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White water rafting business forced to move south as King River dries up

Posted December 12, 2015 14:45:22

White water rafting on the King River Photo: King River Rafting has started operating on the more tame River Derwent because of low water levels on the King River. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

Record low rainfall is forcing a Tasmanian rafting business to shift its operations from the west coast to the south in order to survive.

King River Rafting, run by husband and wife team Paul Steane and Michele Cordwell-Steane, started guided tours along the King River for the first time last summer, taking 200 people in four months.

Rafting on the River DerwentVideo: Rafting on the River Derwent (ABC News)

But the driest October on record has left Hydro Tasmania’s dams at extremely low levels and reduced the once-mighty King River, which relies on the regular release of water, to a whimper.

Ms Cordwell-Steane said the shift was another blow to the struggling West Coast economy which had already been hit hard by the ongoing closure of the Mt Lyell copper mine.

“We probably would have put about $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 into Queenstown and they will certainly miss that,” she said.

“[The rafting] just brings people in so what people mostly do is spend two or three nights’ accommodation in Queenstown and we have groups of up to 16 coming [on the trip], so it will have an impact.”

Paul and Michele Cordwell-Steane Photo: Paul and Michele Cordwell-Steane by the River Derwent as they prepare to take another group rafting. (ABC News: Michael Atkin)

The fledgling business has had to refund more than $ 20,000 in future bookings and there is no work available for some northern staff.

“We have had to refund lots of money so it hasn’t been good, hence our reason for doing the Derwent because we hope we can keep afloat, pardon the pun, until next summer,” she said.

Now they are rafting in the much milder waters of the River Derwent near New Norfolk.

Ms Cordwell-Steane said it was incomparable to the King River.

“It’s very different than on the King, on the Derwent … the rapids are probably level one and two on the King through the Gorge they’re three and four,” she said.

“Yesterday on a Derwent trip we saw a beautiful sea eagle and about five platypus.

“The Derwent is farm land, which is also beautiful but the King you go from the forest to the sea so you go through rainforest, there’s lots of Huon pine and then end up almost at Macquarie Harbour.”

Rafting the King River Photo: While the rapids on the River Derwent are not as wild as those on the King River it’s proximity to Hobart makes it more accessible to tourists. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

The new experience does offer the opportunity to learn rafting and, crucially, is a short drive from Tasmania’s tourism hot spot of Hobart.

It was the perfect holiday fun for engaged couple John Godwin and Rochelle Armstrong.

External Link: Watch: King River Rafting Facebook post

Ms Armstrong said the calmer waters suited her.

“I’ve never really done anything like this before and I’m a bit nervous about the water, so it was very exciting,” she said.

“King River wasn’t really accessible for us because we were already visiting Hobart so we were just looking for something close.”

Mr Goodwin said they get married next week and were under strict instructions to come back unscathed.

“Rochelle is not allowed to go in the water, we’re not allowed to hurt each other,” he said.

“Always hold on to the T bar and the pole otherwise you’ll get a black eye,” Ms Armstrong added.

“The ab workout has been alright, I guess.”

The move south has given new guide 20-year-old James Wynwood the break he was been looking for.

“I’ve been studying for nine months at Tafe and I’ve been waiting for that opportunity to get out there and get into the industry,” he said.

“I’ve fished along the Derwent with my parents and I know a fair bit about it as well so it’s really good for me to be able to take people as a job down the river doing something that I love.”

Ms Cordwell-Steane said she hoped water levels in the King River would recover in time to recommence tours in the summer of 2017 and if the gentler experience along the Derwent River proved popular, King River Rafting might permanently expand its tours to both locations.

Just do not expect it to change its name.

King River Rafting happy to stay afloat Photo: Being forced to explore the River Derwent has opened up a new opportunity and King River Rafting may operate from both locations once the King River is back to usual torrent. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

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Woodside shelves bid for PNG business Oil Search

Posted December 08, 2015 12:51:08

Woodside Energy has withdrawn plans to take more than the Papua New Guinea-focused oil and gas producer Oil Search.

Perth-primarily based oil and gas giant Woodside launched an $ 11.6 billion bid to take more than Oil Search in September.

Oil Search’s board unanimously rejected the proposal, saying it was “very opportunistic” and grossly undervalued the firm.

Woodside had supplied investors 1 Woodside share for each and every 4 Oil Search shares they owned.

In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), Woodside said it had advised the Oil Search board that it had withdrawn its proposal to merge the companies.

“Woodside is not pursuing any option transactions to combine the firms,” the statement mentioned.

Oil Search also posted a statement to the ASX, saying it noted Woodside’s choice.

“As previously advised, the Oil Search board concluded that the indicative Woodside proposal grossly undervalued the business,” the statement mentioned.

