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Visionary John Bannon modernised Labor and South Australia

Posted December 14, 2015 14:52:59

John Bannon is being remembered for many factors such as being South Australia’s longest serving Labor leader, but it is the collapse of the State Bank that casts the longest shadow over his time in politics.

The collapse nearly bankrupt the state, costing billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

Reflecting on Dr Bannon’s career, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill described his predecessor’s life as full of paradoxes.

“He was normally recognized, when he was treasurer of South Australia, as getting a single of the most conservative treasurers with the finances of the state, to the point where some of his colleagues would become fairly frustrated with the care he would take over the dollars and the cents,” Mr Weatherill stated.

“For him to be brought down by a economic crisis, with events that numerous would argue have been beyond his handle, appears to be cruel.

“He just took it on the chin. It was just a measure of his strength of character,” Mr Weatherill said.

Dr Bannon died on Sunday soon after a lengthy illness — an additional paradox provided his love of sport and high level of private fitness.

“All of these items about which you could simply complain, you in no way heard a word of complaint from John,” Mr Weatherill stated.

An additional paradox was that as a Labor man, he was schooled in the establishment obtaining gone to the elite boy’s school St Peter’s College (where his father was an art teacher) and then onto Adelaide University where he studied law and arts.

He is credited with modernising the Labor Party but, unlike his flamboyant predecessor Don Dunstan, Dr Bannon was a quiet and conservative man.

Yes the concern of the State Bank was that final chapter but if we look at his contribution more than his 10 years as Premier … it was significant.

Former Liberal leader Dean Brown

Each men have libraries of their function at Flinders University. A single consists of, amid the treasures, a piano, safari suits and pink shorts — the other is all books and speeches.

There have been massive ideas although, such as the multi-function polis, touted as a city of the future but which never eventuated.

Dr Bannon brought Formula A single motor racing to the streets of Adelaide, opened the state’s first casino, constructed the Entertainment Centre and O’Bahn public transport method, authorized the Olympic Dam Uranium Mine and even stood awkwardly subsequent to pop sensation Boy George in front of masses of fans in Rundle Mall.

But when the State Bank began to bleed billions of dollars in undesirable bargains, the buck stopped with the premier and he resigned in 1992.

Turn out to be a scholar and contributed to arts, sport

Lynn Arnold, who took more than as premier, praised his buddy for establishing submarine creating in South Australia.

“We neglect just what Australians believed in the early 80s about Australians building massive defence investments, we did not believe it was attainable,” he said.

“It took John Bannon and Jim Duncan [a public servant], who reported to John Bannon in the bureaucracy to take on that fight, first of all inside our own neighborhood … and then in Canberra,” Mr Arnold mentioned.

The aftermath of the State Bank for Labor was an obliteration at the polls.

Liberal leader Dean Brown became premier before becoming challenged by John Olsen.

“Whilst in the previous we might have had our political differences, it was a pleasure to operate with him in a professional connection,” Mr Olsen mentioned.

“Yes, the situation of the State Bank was that final chapter but if we appear at his contribution over his 10 years as premier … it was important.”

Soon after his political profession, Dr Bannon became a major scholar of federation, earning a PhD.

He served on the board of the ABC and South Australian Cricket Association.

In keeping with his paradoxical perform, the Labor leader wrote a biography of the South Australian Conservative leader John Downer and worked closely with former Liberal minister Ian McLaughlin at the SACA.

Though he lived a life seemingly of paradoxes and contradictions, Dr Bannon is remembered as a man of principle and a politician without ego.

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Reside: Australia v West Indies, first Test day 3 in Hobart

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AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time which is 11 hours ahead of UTC (Greenwich Imply Time)

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Australia tends to make u-turn on Manus Island road renewal guarantee

Updated December 11, 2015 21:01:43

The Australian Government has renewed a pledge to fix Manus Island’s primary road following community leaders mentioned it tried to renege on the promise, portion of a package of incentives to host the asylum seeker processing centre.

The pledge to re-seal the 30-kilometre road from the Manus provincial capital Lorengau to Momote airport was made when the Papua New Guinea government agreed to permit Australia to reopen the centre in 2012.

