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‘I’m a warrior for the babies’: Alleged Colorado shooter says he is guilty

Posted December ten, 2015 11:49:28

The man accused of a deadly shooting spree at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado has declared himself guilty and a “warrior for the babies” during an outburst in court.

Robert Lewis Dear’s outburst took spot at the commence of his hearing in El Paso County court as prosecutors formally presented murder and other charges against him.

The 57-year-old has been held without bond because surrendering to police at the end of a five-hour siege on November 27 that authorities said started when he opened fire in front of the clinic, then stormed inside.

Dear allegedly killed 3 folks, including a police officer, and wounded nine other individuals.

He was not scheduled to formally enter a plea in the course of the day’s proceedings.

“I’m guilty, there is no trial. I am a warrior for the babies,” Dear blurted out in a loud voice whilst seated beside his lawyers in front of the judge.

Dear’s comments bolstered assertions by Planned Parenthood executives that the attack on the Colorado Springs clinic was motivated by anti-abortion sentiments.

A search warrant accompanying police affidavits filed in the case has been placed beneath court seal, and authorities have but to publicly disclose a motive for the shooting.

Several media outlets, citing law enforcement sources, have reported that Dear uttered the phrase “no far more infant components” in statements to investigators following his arrest.

Dear, who comes from South Carolina and when earned a living as a self-employed art salesman, appeared at Wednesday’s hearing in shackles.

At 1 point, for the duration of a discussion between the judge and lawyers about the sealing of documents in the case, Dear spoke out once more.

“Seal the truth, huh? Kill the babies, that’s what Planned Parenthood does,” Dear stated.

Addressing the judge, defence lawyer Dan King raised the concern of Dear’s mental competency to stand trial, saying, “I think the dilemma is obvious”.

The handcuffed suspected gunman at the Planned Parenthood clinic. Photo: The rampage blamed on Robert Lewis Dear is believed to have been the initial deadly attack on a US abortion provider in six years (Reuters: Rick Wilking)


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Queensland Nickel to go to trial more than alleged environmental breaches

Posted December 09, 2015 13:11:19

Clive Palmer’s troubled refinery Queensland Nickel is facing further problems with a magistrate today ordering the company to stand trial for alleged breaches of environmental regulations.

The company has been charged with two counts of wilfully contravening its environmental authority.

It is alleged one of its tailings ponds at its nickel refinery near Townsville in north Queensland overflowed last year.

The company indicated it would plead not guilty to the charges when the case returns to court mid next year.

Lawyers for the Department of Environment and Heritage accused the company of poor management and reckless conduct during a committal hearing today in the Townsville Magistrates Court.

Peter Davis QC, acting on behalf of Queensland Nickel, said the company would defend the charges.

He said the event had been the result of extreme rainfall.

Palmer asked for taxpayer assistance

Mr Palmer this week appealed to the Queensland Government for financial help for Queensland Nickel, after a slump in the commodity’s price.

The operation is on the verge of going into administration after the West Australian Supreme Court rejected Mr Palmer’s bid for $ US48 million ($ 66m) from his estranged Chinese business partner CITIC.

The ABC’s AM program has been told that a Queensland Government-commissioned audit by KPMG of the company’s business operations and financial position showed it was able to continue operating and trade out of its financial difficulties.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said any help would be short-term.

“If there was to be assistance from the Government it would be on a temporary basis, but of course the form of that assistance will depend on a number of factors,” Mr Pitt said.

“We do not have all the information to hand, we are consistently speaking with Queensland Nickel to get that information so that we can have a well-rounded view formed as to what options are available to Government.”

Mr Pitt said Mr Palmer should use his own wealth to help the refinery in the long-term.

“I think that most people would expect that Mr Palmer should pull out all stops to ensure that he is using his broader wealth and his broader business empire to ensure that this plant remains open,” he said.

“At the end of the day it is a private company, and any decision to close the … refinery will be a decision for Mr Palmer.

“Ultimately our Government is very clearly focused on the interests of workers.”

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Alleged underpayment of Melbourne train cleaners becoming investigated

Posted December 03, 2015 15:48:40

A Melbourne business with a multi-million dollar contract to clean the city’s train fleet is being investigated over allegations it underpays its largely foreign workforce.

Key points:

  • Metro is auditing Transclean after employees underpayment allegations
  • Some employees allege they operate as numerous as 55 hours per week
  • Transclean rejects the allegations, says ‘no-one particular was underpaid’

Court documents reveal that Metro, the operator of Melbourne’s train program, is conducting an extensive audit of Transclean following the ABC’s coverage of an unfair dismissal case brought by a Pakistani Australian who desires to be identified only as Asim.

A single of the central claims created by Asim in the Fair Perform proceedings was that he was unfairly dismissed by Transclean after he failed to spot a safety flag on a train.

