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Jailed Egyptian photojournalist’s case adjourned until 2016

Posted December 14, 2015 19:40:52

Mahmoud 'Shawkan' Abu Zeid was arrested while photographing demonstrations after the fall of president Mohammed Morsi in August 2013. Photo: Mahmoud ‘Shawkan’ Abu Zeid was arrested although photographing demonstrations soon after the fall of president Mohammed Morsi in August 2013. (Supplied)
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The case of photojournalist Mahmoud ‘Shawkan’ Abu Zeid has been adjourned until February six and his loved ones say they are seriously concerned about his physical and mental well being.

The delay comes amid new allegations of torture and abuse by Egypt’s security forces.

The 27-year-old was arrested whilst photographing demonstrations after the fall of president Mohammed Morsi in August 2013 and he has been held in a Cairo jail for over 850 days.

In September he was indicted for a range of offences and on the weekend he was due to face a Cairo court for the initial session of his trial.

Australian journalist Peter Greste has named for his immediate release.

Mohammed says he and his family do not know what to do. Photo: Mohammed says he and his family do not know what to do. (ABC News, file photo)

When the young photographer’s brother, Mohammed Abu Zeid, first spoke to ABC in August, Shawkan Abu Zeid had spent over 700 days in jail without charge.

“We submitted appeals, no-a single listens or looks at the case,” Mohammed Abu Zeid stated.

“Each and every 45 days they renew his arrest.”

He stated his brother’s cell was three to four metres long and there was no health-related care for the prisoners.

“You wouldn’t even leave your dog in it. He was tortured.”

‘I can see the illness in his face’

Shawkan had already served lengthy past Egypt’s two-year cap on pre-trial detention, generating his continued imprisonment illegal.

But in September, Shawkan was all of a sudden indicted — charged with murder, attempted murder, protesting and belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood group.

His brother Mohammed was at the court on Saturday for the 1st day of the trial and said he and his household do not know what to do.

“So we are really sad,” he said.

There’s no suggestion whatsoever that he was carrying out something untoward.

Peter Greste, Australian journalist.

Shawkan is accused alongside 700 other people who were allegedly in Rabba Square the day safety forces violently broke up a Muslim Brotherhood protest.

Now the judge has stated that he will not start off the trial until all 700 accused are in attendance in the court, and inside the cage Egyptian prisoners are forced to sit in.

Mohammed Zeid stated that the cage was not huge adequate to fit the defendants.

He mentioned he was also concerned about his brother’s physical and mental health.

“I can see the illness in his face,” he said.

Shawkan in Petra Photo: Shawkan’s brother says he is concerned about his brother’s physical and mental wellbeing as he endures months in prison. (Supplied)

“He has become so skinny since he is suffering from hepatitis C.

“He’s finished, extremely tired.”

Mr Greste, who spent 13 months in jail in Egypt, mentioned Shawkan’s case is very similar to his and that there was no evidence to show that Shawkan was doing anything other than his job as a journalist.

“He’s a respected photojournalist,” Mr Greste said.

“He’s worked for some very respectable news organizations, there is no suggestion whatsoever that he was carrying out something untoward.

“All the proof appears to be that he was picked up merely because he happened to be covering an event and he was caught up in a police sweep of the location.”

Mr Greste has called on Egyptian authorities to right away release Shawkan, saying he has been held for too long without any due approach.

“Now Egypt has continually insisted that it is a nation that respects freedom of speech, it respects the freedom of press and that is enshrined in its constitution,” he mentioned.

“If it wants to be taken seriously in that regard then it requirements to be seen to be guarding the rights of journalists like Shakwan, and not holding him in detention, they need to have to release him as quickly as feasible.”

Amnesty International says 14-year-old tortured in prison

Mohamed El Messiry, Amnesty International’s major researcher on Egypt, mentioned they are also calling on the Egyptian government to quickly release 14-year-old boy, Mazen Mohamed Abdallah.

