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John Bannon remembered as a passionate runner

Posted December 14, 2015 17:56:12

John Bannon was much more than just a premier, he was a tenacious runner, clocking up 28 Adelaide marathons among 1979 and 2006, say members of the South Australian Road Runners Club.

Peter Slagter ran the inaugural Gawler to Adelaide marathon with Dr Bannon in 1979 and the two became portion of the so-known as Magnificent Seven, a group of guys competing to run the most Adelaide marathons consecutively.

“Back in 2005, him and I and another chap had been the final three left standing who had carried out all the marathons and the year after it was only John and the other guy,” Mr Slagter mentioned.

“John attempted to do that one particular soon after a key surgery that he had, some four weeks soon after the significant surgery and Angela, his wife, and I had been standing on the side lines considering ‘John, what the heck are you doing?’

“That just shows you the tenacity of the guy. However he only lasted five ks but he wanted to be the last man standing to have completed all the Adelaide marathons.”

The South Australian Road Runners Club has paid tribute to Dr Bannon on social media, saying he holds the equal ideal typical operating time more than 25 Adelaide marathons of three hours and seven minutes.

His very best time was in 1983, when he ran a marathon in two hours and 44 minutes.

“Most of us runners try and strive to do a 3-hour marathon and he has accomplished most of these 28 under three hours so as an athlete he was quite excellent. I do not know how he identified the time to do it,” Mr Slagter stated.

He stated that when Dr Bannon hit the road, he was just like any other runner.

“The beauty about this running game is it is a hell of a leveller,” he said.

“You could be operating effectively in this case, politicians or the dustman next door or anyone, and John was one of these guys who did not want to be up there.

“He was just a regular guy and you could talk to him on any level.”

His old operating mate recalled one instance of this being his choice of operating attire.

“His dress sense when it came to running was constantly a funny issue due to the fact him and his black shorts, it was always a topic of conversation at the coffee shop afterwards simply because John never ever wore the up-marketplace Nike style shorts and this kind of issue,” mentioned Mr Slagter.

Dr Bannon was a life member of the South Australian Road Runners Club, and Mr Slagter mentioned he would be sorely missed in the operating community.

“We missed him in the final seven years, due to the fact of his illness he wasn’t running. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of the running fraternity that we’ll miss him even more now.”

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Visionary John Bannon modernised Labor and South Australia

Posted December 14, 2015 14:52:59

John Bannon is being remembered for many factors such as being South Australia’s longest serving Labor leader, but it is the collapse of the State Bank that casts the longest shadow over his time in politics.

The collapse nearly bankrupt the state, costing billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

Reflecting on Dr Bannon’s career, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill described his predecessor’s life as full of paradoxes.

“He was normally recognized, when he was treasurer of South Australia, as getting a single of the most conservative treasurers with the finances of the state, to the point where some of his colleagues would become fairly frustrated with the care he would take over the dollars and the cents,” Mr Weatherill stated.

“For him to be brought down by a economic crisis, with events that numerous would argue have been beyond his handle, appears to be cruel.

“He just took it on the chin. It was just a measure of his strength of character,” Mr Weatherill said.

Dr Bannon died on Sunday soon after a lengthy illness — an additional paradox provided his love of sport and high level of private fitness.

“All of these items about which you could simply complain, you in no way heard a word of complaint from John,” Mr Weatherill stated.

An additional paradox was that as a Labor man, he was schooled in the establishment obtaining gone to the elite boy’s school St Peter’s College (where his father was an art teacher) and then onto Adelaide University where he studied law and arts.

He is credited with modernising the Labor Party but, unlike his flamboyant predecessor Don Dunstan, Dr Bannon was a quiet and conservative man.

Yes the concern of the State Bank was that final chapter but if we look at his contribution more than his 10 years as Premier … it was significant.

Former Liberal leader Dean Brown

Each men have libraries of their function at Flinders University. A single consists of, amid the treasures, a piano, safari suits and pink shorts — the other is all books and speeches.

There have been massive ideas although, such as the multi-function polis, touted as a city of the future but which never eventuated.

Dr Bannon brought Formula A single motor racing to the streets of Adelaide, opened the state’s first casino, constructed the Entertainment Centre and O’Bahn public transport method, authorized the Olympic Dam Uranium Mine and even stood awkwardly subsequent to pop sensation Boy George in front of masses of fans in Rundle Mall.

But when the State Bank began to bleed billions of dollars in undesirable bargains, the buck stopped with the premier and he resigned in 1992.

Turn out to be a scholar and contributed to arts, sport

Lynn Arnold, who took more than as premier, praised his buddy for establishing submarine creating in South Australia.

“We neglect just what Australians believed in the early 80s about Australians building massive defence investments, we did not believe it was attainable,” he said.

“It took John Bannon and Jim Duncan [a public servant], who reported to John Bannon in the bureaucracy to take on that fight, first of all inside our own neighborhood … and then in Canberra,” Mr Arnold mentioned.

The aftermath of the State Bank for Labor was an obliteration at the polls.

Liberal leader Dean Brown became premier before becoming challenged by John Olsen.

“Whilst in the previous we might have had our political differences, it was a pleasure to operate with him in a professional connection,” Mr Olsen mentioned.

“Yes, the situation of the State Bank was that final chapter but if we appear at his contribution over his 10 years as premier … it was important.”

Soon after his political profession, Dr Bannon became a major scholar of federation, earning a PhD.

He served on the board of the ABC and South Australian Cricket Association.

In keeping with his paradoxical perform, the Labor leader wrote a biography of the South Australian Conservative leader John Downer and worked closely with former Liberal minister Ian McLaughlin at the SACA.

Though he lived a life seemingly of paradoxes and contradictions, Dr Bannon is remembered as a man of principle and a politician without ego.

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Former South Australian premier John Bannon dies aged 72

Posted December 13, 2015 18:08:17

Former South Australian premier John Bannon has died, aged 72, following fighting a extreme illness for many years.

The former Labor leader passed away surrounded by family members nowadays.

Mr Bannon led the Labor Party to Government at the 1982 election, where he became premier and treasurer.

He held the positions for nearly a decade, before resigning in 1992.

Current South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill paid tribute to Mr Bannon, saying he was a excellent friend and mentor.

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