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Documents show bureaucrats warned about child protection shortfalls, Greens claim

Posted December 10, 2015 06:25:24

The Tasmanian Greens and the Opposition claim documents show senior bureaucrats were repeatedly warned about higher workload and tension levels in child protection.

The Overall health and Human Solutions department documents released below Right to Info reveal child protection workers issues were noted by the department’s executive leadership group in the months before it was discovered 151 child protection notifications had been ignored in the state’s north-west.

Greens leader Cassy O’Connor said the documents revealed kid protection staff were expressing alarm to senior management about staffing on the north-west coast.

“It’s apparent that north-west youngster protection services repeatedly asked for help and resources in the lead up to the 151 notifications that fell off somebody’s desk,” she said.

“In spite of the minister’s assurance to Parliament that resourcing was not the problem, it clearly was.”

Ms O’Connor stated the minister, Jacqui Petrusma, told parliament in mid-August that frontline protection employees had been quarantined from spending budget savings.

“This is practically meaningless,” she mentioned.

“While frontline workers may have been quarantined, the division they function for was hit by price range cuts and restrictions on employing staff.”

Documents indicate high pressure levels

Minutes of the department’s executive leadership group meetings obtained by the Greens show members were repeatedly warned about understaffing of child protection.

“There is concern about the lack of employees at the out-of-house care,” one document states.

On June 12, 2014 the redacted minutes show “[redacted] is really concerned about the higher anxiety level in the response team”.

At another meeting “all team leaders agree they are experiencing heavy perform loads”.

Minutes from July this year show an increase in the use of the Department’s Safety Reporting and Finding out Program, a tool for reporting patient and employee security concerns, due to tension from higher perform loads.

In the end, this areas kids vulnerable to abuse and neglect at an elevated danger of harm

Tasmanian Greens leader, Cassy O’Connor

Issues had been also raised about inadequate integration of new staff because of high workloads, even though there have been 21 vacancies in youngster protection.

Ms O’Connor said the filling of these positions was extremely slow, saving the agency a considerable sum in unpaid salaries.

“It is alarming that positions in our youngster protection technique are sitting vacant, lengthy past their internal crucial dates and regardless of repeated requests to have them filled,” she mentioned.

“Ultimately, this places children vulnerable to abuse and neglect at an improved risk of harm.”

But Ms Petrusma mentioned the truth that there were vacancies in kid protection positions demonstrated that the issue lay with the program and not resourcing.

“Our commitment to complete occupancy of every position in Kid Protection Solutions has not changed,” she mentioned.

“Consecutive recruitment processes have been occurring for more than 12 months now and are continuing.”

Ms Petrusma said she knew youngster protection workers have been facing hard situations and stated that was why the Government was redesigning the system.

Labor claims growing issues about children’s security

Labor’s Rebecca White stated the documents revealed a frontline hiring freeze in vital child protection roles, and a developing concern that children’s lives were in danger.

“The internal documents contained startling revelations that kid protection worker positions had not been filled for months, a freeze was in truth placed on positions, and memos to the most senior bureaucrats warned that a lack of workers in the specialist field had led to a circumstance which could have a considerable impact on children’s lives,” she stated.

“Mrs Petrusma has stated all along that the kid protection technique was not subject to spending budget cuts, but these documents released right now show that crucial positions have remained vacant for months since they are subject to vacancy manage.”

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Child penguin identified washed up in Perth ‘likely died of starvation’

Posted December 06, 2015 13:13:46

A juvenile penguin identified dead in Perth’s Cockburn Sound almost certainly died from starvation, according to the WA Division of Parks and Wildlife.

A member of the public discovered the dead penguin at Naval Base’s Challenger Beach on Friday and reported it to authorities.

Thousands of dead fish have washed up in the area in current weeks but authorities have however to establish what triggered the deaths.

DPAW officers took the penguin to Perth Zoo exactly where employees performed an autopsy.

Senior wildlife officer Rick Dawson stated preliminary benefits indicated the penguin’s death was a all-natural occurrence.

“It is probably a normal event, a single of the young [penguins] that is fledged from the Penguin Island area or Garden Island and hasn’t been in a position to make it, and as a outcome starved,” he stated.

“However it really is been dead for a fair couple of days so even though it looked in tact on the outdoors, it was really very decaying inside.”

“The chances of us getting meaningful benefits from the inside of the penguin, as a result of what it may possibly have eaten, are really remote.”

Photos of the penguin have been shared widely on social media.

The penguin weighed 550 grams, which is about half the typical weight of one particular kilo for a bird of its age.

Mr Dawson mentioned it was widespread for juvenile penguins and other wildlife such as pelicans not to survive their first year.

“Those that have the capabilities to be in a position to hunt and survive in the wild do and these that never unfortunately perish,” he stated.

Mr Dawson stated no adults penguins had washed up dead in the region.

The Department of Fisheries is continuing to investigate what triggered the fish kill but said tests to date pointed to an, as yet, unknown natural occasion.

The public is nevertheless being encouraged to report anything uncommon to authorities.

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After Dropbox finds a child porn collector, a chess club stops his knife attack

(credit: Aurich Lawson)

Dustin Brown wanted a safe grip on the two knives he had chosen to slaughter the kids.

Before leaving his Morton, Illinois, property on the afternoon of October 13, the 19-year-old wrapped every knife’s handle meticulously with duct tape. He then pulled on a pair of grippy gloves. The one particular-mile journey to the public library gave Brown one final chance to rehearse the program he had contemplated for the final two weeks. 5-inch blades jingled collectively in his backpack all the while.

Hanging over every little thing, kid pornography charges threatened to ruin Brown’s life. In spite of some rudimentary precautions, his on the web cache of videos had been unearthed by investigators earlier in the year. Searched, arrested, and at some point expelled from Morton Higher School, Brown felt he had nothing left to reside for. In this lowest of moments, he wanted only to destroy the lives of others before turning his duct-taped knives on himself.

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San Jose teen cited for child porn after posting classmates’ nudes on Instagram

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The San Jose Mercury News in California reported that a 17-year-old student has been criminally cited for distributing kid porn by indicates of an Instagram account that has pondering about that been shut down.

The teen was a student at San Jose’s Lincoln Greater College, and according to police he managed an Instagram account titled “SJUSD BOPS.” The student allegedly posted 58 nude photographs, some of which integrated photographs of fellow Lincoln Bigger College students. According to police, the teen “solicited nude photographs of underage females,” offering some of the images derogatory captions.

According to a student speaking to NBC Bay Region, the Instagram incorporated nude photographs of each and every boys and girls, as appropriately as photos stolen from Facebook which had been supplied “hateful captions.” A screen shot viewed by the Mercury News showed that the Instagram account had 1,198 followers just prior to it was shut down on Monday.

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