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Afghan children drown as asylum boat capsizes off Turkey

Posted December 09, 2015 06:30:45

At least six Afghan children have drowned following a rubber dinghy carrying asylum seekers sank off Turkey’s Aegean coast.

Turkey’s coastguard recovered the bodies of the kids but was nonetheless seeking for two other men and women reported missing, the country’s official state news agency mentioned.

The asylum seekers were apparently hoping to make it to the Greek island of Chios but their boat capsized in sturdy winds and high waves.

1 of the kids drowned was reportedly a child.

Turkey has stepped up efforts to cease asylum seekers leaving by sea, final week arresting three,000 folks who have been believed to be waiting to make the journey to Europe.

In a separate incident on Monday, the physique of a five-year-old girl washed up on a beach in Turkey.

In September the drowning death of 3-year-old Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi sparked an international contact for a lot more to be accomplished to help folks fleeing conflict.

Germany is now the leading European destination for individuals fleeing conflict, repression and misery in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

It registered 964,574 new asylum seekers in the first 11 months of the year.

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Asylum seeker ‘genetically susceptible’ to infection that killed him

Posted December 04, 2015 13:07:27

An inquest into the death of an Iranian asylum seeker has heard he was genetically susceptible to the infection that killed him.

Hamid Khazaei, 24, died in a Brisbane hospital final year after his leg became infected on Manus Island.

His death raised inquiries about conditions and the availability of physicians and health-related treatment at the Manus Island detention centre.

An autopsy report submitted to coroner Terry Ryan at a pre-inquest conference in Brisbane today said the infection was brought on by a rare bacteria, which brought on septicaemia.

The autopsy discovered Mr Khazaei suffered from chronic granulomatous, an inherited immune disease which produced him susceptible to infection.

A bacteria named chromobacterium violaceum, located in soil and stagnant water, causes the infection.

It can aggressively attack internal organs soon after entering the bloodstream.

The infection is rare, with only about 200 reported instances in the world considering that the 1920s.

The hearing was told health-related facilities on the island had been not adequate to treat Mr Khazaei, as there was a limited supply of antibiotics, no X-ray machine and no laboratory.

The medical facility was housed in shipping containers, exactly where circumstances had been hot.

It is believed Mr Khazaei had applied a bandage to a wound on his leg a month just before he died.

As Mr Khazaei’s condition worsened he was placed in healthcare isolation, but it took three days prior to he was flown to hospital in Port Moresby ahead of getting transported to Brisbane, exactly where he died.

He was buried final year in Iran’s capital Tehran.

The matter will return to court in March subsequent year.

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Asylum boat conservation sheds light on harrowing journey

Updated December 01, 2015 23:24:47

The asylum seeker boat which surprised authorities when it reached Geraldton. Photo: The tiny asylum seeker boat, created to have just five folks onboard, was carrying 66 people when it pulled up in front of a waterfront cafe in Geraldton. (ABC Open: Chris Lewis)
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Map: Geraldton 6530

Fresh information are emerging of the rigours faced by asylum seekers in the course of a 44-day sea crossing that culminated in 1 of the most substantial border breaches in Australia’s maritime history.

Curators from the Western Australian Museum have started examining the tiny fishing boat that shocked authorities when it arrived undetected off Western Australia’s coast in 2013.

The 45-foot vessel was carrying 66 Sri Lankan guys, females and young children when it motored into the Geraldton foreshore, 400 kilometres north of Perth.

Amazed onlookers watched as the ship pulled up in front of a waterfront cafe, ahead of those onboard had been taken into custody by immigration authorities.

Asylum boats at the time normally produced it as far as Christmas Island, far more than 2,000 kilometres to the north.

More than two-and-a-half years later, curators are painstakingly cataloguing every single item left behind on boat, which remains in Geraldton.

Possibly they thought they may run out of water, so they had been conserving their urine for reuse if they did run out of water.

WA Museum head of maritime history Sally Could

“[There are] children’s garments and toys, women’s clothes, men’s clothing,” WA Museum head of maritime history Sally May possibly stated.

