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Bishop accused of distancing himself from information of abuse to ‘protect church’

Posted December 14, 2015 19:06:20

A Catholic bishop has been accused of attempting to protect himself and the church although giving proof at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Kid Sexual Abuse.

Bishop Brian Finnigan was among a group of priests who handled complaints of paedophilia amongst priests in the Ballarat Diocese in the 1980s.

Counsel Assisting the Commission Angus Stewart SC asked the bishop why his evidence in a private hearing earlier this year differed from his evidence in public hearings right now and last Friday.

“The evidence that you have given for the royal commission on Friday and indeed this morning has not been given in such a way that you have sought to help the royal commission and the public to recognize the history of Gerald Ridsdale in the Diocese of Ballarat,” he put to Bishop Finnigan.

Bishop Finnigan replied that his intention was “certainly not to create confusion”.

Bishop Finnigan: “If I have designed confusion due to the fact of my numerous methods of expressing things all I can say is ‘I’m sorry’.”

Angus Stewart SC: “I say to you bishop that in your evidence in this public hearing you have consistently distanced yourself from any expertise of youngster sexual assault by priests of the dioceses to protect your self and to defend the church – is not that right?”

Bishop Finnigan: I wouldn’t agree with that.

Earlier, Mr Stewart read from a transcript of an interview Bishop Finnigan gave in 1993 to the Catholic Church’s insurers, asking the bishop to confirm the truth of his answers.

Each Mr Stewart and the commission chair Justice Peter McLellan expressed aggravation with the bishop’s inability to do so.

Justice McLellan: “You told me the other day that you answered truthfully, did not you?”

Bishop Finnigan: “Yes I did answer truthfully. I wasn’t producing up stories, but at the exact same time I didn’t think about [the church insurance coverage interview] a formal interview beneath oath or something like that.”

Justice McLellan: “You wouldn’t see the obligation to tell the truth to a CCI [Catholic Church Insurance coverage] investigator in the exact same light.”

Bishop Finnigan: “I would envision that I was attempting to tell the truth of what I knew at the time but I’m happy to acknowledge now the really loose statements that I created.”

Priests’ celibacy led to immaturity

In other proof, a Catholic priest said the require to stay celibate led to a level of immaturity inside the priesthood and contributed to the church’s inability to recognise paedophilia within its ranks.

Father John McKinnon acknowledged he failed victims by not questioning why numerous colleagues were moved about the Ballarat Diocese throughout the 1970s and 80s.

I occasionally wonder no matter whether the fact that we are celibate signifies that we miss out on that standard incentive to grow.

Father John McKinnon

Father McKinnon stated he was not conscious of the paedophilia issue until the late 1980s and did not question choices made by Bishop Ronald Mulkearns.

He mentioned a cultural immaturity within the priesthood meant priests advising the bishop were not sensitive to the possibility youngster abuse was the cause some colleagues have been becoming moved.

He believes immaturity stemmed from the truth several priests went straight from college to a secluded life in the seminary, a extremely diverse life to young men their age.

“Most fellows would have had the opportunity to cope with falling in adore and negotiating relationships and some would have grown and had their personal households and so on and once again creating that capacity, that sensitivity to a youngster and that sense of sacredness of the child,” Father McKinnon said.

“I at times wonder whether the fact that we are celibate signifies that we miss out on that standard incentive to grow.

“I consider it would be greater if there had been ladies among the consulters and women in positions of leadership since I think they would be instinctively sensitive to these issues when we weren’t.”

The hearing continues.

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Bishop readies for ‘beginning of the end’ of Paris climate negotiations

Posted December 10, 2015 08:41:31

A trimmed-down draft of a global agreement to limit climate change has been released right after a week and a half of negotiations in Paris.

Audio: Draft climate adjust agreement released but a lot of concerns unresolved (AM)

But there are hundreds of points still getting contested and the huge troubles are far from resolved.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has described it as “the beginning of the end of the negotiations.”

She has narrowed her focus to 3 key troubles but to be resolved — how ambitious it will be, how to balance duty among created and establishing countries and how the deal is financed.

The option of aiming to limit worldwide warming to 1.five degrees Celsius rather than the less ambitious 2C has not been however ruled out.

The option of explicitly aiming to reach “zero net emissions” is nevertheless on the table, but the option on the table is a more ambiguous aim of “low international emissions”.

But the largest battle remaining is how to balance obligations and responsibilities among created and building nations.

Clearly Australia’s view is that all nations require to take action, that there ought to be a level playing field.

Foreign Minster Julie Bishop.

This most current draft still contains the selection of getting diverse accounting systems for emissions for developed and developing countries, which is something Australia wants to see eliminated in these final days.

“That’s a quite hardline position but there are some other bridging choices that have been place forward, and clearly Australia’s view is that all nations require to take action, that there need to be a level playing field and that is what we’ll be looking for,” Ms Bishop said.