“Oil Search remains focused on delivering value for its shareholders, by continuing to produce from its low-price assets and progressing the improvement of its globe-class growth projects.”

Shares in Oil Search slumped 15.43 per cent to $ six.36 at 11:35am (AEST), whilst Woodside shares dipped three.68 per cent to $ 26.97.

Oil Search owns 29 per cent of the PNG LNG Project, operated by energy giants Exxon Mobil and Total.

Soon after the bid was launched, the ABC reported that Woodside’s provide looked “rather low-ball” and that the merger did “not seem to be a deal with a lot of synergies to be exploited”.

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Mining spoils for Indigenous groups allegedly funnelled back to business

Updated December 06, 2015 22:14:51

Coal mine Hunter Valley Photo: There are claims that trust funds intended for Indigenous projects in the Upper Hunter have as an alternative gone back to the mining market. (AAP: Dean Lewins)
Connected Story: State Govt asked to explain lack of consultation more than Register of Aboriginal Owners
Map: Mudgee 2850

A New South Wales Government body is beneath scrutiny amid claims it failed to distribute trust cash to regional Indigenous projects in the Upper Hunter and as an alternative gave it to a mining industry physique.

Key points:

  • Trust set up so that mining companies spend $ 50k for each new improvement
  • Funds to go to Aboriginal groups with connection to Upper Hunter
  • $ 300k provided to ARG, a company endorsed by chief mining lobby group
  • Aboriginal Land Council chief says ARG has little affiliation with Indigenous communities

In 2001, the former Labor government set up the Upper Hunter Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Trust to give back to the Aboriginal communities who have a cultural connection to the region.

Each and every time a mine was given improvement consent, the mining company in query paid $ 50,000 into the fund.

Upper Hunter Native Title claimant Scott Franks said he believed the funds was to be used exclusively to safeguard Indigenous web sites and fund neighborhood projects.

“My understanding was men and women from that region had been capable to make submissions to the trust to get funding for improvement of perform capabilities, projects and a couple of other things,” he mentioned.

However, $ 300,000 was awarded from the trust to the Mudgee-primarily based Aboriginal Resource Group (ARG), which is endorsed by the chief lobby group for the mining market, the Minerals Council.

On its website, the ARG — registered in 2013 — is described as “the broker for sharing commercial opportunities amongst resource firms to create and develop on a partnership of Indigenous participation in employment and help enterprise pursuits that add value”.

ARG founder Cory Robertson stated the funds it was awarded was getting spent on proper programs in the Upper Hunter area.

“Our project has to provide programs to 90 Aboriginal higher college students per year more than two years,” he stated.

“More than the last ten months of our very first year we have delivered our programs to 105 Indigenous higher school students.”

Even so, Wanaruah Neighborhood Aboriginal Land Council chief executive Noel Downs, who is an advisor to the trust, mentioned ARG had tiny affiliation with the Upper Hunter Indigenous communities.

“The firm that’s been granted funds for abilities education is not a local organisation,” he stated.

“We think they’ve visited our land council once, but nothing, no more communication.”

ARG application related to mining industry

Mr Downs stated ARG’s application was quite equivalent to an application which had previously been proposed by the Mineral Council.

In April 2014, the green light was offered for the Minerals Council to be granted $ 300,000 for an Aboriginal employment and enterprise improvement system.

Whilst the application enjoyed some early support, it was withdrawn six months soon after its approval.

Minutes from the Mineral Council’s meeting on October 21 noted: “[The Minerals Council] were concerned about the perception of the trust granting funds back to the mining business.”

“All agreed that the ARG application is very related in its goal and outcomes to the NSW Minerals Council project application,” the minutes study.

Mr Downs said: “Clearly they felt that some thing was incorrect and that it was going to look really genuinely poor for them otherwise they would not have given the money back.”

The Minerals Council later went on to assistance the $ 300,000 going to the Aboriginal Resource Group.

The ABC tried to contact the NSW Preparing Minister, but he was unavailable.

Nonetheless, the Minister’s workplace said the NSW Minerals Council withdrew their funding application so no funding was granted to the organisation.

Funding also awarded to controversial bureaucracy

Greens MP David Shoebridge has been very crucial of the Council’s conduct.

“It is insulting enough to have the destruction of their heritage and culture taking place on a grand scale,” Mr Shoebridge said.

“But then a few crumbs that fall from the table are gathered away by bureaucrats and folks outdoors the neighborhood, it’s disgraceful.”

In 2014, the Workplace of the Registrar of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act was granted $ 298,000 from the trust’s funds to permit it to establish a register of Aboriginal folks from the Upper Hunter.

Mr Downs stated there was an office already set up to do the exact same operate.

“The Federal Government funds Native Title services to do exactly that,” he stated.

NSW Organizing Minister Rob Stokes’ workplace stated Mr Downs was incorrect.