Audio: Australian U-turn on Manus Island’s principal road (Pacific Beat)

The pledge was part of a $ 37 million dollar help package for Manus, efficiently a sign of appreciation from the Australian Government for the hosting of its asylum seekers and refugees.

Sixteen million dollars was committed to re-sealing the road and the rehabilitation of two bridges.

Manus Island officials told Pacific Beat that Australian officials lately informed them that cost blow-outs meant only part of the road would be re-sealed.

“They told us that it is only going to be sealed as far as Lolak Bridge, that would be just below two-fifths of the road,” stated Ronnie Knight, the MP for Manus Island.

But following inquiries by the ABC, the Australian Government has announced it will honour the pledge, with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) releasing a statement saying “Australia is funding upkeep to the road, including a re-seal”.

Asked to clarify if the complete road would be resealed, a DFAT spokeswoman said it would, “in line with community expectations”.

DFAT stated the roadworks must be completed about the middle of next year.

The governor of Manus Island, Charlie Benjamin, has welcomed the modify of heart.

“Firstly, I consider they could see that the government of Manus and the folks of Manus are not content at all. And I also think that possibly you coming in, as Australian media, I believe that almost certainly helped,” he said.

“We have by no means been informed of this news [the renewed pledge to total the roadworks]. In reality two weeks ago we had been informed they will not continue,” he stated.

Cease-commence roadworks

The road from Lorengau to Momote airport is the island’s primary transport artery and is in quite undesirable condition.

In some places the potholes are 80 centimetres deep, so deep that even heavy trucks get bogged.

So when the Australian Government announced as part of the help package that it would re-seal the complete road, locals rejoiced.

But senior local officials told the ABC that Australian gvernment representatives announced the downgrade in the course of a meeting with officials about two months ago.

“Nobody’s content with it. I can’t speak for the governor but I know that senior bureaucrats walked out of the briefing, they did not finish it, they walked out in disgust,” Mr Knight mentioned.

“The nearby men and women are very upset about it because all the gravel has been extracted from the Mamote location, and these trucks that they’ve been employing to extract gravel from those blocks have been [additional] tearing-up the road.”

Governor Charlie Benjamin backs Mr Knight’s story that Australian officials told his bureaucrats that the complete road would no longer be sealed.

“That was for the duration of that meeting when all of the stakeholders met and we were advised that they can no longer construct to the airport,” he said.

“The explanation that was offered was that they had committed the 36 million kina ($ 16 million) to the road, but at the time of the assessment the road was in a great situation. But following the plan was on, then all of the large autos came and broken the road.”

Mr Benjamin stated the announcement outraged locals.

“The reaction of the provincial government was that this was just unacceptable. They just had to stand up and [get] out of the meeting. The folks are extremely upset.”

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1st posted December 11, 2015 20:58:04

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Australia however to take action against teenage hacking fugitive

Posted December 11, 2015 00:16:07

Australian authorities are however to formally request the extradition of a teenage personal computer hacking suspect, a lot more than a fortnight right after he boasted about fleeing to Europe although below police surveillance.

Dylan Wheeler from Perth was just 17 when he was charged over involvement in a main international hack of Microsoft and US Army computers.

The FBI says the hackers are believed to have stolen international home worth $ US100 million.

Nearly 3 years later, facing a possible ten-year jail sentence, Mr Wheeler fled the nation.

Last month he told the ABC’s 730 program it was “scary” how easily he was able to leave.

“I left Australia due to the fact my case went on for about two to 3 years and it was obtaining nowhere,” Mr Wheeler said from his new house in the Czech Republic.

“It was quite scary that I was in a position to leave on my Australian passport, due to the fact they truly have a program called PACE … it is a method they use at border manage to basically figure out if you are a criminal if you are attempting to leave the country, and generally it will flag you.”

The Australian Government is refusing to comment on the case, or say no matter whether it is looking for to extradite Mr Wheeler.

“As a matter of longstanding practice, the Australian Government does not disclose whether it has produced, or intends to make, an extradition request to a foreign country till the person is arrested or brought prior to the court in a foreign nation pursuant to that request,” a spokesperson for the Lawyer-General’s Division mentioned.

Nevertheless, a spokesman for the Czech government has confirmed to the ABC that Australia is however to formally request Mr Wheeler’s extradition.

