” Ms Plume told them.

Like humans, crocs want to be kept comfortable.

“Temperature regime is really crucial, with no the right temperatures the animal will pressure and fail to eat,” Ms Plume stated.

The cage has two different pools of water and some fake rocks and grass for Billy to sunbake on.

Ms Plume told them not to be fooled by how a lot time salties appear to devote lazing about on river banks.

“Crocodiles are escape artists, any enclosure demands to be crocodile proof. The smaller crocs are excellent climbers and will scale enclosure walls or fittings with ease.”

Croc cageInfographic: The cage exactly where the Harris family members keeps the pet crocodile. (ABC News: Joanna Crothers)

5. How big will it get?

Crocodylus Park said the hatchlings should be returned to the park at 60 centimetres, exactly where they will be be raised with other crocodiles at the park till about two metres.

“The far more you feed the faster they develop,” Ms Plume said.

“I’ve had people maintain them up to five years and they still have not reached the 60 centimetre mark.”

The Harris family said Billy had been getting fatter and stronger swiftly and they may well not have him significantly longer than 12 months.

Hatchlings can be really fragile at a young age and need to feel secure in their environment to prevent tension, which stops them consuming.

“When he gets to 60cm we’ll take him back to the park,” Cody said.

“The 60cm mark truly depends on how frequently we feed him, it could take place at the end of 12 months, and I’m not truly positive what takes place soon after that.”

Back at the park, they will be killed and processed for their skins.

“France is our largest industry for skins,” Ms Plume said.

The crocodiles are also utilised for their meat.

External Hyperlink: Rub-a-dub-dub: A pair of crocs are washed under a tap at Crocodylus Park

6. Wait, killed and processed for their skins?

Yes, the Northern Territory is a single of the leading suppliers of skins to Europe’s luxury handbag makers.

Billy the Billabong King is a part of a $ 20 million NT sector.

Also, they bite. And massive crocs bite tough.

“A bite from a hatchling for an adult is far more of a shock than it is painful, even so a 70cm animal can give really a nasty bite.” Cody mentioned.

“We’ll take him back at 60cm and see what happens following that.

“See if we’re ready to have an additional a single.”

Cruz Harris and Billy the crocodileInfographic: Cruz Harris will have to give up his pet crocodile, Billy, when it reaches 60cm. (ABC News: Joanna Crothers)

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Initial posted December 04, 2015 08:09:11

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Begin-ups share their want lists ahead of Innovation Statement

Posted December 02, 2015 21:50:48

Related Story: Opinion: Australia needs an innovation ‘skunkworks’
Map: Australia

The Turnbull Government has been urged to make bold reforms in order to invigorate the nation’s commence-up and innovation sectors.

Subsequent week, the Government will release its hugely anticipated Innovation Statement.

The document aims to overhaul Australia’s innovation ecosystem, covering science and investigation, financing, government procurement, commercialisation and talent.

Ahead of the release of the statement on Monday, 7.30 spoke to important players in the tech start off-up industry about what they consider is necessary.

It is one thing that can allow these early stage tips to get some community assistance.

Mark Tanner from Qwilr

Qwilr is a start off-up organization based in Sydney, founded by former Google employee Mark Tanner.

It makes it possible for users to turn classic documents such as quotes, pitches, and resumes into interactive webpages.

Mr Tanner mentioned there have been many techniques the Government could encourage this sector.

  • Permit superannuation funds to invest in commence-up organizations

“It’s incredible that we have this 2-trillion-dollar pool of capital … but it is very tough for that pool of capital to be invested in commence-ups or venture capital firms,” Mr Tanner stated.

“Normally speaking, the way that super has been legislated is that it has to have robust liquidity specifications and sturdy reporting needs.

“Now this is tough with a start-up … [but] there is a few issues that can be accomplished to make it a tiny bit far more lenient and easier to allow some per cent, and certainly you would not encourage a excellent per cent, but some per cent of that 2 trillion dollars to be invested in the local scene.”

  • Simplify the current Study & Development tax offset

“The R&D Grant is a superb point. The only thing inside that space is that it is extremely complicated,” Mr Tanner stated.

