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Banned A-League fan seeking forward to clearing his name

Posted December ten, 2015 16:16:37

A banned Western Sydney Wanderers fan is seeking forward to the chance of clearing his name right after the FFA amended its policy on banned A-League fans and supporter groups in turn suspended boycotts.

Fan groups from all 10 A-League clubs announced in a joint statement on Thursday that they would temporarily suspend boycotts in response to the FFA making arrangements that would help fans attractive their bans.

The FFA agreed to issue fans an “intention to ban” notice rather than a ban notice and would enable them to see the FFA’s proof.

Fans had been protesting ever since News Corp named and shamed 198 banned fans from a leaked list final month.

A diehard Western Sydney Wanderers named Lachlan mentioned he was banned in 2013 but was not amongst those named on the list of 198 names and recommended the complete list of blacklisted fans would be nicely above 200.

Lachlan, an active member of the Red and Black Bloc Wanderers supporters’ group, stated he was evicted in the course of a match against rivals Sydney FC and a ban followed.

“1 of our chants had a swear word in it, and as I was going by means of that portion of the chant I looked at a police officer and I was hunting at him in the face when I swore, and so clearly it wasn’t the best language,” Lachlan told the ABC’s The Globe Today.

Each and every part of me just wants to see this evidence that they’ve got against me, specially about lighting a flare that in no way happened.

Red and Black Bloc member Lachlan

“I was removed from the game for that and then two days later I was offered a banning notice from two FFA officials.”

Lachlan said he was never permitted to see the proof that the FFA had used to ban him from stadiums. He later heard he had been accused of throwing a flare – something he denies.

“Every single element of me just desires to see this proof that they’ve got against me, particularly about lighting a flare that never occurred,” he said.

“The swearing I can realize. It didn’t look also great but I nevertheless don’t consider it really is worthy of a ban, that’s for certain.”

In a four-hour meeting with supporters’ groups on Wednesday evening, the FFA agreed to make all proof obtainable to fans and to an independent appeals approach.

If the FFA fails to meet its commitment by February 19 next year, the fan groups have vowed to take additional action.

Fans demand clear and transparent procedure

Wanderers fans hold a banner before walking out in protest over the names of banned spectators being published in a newspaper. Photo: The Red and Black Bloc and their fellow active supporter groups made no secret of their displeasure at the FFA’s handling of fan bans. (AAP: Dan Himbrechts)

“All we really wanted was a clear transparent process so that we could see the proof against fans and for an independent appeals approach,” James Price tag from Brisbane Roar supporters’ group, The Den, mentioned.

“So you know, there was tense moments but then in the end I consider every person got to the position where they were comfortable with.”

Grant Muir, a spokesman for Sydney FC active supporter group The Cove, stated the FFA should do more than make promises.

“Sadly the FFA has a history of duplicity with us over these troubles,” he mentioned.

“They’ve knowingly lied to us about our rights, they’ve knowingly lied to us about their obligations, they’ve knowingly lied to us about the existence or non-existence of an appeals method and, as we pointed out to them last night, the level of trust that exists among fans and FFA is below zero.”

Muir said fan groups would not hesitate to take action in February if the FFA does not comply with through.

Wanderers fan Lachlan concedes there are folks who deserve to be banned from games for life.

“We have folks that go there on the sole goal to go and start off fights and cause problems and bring the A-League into disrepute,” he stated.

“It really is for us normal fans that just want to go there and assistance our team since it’s the sport we follow, like not every person in Australia is rugby league or AFL-oriented.

“I feel it is unfair that we are obtaining tarred with like, you know, the true dirty brush.”

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Football Federation Australia permits banned fans to see proof

Posted December 10, 2015 01:14:04

A-League fans banned from stadiums will be capable to view evidence against them in Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) reviewed appeals policy, chief executive David Gallop has announced.

Following a lengthy and heated meeting with representatives from all ten active supporter groups on Wednesday night, Gallop announced a number of alterations to FFA’s unpopular banning policy.

Alternatively of a “ban” notice, fans will now be issued with an “intention to ban” notice and will be allowed to see the proof against them, a essential problem at the heart of fan discontent.

That involves the 198 folks already banned, if the evidence against them still exists.

If the ban is maintained, they will have an opportunity to see an independent panel at a later date.

Gallop described the meeting —which lasted practically 4 hours — as productive.

He appealed to football fans to return to the game.

“We have made significant progress tonight in dealing with the grievances of the active fan groups. We want to see the terraces complete again this weekend,” Gallop mentioned.


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Climate protesters banned in Paris security crackdown

Posted November 29, 2015 07:50:58

Climate change activists dressed as angels protest during climate talks in Paris, while a military officer stands nearby. Photo: Australian activist, “Climate Guardian” Zoe Buckley Lennox, mentioned it is “absurd” to ban public protests. (ABC News: Chloe Aldenhoven)
Associated Story: Security steps up in Paris as self-confidence builds for climate change action
Map: France

French climate change activists have been placed beneath residence arrest ahead of the opening of the UN climate change conference in Paris.

Public demonstrations are banned in France below the state of emergency that was declared right after the Paris terrorist attacks two week ago, in which 130 folks had been killed.

Green groups have described the move as “an abuse of energy” but the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stated the activists had been suspected of organizing violent protests.

“These 24 men and women have been placed below house arrest since they have been violent in the course of demonstrations in the past and due to the fact they have said they would not respect the state of emergency,” he mentioned.

They should stay in their house towns, report to the local police three times a day and abide by a nightly curfew until December 12, when the climate adjust conference winds up.

