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K-pop band detained at LA airport ‘on suspicion of becoming sex workers’

Posted December 11, 2015 21:35:15

All eight members of a new girl K-pop girl band, travelling for an album cover shoot in the United States, have been detained at Los Angeles airport on suspicion that they may possibly be sex workers, their agency says.

The eight member band, Oh My Girl, were held for 15 hours on Thursday before being released, soon after which they flew back to South Korea.

Their agency WM Entertainment released a statement saying the LA immigration authorities had gone via the band’s costumes and props.

“Then, possibly because of their young age, they appear to have mistaken them as sex workers,” the statement mentioned, without elaborating.

The agency stated it was taking legal suggestions in the United States as to no matter whether the band’s detention was lawful.

There may well also have been an concern with the sort of visa the band members have been holding, as they were also booked to carry out at a gala event in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Oh My Girl was only formed in March this year and released its debut single in April.

South Korea’s K-pop scene, which has been exported with massive good results across Asia and beyond, is dominated by young girl and boy bands whose members are sometimes as young as 13 or 14 years old.

In 2012, the South Korean authorities took methods to curb over-sexualised performances, threatening to slap R-ratings on films, music videos and Television shows that placed an exaggerated sexual emphasis on young singers and bands they feature.


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Refugee urged to drop charges following becoming strangled by boyfriend, court told

Posted December 10, 2015 15:21:23

An Iranian refugee, whose estranged boyfriend used her hijab to strangle her till she passed out, has told Adelaide’s Supreme Court she is “confused” by his actions and was urged by other folks to drop the charges.

Qasem Gardi, an Afghani refugee, was discovered guilty by a judge of attempting to murder the then 18-year-old lady in October final year and will be sentenced next week.

The court heard how Gardi, 20, drove the girl to Para Vista and strangled her with her hijab and his hands.

The teenager, whom the ABC has selected not to name at her request, said the connection was against her family’s cultural beliefs and she felt she had lost their trust.

She arrived in Australia as a refugee from Iran in 2011 and stated she also struggled to trust others and was overwhelmed with worry and nightmares.

“I’m nevertheless tremendously confused by his actions,” she told the court.

“I located it very difficult to get my life back to normal, as I felt an outcast amongst my peers.

“I feel numb, disconnected and unable to trust individuals.”

She mentioned some people urged her to drop the charges.

They were young 17-year-olds in a totally free society bound by their own cultural difficulties.

Defence lawyer Ahura Kalali

“I have been below excellent pressure to maintain my experience unknown,” she said.

“Your actions and behaviours are unforgivable.”

Gardi’s lawyer, Ahura Kalali, said the connection had to be kept a secret since of the couple’s cultural backgrounds.

“It was due to their culture that the relationship had to be kept a secret and that was divisive,” he stated.

“In my submission, it was divisive for each of them.

“They had been young 17-year-olds in a totally free society bound by their own cultural troubles.”

He mentioned his client was separated from his quick family members at about the age of ten, and lived in Iran and Pakistan ahead of coming to Australia alone as a 16-year-old.

Mr Kalali mentioned Gardi was emotionally immature and formed a sturdy emotional bond with the girl.

“The relationship went properly to start with but it started to fracture and it appears that Mr Gardi found it really difficult to accept,” he mentioned.

“It also appears that at the time he had place all of his emotional bond into the complainant provided that he had been separated from his family members.

“He believed he was trying to do the proper factor culturally to stand by her.”

‘Garden variety domestic violence’

But prosecutor Lucy Boord stated Gardi’s actions amounted to a “garden assortment example of domestic violence”.

“It wasn’t an act that took place in a matter of mere seconds,” she stated.

“This was an act where Mr Gardi had a box cutter to restrain [the victim] to then take her away to a distinct place.”

She said the girl was strangled three distinct occasions in 3 ways — the very first two times whilst the automobile was stopped and then when he was driving.

It is not known why Gardi ultimately stopped the attack and called an ambulance.

Audio of the triple- call incorporated Gardi saying he attempted to kill her.

Gardi will be sentenced on December 18.