“Invariably you have to employ an outdoors accounting firm to help you with this process who can take $ five,000, $ ten,000, $ 20,000 for the process of just handling the application.

“Creating that method simpler, more straightforward and a little bit a lot more geared towards technologies begin-ups … would be a quite strong issue.”

  • Unwind equity crowdfunding regulation

“It really is anything that can allow these early stage ideas to get some community support, get that early small bit of cash that enables them to quit their job, start working on it complete time and try to make it a appropriate organization.”

The more income that goes into tech, the more VCs, the more start-ups there are going to be.

James MacGregor from Biteable

Biteable is a start-up technologies organization based in Hobart that was founded by 3 buddies.

It enables customers to generate straightforward videos on the web.

Chief executive James MacGregor stated the solution had 90,000 users across the globe.

  • Attract a lot more Venture Capital (VC) into Australia

“In Australia there’s a handful of VCs. There’s probably only realistically 3 or 4 that truly invest at the seed stage, which is the stage we’re at so it makes your possibilities quite restricted,” Mr MacGregor mentioned.

“Whereas in the US, there is hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of VCs that invest in actually early high-danger seed stage investments.

“The a lot more money that goes into tech, the far more VCs, the much more begin-ups there are going to be.”

  • Tax incentives and matched funding from government for start off-up organizations

“The core in Australia compared to Silicon Valley, is there just is not that much investment around.”

“That is a big hole and as soon as that’s fixed, it really is genuinely going to assist the sector.”

We do need to upskill, enhance our talent, and what is truly needed, is to ensure our start-ups are getting international from day 1.

Serafina Maiorano from Advance

Advance is a non-profit organisation that represents the 1 million Australians living overseas.

New York-primarily based chief executive, Serafina Maiorano, met with the Business Minister Christopher Pyne to urge him to contain a diaspora technique in the innovation statement.

  • Harness successful Australian talent overseas

“What Advance represents is an amazing global network of folks who are actually punching above their weight across each and every sector that we want to excel in, and they want to give back,” Ms Maiorano stated.

“It genuinely is a sensible grid of expertise. What’s critical is we locate a way to bring that ability set back to mentor young Australians and begin-ups”.

  • Connect Australian commence-ups with opportunities overseas

“We do require to upskill, boost our talent, and what is truly necessary is to ensure our start-ups are getting worldwide from day one, the marketplace is international. And to do that you require access to talent, you need to have access to capital, you want access to expertise and technologies.”

Exactly where we lack a concentrate is then taking those ideas and commercialising, creating a prototype and item.

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin from Blue Chilli

Blue Chilli is a start-up incubator in Sydney.

Founder Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin mentioned he received about 200 pitches from would-be begin-up organizations each and every month.

He invests in some and offers workplace space and expertise as they launch their firms.

He aims to build a billion-dollar start off-up portfolio by 2020.

In 4 years, Blue Chilli has built 70 commence-ups with a combined worth of $ 200 million.

  • Increase the commercialisation of new ideas

“We’re extremely good in this country at coming up with concepts. We have some of the greatest inventors in the planet. Our universities are very, very strong,” Mr Eckersley-Maslin stated.

“Where we lack a concentrate is then taking those concepts and commercialising, developing a prototype and item which is where 95 per cent of all tiny organizations fail.

“There is different reasons for that. One of them is a lack of risk capital, another is a lack of infrastructure to support those ideas, and that is exactly where the Government has a function to play to encourage that level of activity”.

  • Provide matched funding by means of commence-up incubators

“Firms like Blue Chilli exist to help entrepreneurs with concepts create the 1st 1 or two versions of these ideas and commercialise them in a threat-mitigated way.”

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Tasmanian farmers urged to plan ahead following driest spring on record

By Sallese Gibson

Posted December 02, 2015 16:23:59

Dead trees Tasmania drought, December 2007 Photo: Tasmania has experienced its driest spring on record and farmers are becoming urged to turn to technology to keep afloat. (ABC News: Cate Grant)

Automated irrigation systems and drought-resistant crops are amongst planning measures put forward to Tasmanian farmers experiencing unseasonably dry situations.

The state has experienced its driest spring on record which has forced some farmers to sell livestock and lessen crop plantings.