Mazen Mohamed Abdallah was picked up by Egypt’s national safety forces and imprisoned for allegedly protesting with no authorisation on September 30.

The boy’s lawyers mentioned he has been tortured by the police.

“He was tortured, which includes by electrocuting him on his genitals,” they said.

Photographer Mahmoud Abu Zeid Photo: Mahmoud Abou Zeid was imprisoned with two other journalists who have now been released. (Supplied)

“These are horrific and barbaric actions by the national security and we are calling for the instant [release] of the child and also to bring those accountable for torturing the kid to justice.”

On Saturday, in a rare penalty against members of the safety forces, two Egyptian policemen were sentenced to five years in jail each and every following they had been discovered guilty of torturing a lawyer to death in a police station in February this year.

But Mr El Messiry stated the sentence ought to have been amongst 5 and 15 years in detention.

“Nonetheless, the court often use the minimum sentence when they try and sentence police officers.”

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Case against murder accused ‘a college of red herrings’

Posted December 08, 2015 22:03:47

The case against a man accused of murdering punk rock fan Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber is “a school of red herrings” and “stinking kippers by the dozen”, his lawyer has told a court.

Christopher Navin, 29, has admitted stabbing Mr Sofer-Schreiber to death, but has pleaded not guilty to murder by explanation of mental impairment in the ACT Supreme Court.

Significantly of the trial, which has run for 3 weeks so far, has been devoted to evidence about Navin’s mental well being and regardless of whether he was suffering psychosis at the time of the killing.

The crown outlined a case suggesting Navin was motivated by animosity, soon after he blamed the victim for isolating him from close friends in the punk rock scene.

The pair had fallen out when they shared a home, with the victim taking legal action against Navin, partly more than damage to Mr Sofer-Schreiber’s garage.

The case was resolved and pals mentioned Navin laughed it off.

Prosecutors also detailed forensic evidence about blood patterns, suggesting the victim was not first stabbed at the front door, where Navin said the attack started, but at his dining table.

The court heard Navin attempted to cover up the crime by burning the knives and other evidence, and that he lied to the police.

Another essential piece of evidence was repeated phone calls and text messages Navin produced to the victim shortly just before the killing, to which Mr Sofer-Schreiber did not responded, in spite of the pair agreeing to meet up for lunch.

Prosecutor Margaret Jones told the jury many of Navin’s actions afterward suggested he knew what he did was incorrect.

“He goes to the funeral, and you may discover that was to give a veneer of innocence,” she mentioned.

It was clear proof of someone getting dictated to by psychosis.

Stuart Littlemore

She also told the court he gave varying accounts to the psychiatrists.

Navin’s personal account recommended the decision to kill the victim solidified when he left his parents on Boxing Day.

For months he stated he had it in his thoughts that the voices in his head have been in league with Mr Sofer-Schreiber and he must make friends with him, as he feared he was a threat to his family.

By the time of the killing, he believed the victim was organizing to hire a hit man to kill members of his family members.

Navin said he saw warning indicators, including when he went to feed a friend’s cats and saw a book with the words “on the loose”.

He said he took that to mean there was a hit man on the loose.

Then at his parents’ residence, he saw a piece of wire in the shape of a noose on a bench and saw his mother move a necklace in a manner that produced him consider she was in quick danger.

Landmarks for psychosis did not modify: Littlemore

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber Photo: Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber was found stabbed to death in his Canberra apartment on December 29, 2013. (Supplied: ACT Policing)

The prosecution pointed to differences in the narrative told to many psychiatrists who treated and interviewed Navin, some a lot more than a year later, as evidence he was not telling the truth.

But defence barrister Stuart Littlemore described it as “a case theory that is irresponsible and mindlessly prejudiced”.

He stated it would be unusual if the stories were precisely the exact same.

“But the landmarks along the road for the psychosis did not modify,” he said.

Mr Littlemore said it simply was not accurate that Navin was socially isolated, and said he had contact with buddies and family.

He stated his actions could be explained in the context of his mental illness.