“There had been bedspreads that have been utilised on either side of the port side of the wheelhouse, which was clearly a toileting location.”

Ms May possibly is one particular of two curators functioning on the vessel to piece with each other the story of what it was like onboard.

“They naturally accommodated females in privacy but I feel it would have been … extremely difficult conditions to be at sea,” she mentioned.

“You know, 66 men and women, quite handful of of them getting capable to get cover.”

Nearly 1,000 sealed bottles stay on the boat along with bags complete of tonnes of salt, which have been believed to be utilized for ballast.

Bottles with what appeared to be urine had been also found onboard.

“Possibly they thought they might run out of water, so they had been conserving their urine for reuse if they did run out of water,” Ms May possibly mentioned.

‘It provides you a wonderful deal of sympathy for them’

The WA Museum's head of maritime history, Sally May holding a packet of cracker biscuits found on the asylum seeker boat. Photo: The WA Museum’s head of maritime history Sally May said the situations on board the boat would have been extremely severe and austere. (ABC Open: Chris Lewis)

These onboard had planned to travel to New Zealand, but ran into trouble along the way.

Even though examining the boat curators discovered an “huge amount” of rope wrapped around its weary propeller.

Ms Might said upon first assessment, it is probably that was what cut the journey brief.

“They’ve most likely run over rock lobster pots and that’s wrapped around the propeller, and the propeller blades, and that’s what is made the vessel lame and why it essentially limped into Geraldton,” she stated.

Curators strategy to speak to those onboard to discover out very first-hand what the expertise was like.

To my information there are quite couple of vessel that have been utilised to seek asylum being conserved in any museum’s collections, let along getting on display.

WA Museum Spokesman Trish McDonald

Geraldton-primarily based historian Howard Gray, from the Batavia Coast Maritime Heritage Association, mentioned the vessel’s arrival was significant on a quantity of levels.

“Any of these things tell a wonderful story, and this is a great story about individuals and the situations they reside in,” he said.

“It’s also a huge political story and its part in that I think will turn out to be greater as time goes on.”

The tuna fishing boat was one of four gifted to the Sri Lankan fishing community after the 2004 Tsunami.

Ms May possibly mentioned the boat was develop to accommodate 5 individuals.

“I do not think you would ever contemplated wanting to do it your self … it would have been horrific, awful,” she stated.

“You couldn’t shower, there wasn’t enough water for showering, 66 individuals for 44 days … it was extremely extreme and austere.

“It gives you a fantastic deal of sympathy for them.

“For them to take such massive dangers with their own lives and to have ladies and youngsters — it actually just makes you sort of wonder what drove them to genuinely put their lives at danger.

“Since seriously, their lives have been at threat on this boat.”

WA Museum spokesman Trish McDonald said the boat is one of only a few asylum seeker vessels in the nation to be preserved by a museum.

“It is a distinctive opportunity to take a piece of contemporary history that we wouldn’t usually see elsewhere,” she mentioned.

“To my information there are quite few vessels that have been used to seek asylum getting conserved in any museum’s collections, let along becoming on show.”

The boat will be trucked to Perth for additional conservation operate.

A selection is but to be created on exactly where it will eventually be displayed.

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First posted December 01, 2015 23:20:55

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Asylum seekers return to Indonesia after Christmas Island turn-back

Posted November 27, 2015 11:22:28

A boat carrying asylum seekers has arrived in Indonesia carrying the same men and women as a boat turned around at Christmas Island last week.

The ABC has confirmed the boat arrived in Kupang, on Indonesia’s Timor Island, and was carrying 17 people, like 1 crew member.

The asylum seekers had attempted to reach Australia by boat but have been intercepted just off Christmas Island on November 20.

1 of the asylum seekers, who said his name was Muhammad Anwar, told Indonesia’s Rima News he spent 4 days detained by Australian security forces.

He said Australian security forces had sent them back to Indonesia on a new ship following scuttling the ship that was utilized to travel to Christmas Island.

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