Transclean initially rejected the suggestion that Asim was an employee, pointing to a deed of agreement he signed with the organization in 2013, which stated that he was a subcontractor.

Even so, when Asim’s case was heard by Fair Perform Commissioner John Ryan in October, lawyers for Transclean conceded that Asim was in reality an employee.

This essential concession could expose the firm to a raft of new claims from some of its 500 cleaners.

Asim’s case was settled on the opening day of the Fair Function hearing. The terms of the settlement are confidential.

Nonetheless, following the ABC’s coverage of the case, lawyers for Transclean issued legal proceedings against Asim and his industrial relations representative, Garry Dircks, alleging they broke the confidentiality of the settlement and created a number of false and misleading statements in the original story.

Mr Dircks and Asim each deny the allegations.

Former Transclean employee has won a confidential settlement over his unfair dismissal. Photo: A former Transclean employee won a confidential settlement more than his unfair dismissal. (ABC News)

In an affidavit lodged in the Supreme Court in late October, Transclean’s managing director George Haritos claimed his company was broken by what he described as false claims created by Asim about work conditions at Transclean.

Mr Haritos stated that as a result of the publicity surrounding the case Metro had commenced an audit of his business that threatened his company’s profitable contract to clean the city’s train fleet.

Sammie Black, a Metro spokesperson, told the ABC that all contractors were required to spend their personnel in accordance with relevant employment laws.

“Metro does not condone contractors underpaying their personnel,” she stated.

“Metro is currently investigating allegations created against Transclean.”

Claims that some cleaners work seven day weeks ‘false’

In his affidavit, Mr Haritos also rejected a quantity of claims made by Asim about situations for workers at the company ā€” namely that they often operate seven nights a week and for as lengthy as 55 hours per week.

Monday to Friday we had been working at daytime, and Monday to Sunday the entire week we have been working evening time as properly.

Former Transclean employee

However, the ABC has spoken to a quantity of former employees of Transclean who help Asim’s claims about the function conditions at the organization.

Ali, who did not want to use his actual name, worked for Transclean for 12 months till, he mentioned, he was abruptly sacked in late 2014.

He said that a Transclean employees member threatened to kill him when he informed them that he was going to refer the matter to Fair Operate Australia.

Ali mentioned he frequently worked seven nights a week and as many as 60 hours a week, cleaning trains for the organization.

Train cleaners at work in Melbourne Photo: Transclean rejected allegations that some workers were doing 55 hour weeks. (ABC News)

“Monday to Friday we have been working at daytime, and Monday to Sunday the complete week we have been functioning night time as nicely,” he mentioned.

Ali stated he had been created to sign a deed of agreement that effectively produced him a subcontractor to Transclean, so he was not paid superannuation or covered by WorkCover insurance coverage.

In spite of becoming considered a subcontractor by Transclean, Ali mentioned he and the other workers in no way supplied an invoice for services rendered to Transclean.

Labor law professional Professor John Howe, from Melbourne University, mentioned firms could save a lot of cash by categorising workers as independent contractors.

“If folks are being employed in name as subcontractors but they are really staff that is a breach of the law because what you are performing then is avoiding the legal entitlements that are attached to employment,” Professor Howe said.

Transclean rejects allegations it underpaid workers

Transclean declined to be interviewed, but stated in a statement to the ABC that it refuted the allegations.

“No-one at Transclean has been underpaid,” basic manager Nelson Aguila said.

“Transclean meets all the statutory specifications… Transclean has evidenced this with payroll and employment information provided to Metro.”

Mr Haritos and his business AES Solutions were targeted in raids by the Australian Federal Police in 2009 following the Australian Tax Office (ATO) hit Mr Haritos, his company partner Alex Kyritis and their firm AES Services with an unpaid tax bill and related penalties of more than $ 28 million.

Mr Haritos is still fighting the bill in court, but the alleged non payment of tax was linked to revenue that AES produced from its contract to clean trains for MTE/Connex, the previous operator of Melbourne’s trains network.

The ATO alleged that Mr Haritos and his company partner utilized a Westpac enterprise account to create cheques for money, with out declaring the income and therefore avoiding income tax and GST payments.

The business denied the allegation and said the funds deposited in the account have been employed for reputable organizations expenditures.

Court documents also reveal that Metro has previously held critical concerns about Transclean’s efficiency.

In 2012 the organization took action in the Supreme Court to quit Metro from tearing up its multi-million dollar cleaning contract over a series of breaches to the terms of its contract.

Among September 2011 and June 2012, Metro sent three formal warnings to Transclean over its failure to meet its standards.

However, Transclean’s lawyers sought an injunction in the Supreme Court preventing Metro from tearing up the contract.