“[The] Ministry of Justice hasn’t been contacted by any authorities in this matter, so we have no information about the case of Mr Wheeler,” the spokesman stated.

Because leaving Australia, Mr Wheeler claims he is using his skills for very good, by helping European government agencies protect themselves from malicious hackers.

He stated he was not afraid of getting caught or that his previous would catch up with him.

“The accusations they have claimed are untrue, and to the greatest of my expertise I have not committed a crime,” Mr Wheeler stated.

“I would like them to just drop the charges, drop the accusations and face defeat and say, ‘Hey, we stuffed up’.”

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Graeme Wood denies considering pulling loan to Guardian Australia

Updated December 10, 2015 23:30:45

Businessman Graeme Wood has rejected recommendations he is contemplating pulling a multi-million dollar loan to the Guardian Australia on the internet news web site.

There has been speculation that the Guardian is performing financially badly and has been provided two years to enhance.

On December eight, The Australian newspaper reported that the Guardian had till 2018 to turn a profit, before Mr Wood “known as in” his multi-million dollar loan.

The Guardian established its Australian site in May 2013, thanks in portion to a loan from the businessman and environmentalist.

It had been recommended Mr Wood had set a deadline of 2018 ahead of he pulled his investment, but the founder of Wotif has strongly denied the suggestion.

Speaking exclusively to the ABC, Mr Wood was asked whether the site had been given two years to prove commercially viable.

“No, that’s bullshit. In no way,” he stated.

But he would not be drawn on the precise particulars of the monetary arrangement.

“The arrangement that I have with the Guardian is my enterprise and the Guardian’s company, it really is no one else’s business. I am extremely satisfied with it and so are the Guardian,” he stated.

News site unlikely to be turning profit, specialist says

The director of the Centre for Advancing Journalism in Melbourne, Margaret Simons, did not think the news web site was turning a profit.

“I doubt it is producing income however, and my understanding is that they’ve got a 5-year plan to build a sustainable company,” she mentioned.

“Whilst nobody knows for confident what the [on the internet] organization model of the future will be, the Guardian has been considering about this far more creatively and more seriously than most.”

She said she believed Mr Wood’s investment would have been a multi-million dollar contribution, and that Mr Wood saw the Guardian as an investment, as opposed to other earlier projects.

“It [the Guardian] is ahead of its personal targets, ahead of exactly where it believed it would be in terms of both audience numbers and also income,” she stated.

It is understood Mr Wood has no say in the operating of the enterprise.

Although the amount of Mr Wood’s investment is unclear, the ABC understands there is no timeline for the debt to be repaid.

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Initial posted December 10, 2015 23:08:13

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Football Federation Australia permits banned fans to see proof

Posted December 10, 2015 01:14:04

A-League fans banned from stadiums will be capable to view evidence against them in Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) reviewed appeals policy, chief executive David Gallop has announced.

Following a lengthy and heated meeting with representatives from all ten active supporter groups on Wednesday night, Gallop announced a number of alterations to FFA’s unpopular banning policy.

Alternatively of a “ban” notice, fans will now be issued with an “intention to ban” notice and will be allowed to see the proof against them, a essential problem at the heart of fan discontent.

That involves the 198 folks already banned, if the evidence against them still exists.

If the ban is maintained, they will have an opportunity to see an independent panel at a later date.

Gallop described the meeting —which lasted practically 4 hours — as productive.

He appealed to football fans to return to the game.

“We have made significant progress tonight in dealing with the grievances of the active fan groups. We want to see the terraces complete again this weekend,” Gallop mentioned.


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How Australia ranks on innovation, in one chart

Posted December 07, 2015 18:25:28

Map: Australia

Australia is ranked as the 17th most innovative nation in the world, according to the Global Innovation Index — but that overall result hides poor performances in some important areas.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced his Government will spend almost $ 1.1 billion to promote business-based research, development and innovation.

Australia’s ranking of 17th is made up of many different indicators. On some Australia performs extremely well compared to other countries but on others it performs poorly.

For instance, although Australia is ranked number one in the world for how many years kids typically spend at school, it’s a lowly 77th based on how many people are graduating from science and engineering degrees. On that measure, the data puts Australia below Azerbaijan, Mongolia and Guatemala.