Negotiations on these concerns will influence how significantly funds sophisticated nations are ultimately willing to offer building nations.

Up to $ US100 billion ($ 140 billion) has been pledged up to 2020 but the draft is currently silent on what the figure may be beyond that.

Regardless of whether sophisticated economies need to spend loss and damages to other nations also remains unresolved.

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius has warned the clock is ticking.

“Some progress has been made, but there is still a lot of work to be completed,” he said.

“We need to prepare to be functioning all evening and tomorrow, almost certainly continuously.”

The self-imposed deadline for this deal is the finish of the week but there is a universal expectation that talks will have to spill over into the weekend.

“There is nevertheless a lot of function to be carried out,” Ms Bishop said.

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Bronwyn Bishop to recontest next federal election

Posted December 09, 2015 18:34:09

Federal MP Bronwyn Bishop intends to recontest her seat of Mackellar at the subsequent federal election.

The 73-year-old MP resigned as speaker of the Property of Representatives in August amid ongoing pressure following she spent far more than $ 5,000 to charter a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal Celebration fundraiser.

New documents also show that Mrs Bishop spent much more than $ 50,000 on a South American trip in January, a bill around double these of other MPs and senators travelling alongside her.

A spokesman for Mrs Bishop mentioned she would recontest her seat, following a report from Fairfax Media that she told supporters she had been “exonerated” over the “choppergate” incident.

Her spokesman denied that she had sought a ministerial position following the ousting of former prime minister Tony Abbott.

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Bishop caught spending $50,000 on South America trip

Updated December 03, 2015 17:32:02

Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop spent far more than $ 50,000 on a country-hopping South American trip earlier this year.

Mrs Bishop resigned as speaker in August following weeks of pressure over her taxpayer-funded expenditure.

New documents reveal she travelled to Ecuador, Peru and Argentina between January ten-25 this year.

Four other MPs and senators have been portion of a delegation that travelled to Ecuador and Peru for the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum.

Mrs Bishop travelled to Argentina with out other members of the group.

The other four charged taxpayers much less than $ 24,000 every.

The most current expenditure report for MPs and senators showed $ 32,046.28 was spent on airfares and $ 12,625.35 on accommodation and meals, whilst the total expense was $ 52,700.62.

Mrs Bishop’s office has been contacted for comment.

Earlier this year it was revealed she spent a lot more than $ 5,000 chartering a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong in November to attend a Liberal Celebration fundraiser.

The expenditure report, released right now, showed she continued to charter aircraft after the notorious November helicopter trip.

On March six this year, $ four,100 was spent on a return trip to Port Macquarie, where she attended the Hastings Heroine Awards — an occasion recognising regional women leaders.

No direct flights are obtainable among Canberra and Port Macquarie, but the journey can take significantly less than 3 hours flying by way of Sydney.

A six-day trip by Ms Bishop to Vietnam in March and April price taxpayers $ 19,218.99, like almost $ 13,000 on flights.

External Hyperlink: Expenditure claimed January 1 to June 30, 2015

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1st posted December 03, 2015 17:29:32

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Reside: Turnbull back, Bishop questioned more than charter jet


Updated December 02, 2015 07:50:44

Map: Australia

Malcolm Turnbull has arrived house from Paris and Julie Bishop is facing inquiries over her use of a private jet to pick her up from a charity dinner.

Adhere to the day in politics live.

External Hyperlink: Link to ABC politics blog December 2

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1st posted December 02, 2015 07:49:19

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Turnbull a ‘breath of fresh air’: Bishop

Updated November 28, 2015 21:11:07

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has described Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a “breath of fresh air”, although promoting the Coalition’s climate change policy ahead of United Nations talks in Paris next week.

Ms Bishop made the comments in the course of an address to the Liberal Party’s Victorian state conference in Geelong today.

She told the delegates the Prime Minister had brought in a “fresh, dynamic, optimistic confident narrative” since ousting former leader Tony Abbott in September.

“The Australian people are listening and they like what they hear, and Malcolm, he’s been a breath of fresh air across the country,” she mentioned.

“I have visited many electorates considering that the change in leadership and it has been welcomed by a lot of men and women.”

Mr Turnbull was absent from the conference and is attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Malta, exactly where climate alter is high on the agenda.

Ms Bishop will travel to Paris subsequent week to help promote the Government’s strategy to minimize emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

She said the Coalition’s targets have been a lot more viable then Labor’s policy of reducing emissions by 45 per cent more than the very same period.

“A 45 per cent reduction, we know from their modelling, will hit the economy by about 600 billion dollars,” Ms Bishop mentioned.

“It is unbelievable, they will not tell us how they’ll do it, we know it will be a enormous hit to the economy.”

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First posted November 28, 2015 20:57:51

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