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Adelaide teen hit by automobile ahead of becoming bashed by guys

Posted December 09, 2015 14:59:47

Map: Dernancourt 5075

A teenage boy has been run down by a auto and bashed by a group of men at Dernancourt in Adelaide’s north east.

Police say they are searching for 4 men and a blue 4-wheel drive right after the violent attack which occurred about midnight.

The teen was walking along Lower North East Road with a buddy when he was knocked down by the auto.

The boy was then punched and kicked by the males just before they left in the auto, which drove off towards the city.

The victim suffered minor injuries.

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Alleged underpayment of Melbourne train cleaners becoming investigated

Posted December 03, 2015 15:48:40

A Melbourne business with a multi-million dollar contract to clean the city’s train fleet is being investigated over allegations it underpays its largely foreign workforce.

Key points:

  • Metro is auditing Transclean after employees underpayment allegations
  • Some employees allege they operate as numerous as 55 hours per week
  • Transclean rejects the allegations, says ‘no-one particular was underpaid’

Court documents reveal that Metro, the operator of Melbourne’s train program, is conducting an extensive audit of Transclean following the ABC’s coverage of an unfair dismissal case brought by a Pakistani Australian who desires to be identified only as Asim.

A single of the central claims created by Asim in the Fair Perform proceedings was that he was unfairly dismissed by Transclean after he failed to spot a safety flag on a train.

Transclean initially rejected the suggestion that Asim was an employee, pointing to a deed of agreement he signed with the organization in 2013, which stated that he was a subcontractor.

Even so, when Asim’s case was heard by Fair Perform Commissioner John Ryan in October, lawyers for Transclean conceded that Asim was in reality an employee.

This essential concession could expose the firm to a raft of new claims from some of its 500 cleaners.

Asim’s case was settled on the opening day of the Fair Function hearing. The terms of the settlement are confidential.

Nonetheless, following the ABC’s coverage of the case, lawyers for Transclean issued legal proceedings against Asim and his industrial relations representative, Garry Dircks, alleging they broke the confidentiality of the settlement and created a number of false and misleading statements in the original story.

Mr Dircks and Asim each deny the allegations.

Former Transclean employee has won a confidential settlement over his unfair dismissal. Photo: A former Transclean employee won a confidential settlement more than his unfair dismissal. (ABC News)

In an affidavit lodged in the Supreme Court in late October, Transclean’s managing director George Haritos claimed his company was broken by what he described as false claims created by Asim about work conditions at Transclean.

Mr Haritos stated that as a result of the publicity surrounding the case Metro had commenced an audit of his business that threatened his company’s profitable contract to clean the city’s train fleet.

Sammie Black, a Metro spokesperson, told the ABC that all contractors were required to spend their personnel in accordance with relevant employment laws.

“Metro does not condone contractors underpaying their personnel,” she stated.

“Metro is currently investigating allegations created against Transclean.”

Claims that some cleaners work seven day weeks ‘false’

In his affidavit, Mr Haritos also rejected a quantity of claims made by Asim about situations for workers at the company — namely that they often operate seven nights a week and for as lengthy as 55 hours per week.

Monday to Friday we had been working at daytime, and Monday to Sunday the entire week we have been working evening time as properly.

Former Transclean employee

However, the ABC has spoken to a quantity of former employees of Transclean who help Asim’s claims about the function conditions at the organization.

Ali, who did not want to use his actual name, worked for Transclean for 12 months till, he mentioned, he was abruptly sacked in late 2014.

He said that a Transclean employees member threatened to kill him when he informed them that he was going to refer the matter to Fair Operate Australia.

Ali mentioned he frequently worked seven nights a week and as many as 60 hours a week, cleaning trains for the organization.

Train cleaners at work in Melbourne Photo: Transclean rejected allegations that some workers were doing 55 hour weeks. (ABC News)

“Monday to Friday we have been working at daytime, and Monday to Sunday the complete week we have been functioning night time as nicely,” he mentioned.

Ali stated he had been created to sign a deed of agreement that effectively produced him a subcontractor to Transclean, so he was not paid superannuation or covered by WorkCover insurance coverage.

In spite of becoming considered a subcontractor by Transclean, Ali mentioned he and the other workers in no way supplied an invoice for services rendered to Transclean.