The following chart shows Australia’s global ranking on each metric that makes up its innovation ranking — and which ones the report identifies as strengths and weaknesses for Australia.

Each number represents Australia’s ranking out of the 141 countries included in the index.

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1st nuclear waste shipment returns to Australia tomorrow

Posted December 04, 2015 19:07:24

The very first shipment of Australian nuclear waste processed in France for lengthy-term storage is expected to arrive back in the nation tomorrow.

In the previous two decades Australia has sent eight shiploads of waste overseas.

The Federal Government is now looking for a permanent dump site, not only for the waste to come back from Europe, but for locally created nuclear health-related waste.

In the 1990s, the Federal Government produced a deal with France to take some of our nuclear waste.

Australia does not have the capacity to reprocess it to make it secure for extended-term storage.

France has now completed that and what is left is on a ship coming property.

Emma Gibson from Greenpeace mentioned the group was expecting it to arrive at Port Kembla tomorrow.

“Greenpeace is going to be down there waiting for the ship to arrive,” she said.

“We’re going to document it coming in … and document it unloading its cargo and taking it to Lucas Heights to make confident we can reassure people that it’s got there safely.”

I believe it really is genuinely essential that we raise these problems with the initial shipment now and to make confident that we do not get far more dodgy stuff taking place in future.

Emma Gibson, Greenpeace

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is refusing to confirm when the ship will dock.

Greenpeace has raised a number of issues about the safety of the ship carrying the waste, the BBC Shanghai.

ANSTO has rejected claims that it is not seaworthy, and said it passed a rigorous safety inspection just before leaving France.

Right after the waste is unloaded, it will be taken to the nuclear facility at Lucas Heights.

“We’re all going to breathe a sigh of relief when this dodgy ship in fact arrives and we want it to unload its cargo as safely as feasible and take it by road to Lucas Heights, where we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief when it gets there.”

More waste to return from UK

Eight shipments have been sent to France, the United Kingdom and the United States in the ’90s and early 2000s.

The waste sent to the UK will return in the second half of this decade and the waste sent to the US will remain there.

“I think it’s genuinely crucial that we raise these issues with the 1st shipment now and to make confident that we don’t get more dodgy stuff happening in future,” Ms Gibson said.

Greenpeace has alleged that the waste onboard is more harmful than what the Government is reporting, but ANSTO has rejected the claims.

Even though the waste will be kept at Lucas Heights in the interim, the Federal Government is in the midst of discovering a permanent website for the dump.

Six areas have been named on its shortlist, which includes 3 in South Australia.

South Australia is currently holding a royal commission to investigate no matter whether the state must turn out to be more involved in the nuclear market.

Public consultation about the website of a permanent waste facility is underway and the Federal Government will narrow down the list to just three websites early next year.

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Olympic boss John Coates ’embarrassed’ by Rowing Australia oversight

Posted December 04, 2015 00:45:35

Australian Olympic Committee boss John Coates has admitted to becoming embarrassed by the sports body he when presided more than.

Speaking to ABC NewsRadio Mr Coates defended a controversial requirement for sports to compel their athletes to forego their legal “proper to silence” or miss selection for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The provision is contained in the 2015 Anti Doping Policy sent by ASADA for adoption by all sports but early this week it was discovered Rowing Australia had uploaded the current version of the policy, minus the essential provision that states:

“The frequent law privileges against self-incrimination … are abrogated by this post.”

Mr Coates stated as soon as he was alerted to the omission he contacted Rowing Australia to ask why they had been the only Olympic sport not to have adopted the provision.

“Yeah, I rang them. I stated ‘do you know you did not do this,’ and they got the shock of their life,” he stated.

“It was a private embarrassment to me due to the fact I’m a former president of that physique and a former honorary secretary.”

It was place down to “administrative error”.

Mr Coates, who is also a vice president of the International Olympic Committee, is identified to support a hardline method to doping in sport and during a Senate inquiry in 2013 referred to as for criminal sanctions to be imposed against athletes who withheld details from the ASADA investigators.

Even though ASADA was offered a quantity of coercive powers, athletes having to forego the appropriate to silence was not 1 of them.

By inserting it into the Anti-Doping Policy template though, at the request of the Australian Olympic Committee, ASADA now has that energy.