The case settled out of court and Transclean continued to hold the contract.

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‘Mummy’s dead in the lounge room’: Court told girl alerted witness to woman’s alleged murder

Posted December 03, 2015 14:41:26

A man who tried to save a mother of 4, allegedly murdered in her Brisbane home, says he was awoken to the crime by 1 of her youngsters telling him “mummy’s dead in the lounge area”.

Dylan Brady has provided proof relating to the alleged murder of 34-year-old Anthea Mari.

Ms Mari was found dead in her Norman Park house, in Brisbane’s east, in August 2014.

Jacob Michael Smith has been charged with her murder and is facing a committal hearing in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Mr Brady right now testified that he was staying at Ms Mari’s house on the night she was killed.

He told the court 1 of her daughters woke him saying “mummy’s dead in the lounge room”.

The court heard he found Ms Mari’s physique and undertook CPR until an ambulance arrived.

Mr Brady told the court he noticed Ms Mari was wearing a thin chain necklace and had a mark on her neck.

He said it looked liked a person had pulled back on the necklace and applied pressure.

Scientific officer Senior Constable Guy Norton also gave evidence that he examined the crime scene for 3 days, taking swabs all through the residence.

He told the court when he examined the physique he noticed a discolouration to Ms Mari’s throat and neck.

Senior Constable Norton said it was a tiny abrasion in the vicinity of the necklace, measuring 5mm by 5mm.

The hearing continues.

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‘I was chosen’: Youngster adopted by alleged paedophile tells of abuse

Posted December 02, 2015 19:42:36

Dorm room at Retta Dixon Photo: Several kids of the Stolen Generations had been taken to Darwin’s Retta Dixon house from the 1940s until it closed. (Supplied)

“All I keep in mind was him becoming on top of me saying ‘don’t tell anyone, this is our secret’, and all I wanted to do was scream, but no one could hear me.”

John Gordon is haunted by the sexual assaults and beatings he says he suffered as a youngster at the Retta Dixon Home, a Commonwealth-funded, religious institution in Darwin.

This is the initial time he has spoken about the abuse he mentioned was committed by the man he came to regard as his father.

The Northern Territory hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Kid Sexual Abuse heard harrowing allegations against that man, Donald Henderson.

All I bear in mind is when I was 10 years old I was one particular of the special ones, I was selected.

John Gordon

Mr Henderson and his wife lived at the Retta Dixon home from 1964 till 1975, operating as “cottage parents” whose job was to raise the Aboriginal kids who had been brought there by the Commonwealth.

Mr Gordon had lived at the house since he was taken from his family members as a baby.

He stated when he was 10 years old, the Hendersons decided to adopt him.

It was most probably an informal adoption as John has no paperwork.

“All I don’t forget is when I was 10 years old I was one particular of the particular ones, I was selected,” he stated.

Mr Gordon stated his adoptive father would beat and molest him.

“I nonetheless have dreams about it. The final time I had dreams like that I woke up the entire house screaming,” he mentioned.

“I sometimes feel like it really is my fault, I never know why.

“Did we do anything to turn the old bastard on? What’s his fetish? What did we do to deserve it? We need to have accomplished one thing to deserve it, done anything incorrect, otherwise it wouldn’t happen.”

Mr Gordon was going to give evidence at the royal commission but he had a heart attack as the hearings were about to begin.

Outside Retta Dixon home Photo: The Retta Dixon residence in Darwin. (Supplied)

In the 1980s, Mr Henderson was convicted of indecently assaulting two children who have been not from Retta Dixon and was offered a two-year great behaviour bond.

Mr Henderson was named at the royal commission as a single of Retta Dixon’s worst offenders, accused of beatings, molestation and rape.

Jarrell Kunoth is an additional alleged victim, breaking his silence for the initial time.

He said Mr Henderson sexually assaulted him when he was nine.

“He grabbed my foot and rubbed it on his private and I could not pull away because I was only young then and he was a massive robust man,” he said.

“Little factors like that plays on your mind, due to the fact it makes you really feel dirty.”

Dorm room at Retta Dixon Photo: A quantity of children from the Retta Dixon house claim they had been abused. (Supplied)

Alleged abuser living in gated community on Sunshine Coast

The Retta Dixon property was levelled by Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and the internet site where the facility as soon as stood is now a fairly barren public park.

Lateline tracked Mr Henderson down to a gated community on the Sunshine Coast, exactly where he lives with his wife and one more now grown-up kid ā€” a girl who was adopted from Retta Dixon.

No-1 answered the door and neighbours said Mr Henderson had been in and out of hospital.

Donald Bruce Henderson, who worked as a house parent at the Retta Dixon home in the Northern Territory. Photo: Donald Henderson now lives on the Sunshine Coast. (Supplied)

Mr Henderson has been charged with sex crimes against youngsters at Retta Dixon twice, but each instances have been dropped.