Labor law professional Professor John Howe, from Melbourne University, mentioned firms could save a lot of cash by categorising workers as independent contractors.

“If folks are being employed in name as subcontractors but they are really staff that is a breach of the law because what you are performing then is avoiding the legal entitlements that are attached to employment,” Professor Howe said.

Transclean rejects allegations it underpaid workers

Transclean declined to be interviewed, but stated in a statement to the ABC that it refuted the allegations.

“No-one at Transclean has been underpaid,” basic manager Nelson Aguila said.

“Transclean meets all the statutory specifications… Transclean has evidenced this with payroll and employment information provided to Metro.”

Mr Haritos and his business AES Solutions were targeted in raids by the Australian Federal Police in 2009 following the Australian Tax Office (ATO) hit Mr Haritos, his company partner Alex Kyritis and their firm AES Services with an unpaid tax bill and related penalties of more than $ 28 million.

Mr Haritos is still fighting the bill in court, but the alleged non payment of tax was linked to revenue that AES produced from its contract to clean trains for MTE/Connex, the previous operator of Melbourne’s trains network.

The ATO alleged that Mr Haritos and his company partner utilized a Westpac enterprise account to create cheques for money, with out declaring the income and therefore avoiding income tax and GST payments.

The business denied the allegation and said the funds deposited in the account have been employed for reputable organizations expenditures.

Court documents also reveal that Metro has previously held critical concerns about Transclean’s efficiency.

In 2012 the organization took action in the Supreme Court to quit Metro from tearing up its multi-million dollar cleaning contract over a series of breaches to the terms of its contract.

Among September 2011 and June 2012, Metro sent three formal warnings to Transclean over its failure to meet its standards.

However, Transclean’s lawyers sought an injunction in the Supreme Court preventing Metro from tearing up the contract.

The case settled out of court and Transclean continued to hold the contract.

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Sniffer dogs nonetheless becoming trained as Tasmania’s busiest biosecurity season starts

Posted December 01, 2015 18:39:43

On the initial day of the busy summer time import and export season, detector dogs are nevertheless being educated to man Tasmania’s airports.

Eight beagles had been put via their paces at the Hobart showground these days. It is hoped five will make the reduce as detector dogs.

Two-million dollars was allocated in the state budget in May possibly for three new dog teams to make certain all flights to Hobart and Launceston have been checked this summer.

One the initial of the season, Primary Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff was hopeful the new recruits would be on the ground quickly.

“We hope and anticipate to have our initial dogs on-line by Christmas this year, but definitely the entire group for the duration of the summer period,” he said.

Mr Rockliff was asked why it had taken practically seven months from the funding announcement to have the dogs educated.

“Nicely, it requires some time to recruit, and of course train the dogs,” he stated.

Right here they are on the first day of summer – the day they committed to have every single flight checked – telling us now that they have not got the dogs educated.

Bryan Green, Opposition Leader

“We have to make certain that the coaching is appropriate.”

Labor leader Bryan Green stated it was also small, as well late.

“Right here they are on the first day of summer – the day they committed to have each and every flight checked – telling us now that they haven’t got the dogs educated,” he said.

The added dogs will boost the quantity of units from six to nine.

The Public Sector Union’s Tom Lynch stated it would be enough.

“Even with an added three put on board, I do not think all flights coming into Tasmania will be inspected this summer time,” he mentioned.

It was revealed final month that fewer than a third of flights arriving in Tasmania amongst July and mid-September had been met by detector dogs.

Mr Rockliff said he was conscious of the issue.

“This is anything that we want to repair – it is been a problem for really some time,” he said.

Biosecurity dispute escalates

The union representing Biosecurity Tasmania workers has been locked in a dispute with the State Government over what it calls excessive amounts of overtime.

An overtime ban was implemented last month, but lifted yesterday.

Mr Lynch stated it would be replaced with other action.

“We’ve put in place a quantity of certain bans about certifying grain exports and recording statistics for finish-of-month invoicing,” he said.

Mr Rockliff said the concern was getting worked via.

“We are functioning by way of some of the industrial action but, look, I’m not interested in the union who have been all about playing politics,” he stated.

The union plans to ramp up action next week.

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