One particular of the factors that we often see… is that men and women aren’t employing the [irrigation program] capacity very effectively.

TIA dairy group leader Lesley Irvine

At a forum in the state’s north-west the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) looked at methods for coping with low summer season rainfall.

TIA dairy team leader Lesley Irvine mentioned they wanted to aid farmers far better handle climate variability.

“We’ll be offering sensible tips on irrigation management in a dry summer season and how to get the ideal from your irrigation pump and sprinklers,” she stated.

Dr Joseph Foley from the University of Southern Queensland, who was a guest speaker at the occasion, mentioned there ought to be a focus on irrigation overall performance.

“One particular of the things that we frequently see … is that men and women are not using the [irrigation system] capacity quite properly,” he stated.

“They might only utilise two-thirds of that program capacity.

“One of the challenges is to make sure that the pivots are utilized fully by means of this hotter summer time period.

“That implies that it truly should be utilised to capacity and actually ought to be running far more or significantly less each day, all week, throughout these warmer months.”

Automated irrigation ‘improves water efficiency’

Dr James Hill with an automated irrigation system Photo: Dr James Hill with an automated irrigation program which he says can aid farmers by way of dry circumstances with better water efficiency. (ABC News: Sallese Gibson)

Researchers at the TIA are establishing an irrigation technique to enhance the way farmers use their water.

Project leader Dr James Hills stated the technique automatically irrigates pastures, based on data it collects.

“What we will be carrying out is putting sensors out in the field that’ll be measuring the soil moisture, the climatic variables temperature, rainfall and other factors and we’ll be getting sensors on our actual pivot, searching at water volume being employed,” he mentioned.

As soon as you get behind and it is really tough to catch up and that truly effects efficiency and productivity.

TIA project leader Dr James Hills

“We can [then] commence to appear at approaches to take the decision that is at present getting produced by farmers into an automatic program so that the program itself is producing decisions on what is the greatest application of water.

“It identifies exactly where the water needs to go, how much water wants to go on, when it needs to go on and then applies that in an automatic way.”

Dr Hills believes taking the decision-making away from farmers could lead to efficiency gains.

“At present, farmers make choices by seeking at their pastures … they’re possessing to make the choice to go out and to turn the irrigator on to apply that water,” he stated.

“What we’re trying to do is to develop a program that essentially identifies what is necessary and then does that automatically.

“A single of the massive issues is that farmers do not really know how significantly is acceptable … and so there is instances exactly where specific areas in your paddock may possibly be more than-watered, other places beneath-watered.

“[The technique] is really enabling the matching of your water to the specifications for those paddocks.”

He said he was confident it would boost farm management, specifically in dry circumstances.

“Farmers … require to consider about appropriately starting their irrigation at the correct time, [so] they’re not allowing the ground to dry out and they are creating positive they keep up with it,” he said.

“[It really is crucial] they don’t drop important productivity just by saying ‘I feel I will just skimp a tiny bit here’, due to the fact when you get behind and it’s quite challenging to catch up and that really impacts efficiency and productivity.”

The irrigation sensor method is in its very first year of a three-year trial period in Tasmania.

Trials aim to beat the heat

Adam Langworthy in his 'crop circle' Photo: Adam Langworthy stands inside the circle of infrared heaters utilized test pasture species resistance to drought. (ABC News: Sallese Gibson)

An additional trial project is using infrared heaters to test pasture species and irrigation strategies.

Project leader Adam Langworthy hopes to determine how diverse grass species respond to irrigation below specific temperatures.

“The project’s looking at how we can overcome the adverse affects of heatwaves over these dry periods,” he stated.

“To impose heatwave stress, we’ve been creating these infrared heater rings.

“It really is virtually like crop circles that we’re making with these heaters.

“We’ll be going through with diverse frequencies of irrigation to see if you’d invest in one thing like a centre pivot compared to a travelling irrigator, how you’d expect your grass to execute below these different frequencies of irrigation.”

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Paris protesters form ‘human chain’ ahead of UN climate talks

Posted November 30, 2015 00:37:52

Hundreds of folks have formed a “human chain” in Paris in the newest protest to take spot ahead of the official UN climate summit getting held in the French capital.