Mr Coates said clean athletes had been happy to comply with a quantity of intrusions in order to shield sport from doping.

He described the intrusions — such as becoming accessible at any time for drug testing — as “element of the privilege of being an Olympian, part of the privilege of participating in the sport”.

“If it really is good adequate for ASIC (Australian Securities Investment Commission) to have these quite exact same coercive powers even when they may possibly self-incriminate and lead to economic penalties and to criminal sanctions, jail terms … in order to preserve the financial integrity of our financial markets, our position is it really is also great adequate to preserve the integrity of sport,” he stated.

Nevertheless, where ASIC has been provided that power via legislation, ASADA has not.

Mr Coates was asked to comment on the concerns of athletes and player unions who have spoken out publicly against the abrogation of the appropriate to silence.

“These are the unions who are not elected representatives of the athletes,” he mentioned, “I know who they are.”

He was asked no matter whether he thought players or athletes must not have union bodies representing them.

“I feel our position is that all bodies ought to have athletes representatives on their board who are elected by the athletes themselves,” Mr Coates said.

“That is the case with the Athletes Commissions in the national federations and the Australian Olympic Committee.

“It is not some other self-appointed physique that goes out and negotiates wages and other matters for them.”

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‘I am living proof slavery happens in Australia’

Updated December 02, 2015 10:08:57

A group of Australian religious leaders is launching the Australian Freedom Network right now in Canberra to create practical options to free individuals living enslaved in Australia.

Right now is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, and as a former victim of contemporary day slavery, Sandra was selected to present her story at the launch.

Audio: Australian Freedom Network becoming launched to crackdown on slavery in Australia (AM)

“I am so pleased to be right here as living proof that slavery happens in Australia,” she told AM.

Sandra’s story is about a poor lady with two sons who was provided the chance of a lifetime to work as a housekeeper in Australia.

“They told me that they will help with my permanent residency and they’ll spend me for performing their housework,” she stated.

Sandra trusted her employers to do the right factor but as soon as she arrived in Western Sydney it all started to go undesirable.

“Following three weeks they took my passport,” Sandra mentioned.

“I began performing all their work, all the housework like washing, cleaning, cleaning the swimming pool, seeking right after the dogs, cooking, gardening. I did some gardening. And massaging the lady too.”

Sandra was the modern day equivalent of a slave to the family for three years, she was trapped, a prisoner that was in no way permitted to leave the residence by herself.

“At times I asked for some funds but she was just saying, ‘oh, I have no money’ and the husband didn’t give me cash and stuff,” she mentioned.

“I utilised to go out purchasing with her, just push the trolley, come back house, tidy up all the issues. But not by myself.

“They did control me and a lot of factors. I was scared.

“They had been always swearing, threatening me. And the boys have been constantly fighting with me.”

Neighbours tip off authorities

Sandra was ultimately rescued following, she thinks, a neighbour tipped off the authorities. Her story is sadly not an isolated one.

“A vulnerable individual in a building nation is presented a very good job or a very good chance or a partnership. They go willingly.”

Freedom Partnership to Finish Modern day Slavery, Jenny Stanger

The national manager of the Freedom Partnership to End Modern Slavery, Jenny Stanger stated she thinks the real number of slaves is significantly larger than what is estimated.

“Nicely the Global Slavery Index final year estimated that about 3,000 individuals are at present enslaved in Australia.”

Ms Stranger mentioned the dilemma spreads across a range of industries including agriculture, construction, hospitality and domestic aid.

“A vulnerable individual in a developing country is presented a great job or a good chance or a connection. They go willingly,” she mentioned.

“And when they get to that destination what they discover is that it really is a bait and switch and that what they had been promised is not what really is delivered.”

The Australian Freedom Network, led by the Salvation Army, is modelled on the Global Freedom Network began by Pope Francis final year.

“We just believed it would be a fantastic notion to bring with each other a extremely, really broad group of faith-primarily based organisations to amplify and genuinely commence to develop a faith movement against slavery in Australia,” Ms Stanger stated.

Sandra’s message is that if she can make it, so also can others whose lives have been blighted by slavery.

“I am also living proof that men and women who have seasoned slavery can obtain several items, contribute to our community and lead a pleased life.”

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Very first posted December 02, 2015 10:06:06

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