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French teacher attacked with box cutter by man claiming Islamic State hyperlink

Posted December 14, 2015 21:52:05

Paris nursery school Photo: A police officer in front of the Jean-Perrin nursery school in Aubervilliers, exactly where the teacher was attacked. (AFP: Jacques Demarthon)

A teacher has been attacked in a Paris suburb by a man wielding a box cutter and scissors who cited the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group, sources in the police and prosecutor’s workplace say.

The teacher was stabbed in the side and throat whilst preparing for his class at a school in Aubervilliers, north-east of Paris, but his life was not in danger, the police supply stated.

The attacker was dressed in painter’s overalls and a balaclava and arrived with no a weapon, but grabbed what appeared to be a box cutter that was lying in the classroom.

Neighborhood prosecutors mentioned the man shouted: “this is Daesh. This is a warning”. Daesh is one more name for IS.

The brief exchange was reported by a witness functioning inside the school.

The attacker fled following stabbing the teacher and the probe has been taken over by anti-terrorist investigators.

The Islamic State’s French-language magazine Dar-al-Islam called in its November edition for its followers to kill teachers in the French education program, describing them as “enemies of Allah” for teaching secularism and “in open war against the Muslim loved ones”.

The attack comes as Paris is on high alert soon after a wave of shootings and suicide bombings at Paris nightspots on November 13 that killed 130 folks and left 350 injured.

Safety has also been boosted at schools.


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How significantly is your nearby MP claiming on costs?

Updated December 03, 2015 19:02:55

Federal politicians claimed virtually $ 48 million in expenditures more than the very first six months of 2015, new documents have revealed.

The most current expenditure report for MPs and senators discovered that Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce had the highest total, registering $ 1,073,991.45 in expenditures for the duration of the period, followed by Justice Minister Michael Keenan and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

Mr Joyce also claimed the biggest quantity on workplace match outs, totalling much more than $ 670,000.

How much did your local MP spend?

Explore how significantly your regional politician spent from January 1 to July 30 with our interactive chart, ordered from the politician with the most expenditures claimed to the least.

Some past politicians will also appear, having lodged prior expenditures with the Department of Finance in the course of the six-month period.

External Link: Expenditure claimed January 1 to June 30, 2015

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1st posted December 03, 2015 18:59:35

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