A delegation of environmental organisations met with French president Francois Hollande to appeal against the measures.

Greenpeace International’s executive Director Kumi Naidoo mentioned he was “disappointed” that France’s political leadership would “decide on to enable sporting events, trade exhibitions and other arts and culture events to go ahead, but with such a clamp down on the space for the largest situation humanity faces”.

The climate talks will see planet leaders collect to try to come to an agreement on decreasing global greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020.

Key public rallies planned for this weekend have been cancelled, forcing international green groups to concentrate on marches in key cities about the globe, instead of in Paris.

Australian ‘guardian angels’ say voices need to have to be heard

Australian climate change activists dressed as angels protest outside the Louvre during Paris climate talks. Photo: Australian activists, Climate Guardians, dressed as angels to highlight the stewardship of natural resources. (ABC News: Lisa Millar)

Some activist groups plan to march at the Location de la Republic in defiance of the state of emergency on Sunday.

Others are searching for inventive ways to make their point while staying inside the bounds of the law.

Amongst them are the Climate Guardians, Australian activists dressed as angels to highlight the stewardship of all-natural sources.

One of the “angels”, Zoe Buckley Lennox, believes it is “absurd” to ban public protests and put restrictions on the men and women who had planned them.

“I was very shocked … the fact they have gone so far as to target these organisers who are clearly organising for the climate talks, especially targeting them, when it’s clearly not something to do with terrorism, it’s about climate modify,” she said.

“It is ridiculous. We clearly are going to respect the laws that are taking place at the moment but at the identical time we require to get these voices out no matter what circumstance we’re in.”

French environmentalists plan to location shoes along the route of a cancelled march to make their point.

The Australian flag outside the climate change talks venue in Paris. Photo: The climate talks will see planet leaders gather to try to come to an agreement on lowering international greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020. (ABC News: Lisa Millar)

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Scary clown Halloween poster banned: ‘Likely to cause fear or distress’

Updated November 26, 2015 01:32:08

The scary clown advertising poster for the PrimEVIL Halloween attraction Photo: This poster for the PrimEVIL Halloween attraction at the Norfolk Dinosaur Park was banned for becoming probably to trigger distress to youngsters. (Supplied: Instagram/primevilscare)

An marketing poster featuring a “menacing” clown and advertising a Halloween attraction at an amusement park has been banned by Britain’s Advertising Requirements Authority (ASA) for making young children “really distressed”.

Norfolk Dinosaur Park had promoted a Halloween occasion called Primevil with the text “SCREAMING Won’t Help! … five FRIGHTENING ATTRACTIONS! … 13 NIGHTS OF TERROR!”

The attraction’s web site states: “This occasion is not appropriate for under 12’s.”

The poster featured a prominent image of the head of a clown with a painted white face, red eyes, stitches about the eyes and forehead, and blood dripping kind a variety of components of its face.

The ASA reported in its ruling that there had been 23 complainants, “numerous of whom regarded the image as well distressing for children,” who had challenged no matter whether the ad was acceptable for outside show.

Norfolk Dinosaur Park said they had received 3 complaints about a single poster and arranged for it to be removed.

A post on the primevilscare Instagram account shows young kids searching at 1 of the posters.

In its ruling, the ASA stated a quantity of complainants had reported their kids becoming “extremely distressed” on seeing the image.

It also “noted that the clown was leaning towards the camera and grinning with a menacing expression, that its eyes glowed red and blood dripped down its face”.

The ad was regarded “probably to lead to fear or distress without having justifiable cause when displayed in an untargeted medium,” and that it breached advertising requirements around responsible marketing and causing harm and offence.

The ASA ruled that the ad need to not seem once again in its existing kind.

Though not officially recognised as a distinct phobia, the term coulrophobia has been coined to describe fear of clowns.

Reported sufferers contain actors Johnny Depp, Billy Bob Thornton and Daniel Radcliffe, and rapper Sean P Diddy Combs.

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Initial posted November 26, 2015 01:28:58

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Columbine Massacre RPG creator banned from college campus, film festival

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Ten years after its release, Super Columbine Massacre RPG is as soon as once again causing controversy for its creator.

If you followed video games about a decade ago, you possibly remember the controversy surrounding Super Columbine Massacre RPG. The totally free indie title dissected the 1999 tragedy by putting players in control of shooters Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, exploring the college (and their motivations) via 16-bit-style graphics and a familiar, leading-down RPG technique. Not absolutely everyone believed the title was in great taste to say the least. The game was a preferred target of anti-game-violence crusader Jack Thompson, for instance, and it was controversially removed from Slamdance’s “Guerilla GameMaker competition” in 2007.

Now, the creator of the Super Columbine Massacre RPG, Danny Ledonne, is embroiled in controversy once once more. The administration at Colorado’s Adams State University banned Ledonne from campus ahead of a recent film festival he’s helping to organize, citing his creation of the game in a letter that also refers to him as a public security concern.

ASU: “The game is about shooting students.”

“Reality: Mr. Ledonne developed a post-Columbine video game that recreates the horror of the Columbine HS shooting massacre,” ASU Police Chief Paul Grohowski writes in an open letter to the Adams State University discussing a trespass warning issued against Ledonne. “In this post-Columbine, hypersensitive world of mass shootings and violence on college campus’ nationwide, it is my duty to balance the cost-free speech and person rights against the public security of the a lot of,” the letter continues. “Despite the fact that, Mr. Ledonne’s behavior has not however breached the realm of violation of our laws, my recommendation to ban him from campus is sound, rational and errs on the side of public safety.”

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