“The Workplace of the Registrar was funded to conduct a research project that would provide Upper Hunter Aboriginal men and women with recognition of their cultural association with the land, by means of registration as an Aboriginal owner beneath the State’s Aboriginal Land Rights Act,” he said.

“Registration as an Aboriginal owner under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act is a separate and distinct approach than occurs beneath Commonwealth Native Title legislation.”

Trust’s processes questioned

Now, the Upper Hunter Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Trust is also becoming questioned about how it makes choices.

Run by a management team and an advisory group, the trust deed states the function of the advisory group is “to offer specialist suggestions on projects submitted to the management team”.

Mr Downs mentioned that had not occurred because 2008.

“Every six to 12 or 18 months I’ll send an email to the arranging department asking when the advisory committee is going to meet,” he stated.

“If I am fortunate they will say ‘I’m not certain however but we’ll get back to you’.”

Registered Native Title claimant Mr Franks applied for funds from the trust, but he was left concerned about exactly where the funds was going.

“My concern is the trust and the way its been managed,” he told the ABC.

“There are no checks and balances in spot.”

The Greens has warned that it will take the matter further if the Government does not investigate.

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First posted December 06, 2015 22:13:16

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Publishers warn business will endure if book import restrictions are lifted

Posted November 30, 2015 18:46:39

Australian publishers say they are disappointed with the Federal Government’s help to lift restrictions on the parallel import of books – but the sector is currently suffering as customers are bypassing nearby publishers and importing titles directly through on the internet shops.

The Federal Government’s help for a lift of restrictions was outlined in its response to the Harper Assessment on competition laws and policy earlier this week.

The change would allow cheaper editions of books to be imported from overseas.

“It’s a disappointing choice, there is no difficulty with the availability of titles. It may possibly have been a problem final Century, it is not a dilemma now,” stated Michael Gordon-Smith, the chief executive of the Australian Publishers Association.

“Far from getting competitive, what this will imply for local book sellers is that they will have fewer neighborhood books to sell for local readers.”

Mr Gordon-Smith stated the parallel imports would only advantage bigger retailers and mass industry books.

The Harper Assessment found that books sold in Australia have been on typical 35 per cent much more expensive than these in the US, and advised restrictions be lifted.

Existing laws safeguard the nearby publishing sector by restricting imports of industrial quantities of books if Australian publishers create the very same titles inside 30 days of their release overseas.

Professor of intellectual house at the Queensland University of Technology, Professor Matthew Rimmer, said the laws are anachronistic, labelling them as “ridiculous”.

“I think the sad issue has been that more than the final hundred years Australian consumers and readers have been ripped off by publishers each in terms of classic books, but also in terms of ebooks,” he stated.

Professor Rimmer stated that a equivalent situation with CDs for the duration of the final decade saw import restrictions lifted to the advantage of buyers.

“I believe it’s about time Australian shoppers and readers got a fair go under the Australian copyright law and there is a bit a lot more competition in terms of pricing,” he stated.

According to study organisation IBISWorld’s most recent report on the book publishing market in Australia, income is anticipated to lower at an annualised .7 per cent over 5 years via to 2019-2020.

“On the assumption that parallel importation restrictions are dropped, I consider it is truly critical that book sellers operate with publishers to ensure that the supply chain is as excellent as it can be too, simply because booksellers would like to continue to acquire books from publishers locally,” mentioned Joel Becker, the chief executive of the Australian Booksellers Association.

The struggling sector is due in portion to shoppers buying from online bookstores based overseas, like Amazon and the U.K. primarily based Book Depository.

According to comparisons undertaken by ABC News, some titles sold on these sites are cheaper to acquire on-line and ship to Australia than to get from a regional bookstore.

“On the internet competition has severely impacted the business,” the IBISWorld report states.

“Such operators provide foreign-published books to Australian shoppers, which efficiently bypasses the parallel importing restrictions (PIR).”

Protecting copyright of regional authors a ‘concern’

The co-owner of independent bookstore Gleebooks, David Gaunt, said another problem with lifting restrictions is how to defend the copyright of nearby authors.

“If the book does not succeed overseas then there is often been the possibility that the book could reappear here as a ‘remainder’,” Mr Gaunt stated.

He said over half of the books stocked at the shop are by Australian authors.

‘Remaindered’ books are remaining copies of books that do not sell and are liquidated by publishers at a cheap price tag.

Mr Gaunt stated there is no royalty payments produced against remaindered books.

“Because there’d be no restriction on what they can import to bring the remainder copies back here, that undoubtedly impacts on an author’s copy proper,” Mr Gaunt mentioned.

According to the IBISWorld report, if the PIR had been lifted, there would be a “decreased require for Australian publishers”.