He was admitted to a mental well being institution shortly prior to the royal commission and did not appear to give proof.

Now he is one of the subjects of a class action, with 12 individuals claiming damages for sexual assaults he is alleged to have committed against them.

They want to take the Sunshine Coast house from him as compensation.

The other defendants are the Commonwealth and the religious organisation that ran the home.

There are a lot more than 80 claimants altogether who say they have been let down by the institution that was supposed to protect them.

Children board a bus at Retta Dixon Photo: Youngsters board a bus at the Retta Dixon house in the Northern Territory. Undated. (Supplied)

The man who became his son, John Gordon, desires far more than money.

“Justice would appear like that man behind bars and the Government, someone be made accountable and created certain that they say yes, we are to blame,” he said.

“Someone has take the blame to be created accountable and a person has to spend.”

Children at the Retta Dixon home Photo: The Retta Dixon residence was levelled by Cyclone Tracey in 1974. (Supplied)

Watch the complete story tonight on Lateline at 9.30pm (AEDT) on ABC News 24 or 10.30pm on ABC Television.

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Elderly man dragged from his vehicle in alleged carjacking

Posted November 29, 2015 09:34:31

Map: Ridleyton 5008

An elderly man has allegedly been assaulted and dragged from his car in the course of a carjacking in Adelaide’s inner north-west.

Police mentioned the victim, in his 70s, was sitting in his automobile at a purchasing centre vehicle park at Ridleyton when a man approached him just soon after 6:00pm.

The victim suffered a reduce to his head and was taken to hospital for remedy.

A patrol later spotted the stolen station wagon being driven on Woodville Road at Findon and arrested a 33-year-old man from Croydon Park.

He was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery, illegal use, driving unlicensed, drug driving and assaulting police soon after he allegedly spat at arresting officers.

The man was refused bail and will appear in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday.

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Alleged abortion clinic gunman questioned, motive still unclear

Posted November 29, 2015 01:49:36

Police have released a photo of the man arrested for allegedly shooting three people to death and wounding nine other folks in an attack on a Colorado loved ones preparing centre.

Robert Lewis Dear, 57, from south Carolina is being questioned by police of Colorado Springs, who are nonetheless trying to determine the motive for yesterday’s attack on the Planned Parenthood clinic.

President Barack Obama on Saturday condemned the attack, saying “adequate was sufficient”.

Two civilians and a police officer had been allegedly killed by the gunman, who surrendered right after a 5-hour stand off with police.

The dead policeman was identified as Garrett Swasey, 44, a campus officer at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs who had raced to the scene of the shooting.

The gunman entered the clinic with what police described as a “extended weapon” and opened fire from a window.

A number of news reports, which includes CNN, said the attacker appeared to be armed with an AK-47-variety rifle.

Colorado police chief Peter Carey stated the circumstance was heartbreaking.

“I was capable to invest a small bit of time at many of the hospitals with our injured officers as well as some of the victims of this factor,” he stated.

“All I can say is my heart’s broken. This is a genuinely actually hard circumstance for a lot of men and women in our neighborhood and the community at big.”

It is nonetheless unclear whether or not the clinic was the shooter’s target.

Abortion is 1 of a lot of solutions Planned Parenthood supplies for girls, and the association has become a lightning rod for criticism by social conservatives.

The handcuffed suspected gunman at the Planned Parenthood clinic. Photo: The suspected gunman has been taken into police custody. (Reuters: Rick Wilking)

Sufficient is adequate: Obama

The attack, one day after Americans celebrated the Thanksgiving vacation, is the most recent incident to shine a spotlight on gun violence in the US.

Mr Obama used the incident to highlight the need to have for higher gun handle.

“We have to do one thing about the simple accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to individuals who have no company wielding them. Period,” Mr Obama stated in a statement.

Former FBI specific agent Steve Moore told CNN the shooter’s motivations are clear.

“Well it seems to me to have all of the ear marks of a domestic terrorism attack,” he said.

“You have a prospective political target. You have an abortion clinic and … I imply, it really is practically like if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s going to be a duck. It positive seems to be domestic terrorism.”

‘I looked at him and then the shots came by means of the glass’

Survivor Ozy Licano was sitting in a parked truck outside the Planned Parenthood building where the attack occurred.

“I attempted to get out of my auto and run and I believed about that and I mentioned no. And I got back into the auto, started it, place it in reverse, started backing out, and then he was in front of me,” Mr Licano mentioned.

“And he was aiming at me, and I just hit the gas. And he started shooting, and I was searching at his face.

“I believe I had 10 seconds, 5 to 10 seconds to look at him, and then the shots came via the glass and then I began bleeding.”

ABC and wires

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