Essential points:

  • Hundreds of protesters kind “human chain” in Paris
  • Activists leave thousands of footwear in Place de la Republique in spot of cancelled march
  • Some 150 globe leaders to attend opening day of UN climate conference
  • Objective of talks to limit international warming to 2C

As hundreds of thousands of folks joined worldwide protests, the demonstration aimed to send a hugely symbolic message to the gathering leaders.

French authorities earlier cancelled two climate demonstrations following the Paris terror attacks, which killed 130 people across the city on November 13.

So rather of marching, activists left thousands of pairs of shoes on the ground at the Spot de la Republique square.

A single pair of running shoes was left by UN secretary-common Ban Ki-Moon.

Brazillian cardinal Claudio Hummes also added a pair of Pope Francis’s shoes to the show, saying the pontiff would approve of the demonstration.

“It is also an ethical question, since we have to ask ourselves what globe we will leave to our young children, and to the younger generations that are coming, that is what the Pope says,” he mentioned.

In the very first organised demonstration in the French capital since the attacks, climate protesters of all ages lined the wind-blown streets to hyperlink up in a two-kilometre human chain as an alternative of holding a march.

“I hope this time the conference will lead to anything solid,” said Denis Diderot, a retired university teacher who joined the demonstration wearing a beret and a prestigious French medal, the Legion d’Honneur.

Protesters left a 100-metre gap in the chain in front of the flowers left outside the Bataclan concert hall, exactly where the worst violence claimed 90 lives, as a mark of respect to the victims.

Banners are displayed among hundreds of pairs of shoes on the Place de la Republique in Paris. Photo: Banners which read “Paris marches for climate modify” had been displayed amongst the shoes. (Reuters: Eric Gaillard)

Some 150 leaders such as US president Barack Obama, China’s Xi Jinping, India’s Narendra Modi and Russia’s Vladimir Putin will attend the official begin of the UN conference on Monday, tasked with reaching the 1st genuinely universal climate pact.

About 2,800 police and soldiers will safe the conference internet site, and 6,300 other individuals will deploy in Paris, with French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve saying almost 1,000 people thought to pose safety risks had been denied entry into France.

The purpose of the climate talks is to limit typical worldwide warming to 2 degrees Celsius, probably significantly less, more than pre-Industrial Revolution levels by curbing fossil fuel emissions blamed for climate modify.

“The Earth’s temperature should not rise any further and this is everyone’s concern and duty,” Mr Modi said in his monthly radio address.

Rallies demanding curbs to carbon pollution have been growing about the world given that Friday, with marches across Australia kickstarting a final day of men and women-powered protest.

“In 10 years’ time our youngsters are going to say: ‘Mum, did you know about this? What was every person carrying out?'” Kate Charlesworth, a medical doctor and mother in Sydney, stated, exactly where 45,000 folks converged.

Comparable events were planned for Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mexico City, while 1,000 braved rain in Seoul.

Protestors march at a climate change rally in Adelaide. Photo: Protesters marching at a climate alter rally in Adelaide, South Australia. (ABC News: Malcolm Sutton)

Religious leaders in Paris also delivered petitions to the UN summit organisers, with practically 1.eight million signatures from folks about the world demanding globe leaders take immediate climate action.

In the previous week, the UN’s weather physique stated the typical international temperature for the year 2015 was set to rise 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels, halfway towards the top end of the Paris conference’s attempted limit.

Voluntary carbon-curbing pledges submitted by nations to bolster the Paris pact, even if fully adhered to, put Earth on track for warming of two.7-3.five degrees Celsius, according to UN climate chief Christian Figueres.

French president Francois Hollande, host of the November-December talks, has warned of obstacles ahead for the 195 nations looking for new limits on heat-trapping gas emissions from 2020.

Prospective stumbling blocks in Paris are abound, especially in regards to financing for climate-vulnerable nations, scrutiny of commitments to curb greenhouse gases and even the legal status of the accord.

The last try to forge a global deal — the ill-tempered 2009 Copenhagen summit — foundered upon divisions among rich and poor nations.

External Link: Paris human chain


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