“The bigger, international publishing businesses would be in a position to centralise their English-language publication in a larger market…books could then be imported, rather than being published in Australia, which would decrease the need for local publishers,” the report states.

Mr Gaunt mentioned even if restrictions were abolished, he doubted significantly would adjust.

“It will not adjust my purchasing practises as a book seller unless book publishers fail to provide the service that they can do and that they have been performing,” he mentioned.

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Satellite NBN will stunt future growth for west coast, business group says

By Lauren Waldhuter

Posted November 26, 2015 08:40:21

Businesses on Tasmania’s west coast are joining forces to demand the area continue to be portion of the fibre rollout for the National Broadband Network.

The local council, company and community groups vowed to mobilise the community and sector leaders to lobby the Federal Government to overturn a choice to service the region with the NBN satellite service.

Although most of Tasmania is scheduled to obtain fibre to the node, the west coast will now be serviced by the new NBN Sky Muster satellite service.

The Queenstown Company Group founder Adam Mostogl mentioned the group was distributing a petition to go to Federal Parliament, to highlight concerns about how a satellite service may possibly stunt financial growth.

Being an isolated region we need to tap into services that are presented in other places.

Adam Mostogl, Queenstown Business Group

“It won’t meet the demands and the demands of the future,” he stated.

“We want to diversify our area, we want to create new opportunities and we comprehend technologies is core portion of that.

“We do not see that the satellite connection is really going to deliver on the factors that we need.

“Getting an isolated region we require to tap into solutions that are supplied in other areas.”

The west coast area has been trying to rebuild its economy right after the Mount Lyell copper mine was mothballed final year.

NBNCo mentioned the quickest way to connect the west coast to the web was by means of satellite.

It said using a fibre connection would take years to connect and the satellite service would be three times more quickly than current ADSL solutions.

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Turnbull to business: ‘We need to work together’

Posted November 25, 2015 23:20:53

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reached out to the organization community, stressing the importance of Government and business “functioning together”.

“You are the important to driving the innovative enterprises that will provide development and jobs into the future,” he told the Australian Chamber Company Leaders’ annual dinner in Canberra.

“You embody the quite very best of the Australian spirit.

“That entrepreneurial ethos, that enterprise ethos which has been accountable for so considerably of our economic prosperity and which will drive so significantly of it into the future.

“To secure that future we need to have to function together.”

Mr Turnbull thanked these present for their input in the Coalition’s policy improvement procedure.

The speech was warmly received by the audience, with Chamber of Commerce and Sector chief executive Kate Carnell saying, “business is up for the challenge”.

The chamber’s incoming president Terry Wetherell gave the new Prime Minister a glowing report card on his 1st months in office.

“Because you assumed leadership in September the enterprise community has been impressed by many of the changes you have brought about,” Mr Wetherell mentioned.

“When you announced your ministry we were excited to see ministers dedicated to the portfolios of innovation, cities, tourism and international education and an assistant minister for productivity.

“We have been encouraged by your willingness to foster debate on a variety of policy matters… robust public debate is how we separate good tips from inferior ones, such public debate calls for a cultural shift that enables tips, even contentious ones to stay genuine subjects of debate rather than being shunted to the side out of political expediency.

“We are also willing to make the case for modify to the public so that excellent policy and great priorities stay in alignment.”

Reception to Turnbull very distinct to Abbott a year ago

Mr Turnbull’s speech and its reception was markedly distinct to the one former prime minister Tony Abbott gave to the identical audience in November 2014.

In it Mr Abbott urged the enterprise community to aid sell his tough spending budget measures.

“You matter and your voice must be heard,” he stated.

“On these massive problems, your alternatives and your statements count.”

It was interpreted by some as an accusation that company had not done adequate to sell the spending budget.

At the time Ms Carnell was quoted by the Economic Review as saying, “enterprise supports policies which are very good for economic prosperity, excellent for jobs and growth”.

“There are policies such as paid parental leave which we won’t support,” she was quoted as saying.

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Cab medallion owners sue NYC, blame Uber for ruining business

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(credit: Dirk Knight)

Owners of New York City’s taxi “medallions” filed a lawsuit (PDF) against city regulators today, saying their organization has been devastated by the choice to allow companies like Uber to compete using “E-hail” solutions.

A medallion is needed to operate a New York City yellow taxicab, the only type of automobile permitted to accept passengers who hail cabs on the street. Till lately, these medallions could sell for over $ 1 million. Organizations like White &amp Blue Group, 1 of the plaintiffs in the case, managed fleets of licensed taxicabs by leasing out the medallions.

According to the suit, White &amp Blue Group, which manages the biggest fleet of leased taxicabs in New York, “has observed its monthly leasing earnings drop as considerably as 50% in the previous year,” and has been forced to idle as considerably as 20 percent of its fleet every single day. The complaint was filed nowadays and reported earlier by Reuters.

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