“It was clear proof of an individual being dictated to by psychosis,” he stated.

Mr Littlemore told the jury there was 1 situation to make a decision: “The only genuine query is how psychotic he was on Boxing Day two years ago, when he knocked on the door of the Lyneham property.”

The case is continuing.

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Cameron makes case for Britain to join Syria air strikes

Posted November 27, 2015 00:45:06

British prime minister David Cameron has argued his case for the UK to join air strikes in Syria ahead of a vote expected at a later date, with signs of opposition weakening following the Paris attacks.

“If we won’t act now, when our buddy and ally France has been struck in this way, then our friends and allies can be forgiven for asking: If not now, when?” Mr Cameron asked parliament.

Mr Cameron argued there was a legal basis for intervention for self-defence due to the fact of the threat posed by Islamic State jihadists at residence, and mentioned Britain must not “sub-contract” its safety to allies.

“We have to deny a secure haven for ISIL in Syria. The longer ISIL is allowed to grow in Syria, the higher the threat it will pose,” he stated in a written statement on the concern, employing yet another acronym for IS.

Mr Cameron called for “patience and persistence” and outlined a seven-point method for Syria, like diplomatic and humanitarian efforts and preparing for what will happen if president Bashar al-Assad falls.

Mr Cameron is expected to call a vote in parliament on the concern just before recess starts on December 17.

This would come two years right after a preceding vote for military action in Syria failed soon after the primary opposition Labour Celebration voted against.

Mr Cameron has stepped up stress on MPs to vote for strikes following IS claimed responsibility for the November 13 attacks in Paris, which killed 130 people.

“The events in Paris have clearly changed items,” Malcolm Chalmers, investigation director at the Royal United Solutions Institute (RUSI), told AFP.

“I think the mood in parliament has changed,” he stated, predicting that the vote will pass given that “a considerable quantity of MPs” had changed their minds.

“There’s scepticism on each sides of the Homes but I consider opinions are starting to modify,” he said.

But Mr Chalmers also said there was still a “shadow” from Britain’s participation in the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the NATO bombing campaign in Libya in 2011 which helped topple dictator Moamar Gaddafi but was followed by bitter civil war.

Joining Syrian air strikes could pose a danger to Britain

Critics have argued that joining the campaign could enhance the threat of Britain becoming a target.

“As long as we intervene in the Middle East, we must expect atrocities in return. Bombing will not cease them,” columnist Simon Jenkins wrote in the Evening Common this week.

But Mr Cameron on Thursday argued that Britain was already a target, pointing to the killings of 30 British vacationers by an IS gunman in a Tunisian resort in June in which a total of 38 folks had been killed.

He also stated that Britain was currently assisting in the air campaign on Syria with surveillance.

Whilst British forces are taking part in air strikes on IS targets in Iraq, they are not involved in the US-led coalition targeting Syria due to resistance from opposition parties nonetheless mindful of earlier unpopular interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Labour’s anti-war leader Jeremy Corbyn is against any military action but Mr Cameron appears increasingly confident he can get enough support from Labour MPs to pass the vote, specifically after last week’s UN Safety Council resolution authorising nations to “take all essential measures” against IS.

A Instances/YouGov opinion poll final week discovered that 58 per cent of men and women would approve of Britain joining air strikes in Syria, compared to 22 per cent against.

Reports suggest the government could contact a vote on the problem subsequent week.

On Monday, Mr Cameron stated the vote could come “in the coming days and weeks”.


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Kamitsis has ‘no case to answer’ on stealing charges, court told

Posted November 26, 2015 13:25:14

Darwin travel agent Alexandra ‘Xana’ Kamitsis has “no case to answer” in relation to 17 stealing charges, a judge has told a Northern Territory court.

Kamitsis, through her travel agency business Latitude Travel, had been accused of rorting a NT Overall health Division pensioner travel concession scheme, which provides travel discounts to pensioners.

The case is continuing, with Kamitsis still to face 20 fraud charges.

More to come.

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