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Banned A-League fan seeking forward to clearing his name

Posted December ten, 2015 16:16:37

A banned Western Sydney Wanderers fan is seeking forward to the chance of clearing his name right after the FFA amended its policy on banned A-League fans and supporter groups in turn suspended boycotts.

Fan groups from all 10 A-League clubs announced in a joint statement on Thursday that they would temporarily suspend boycotts in response to the FFA making arrangements that would help fans attractive their bans.

The FFA agreed to issue fans an “intention to ban” notice rather than a ban notice and would enable them to see the FFA’s proof.

Fans had been protesting ever since News Corp named and shamed 198 banned fans from a leaked list final month.

A diehard Western Sydney Wanderers named Lachlan mentioned he was banned in 2013 but was not amongst those named on the list of 198 names and recommended the complete list of blacklisted fans would be nicely above 200.

Lachlan, an active member of the Red and Black Bloc Wanderers supporters’ group, stated he was evicted in the course of a match against rivals Sydney FC and a ban followed.

“1 of our chants had a swear word in it, and as I was going by means of that portion of the chant I looked at a police officer and I was hunting at him in the face when I swore, and so clearly it wasn’t the best language,” Lachlan told the ABC’s The Globe Today.

Each and every part of me just wants to see this evidence that they’ve got against me, specially about lighting a flare that in no way happened.

Red and Black Bloc member Lachlan

“I was removed from the game for that and then two days later I was offered a banning notice from two FFA officials.”

Lachlan said he was never permitted to see the proof that the FFA had used to ban him from stadiums. He later heard he had been accused of throwing a flare – something he denies.

“Every single element of me just desires to see this proof that they’ve got against me, particularly about lighting a flare that never occurred,” he said.

“The swearing I can realize. It didn’t look also great but I nevertheless don’t consider it really is worthy of a ban, that’s for certain.”

In a four-hour meeting with supporters’ groups on Wednesday evening, the FFA agreed to make all proof obtainable to fans and to an independent appeals approach.

If the FFA fails to meet its commitment by February 19 next year, the fan groups have vowed to take additional action.

Fans demand clear and transparent procedure

Wanderers fans hold a banner before walking out in protest over the names of banned spectators being published in a newspaper. Photo: The Red and Black Bloc and their fellow active supporter groups made no secret of their displeasure at the FFA’s handling of fan bans. (AAP: Dan Himbrechts)

“All we really wanted was a clear transparent process so that we could see the proof against fans and for an independent appeals approach,” James Price tag from Brisbane Roar supporters’ group, The Den, mentioned.

“So you know, there was tense moments but then in the end I consider every person got to the position where they were comfortable with.”

Grant Muir, a spokesman for Sydney FC active supporter group The Cove, stated the FFA should do more than make promises.

“Sadly the FFA has a history of duplicity with us over these troubles,” he mentioned.

“They’ve knowingly lied to us about our rights, they’ve knowingly lied to us about their obligations, they’ve knowingly lied to us about the existence or non-existence of an appeals method and, as we pointed out to them last night, the level of trust that exists among fans and FFA is below zero.”

Muir said fan groups would not hesitate to take action in February if the FFA does not comply with through.

Wanderers fan Lachlan concedes there are folks who deserve to be banned from games for life.

“We have folks that go there on the sole goal to go and start off fights and cause problems and bring the A-League into disrepute,” he stated.

“It really is for us normal fans that just want to go there and assistance our team since it’s the sport we follow, like not every person in Australia is rugby league or AFL-oriented.

“I feel it is unfair that we are obtaining tarred with like, you know, the true dirty brush.”

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Darwin developer escapes prosecution over contentious land clearing

By Avani Dias

Posted December 04, 2015 17:22:44

Clearing of land at Boulter Road, Darwin Photo: The cleared block on Boulter Road, in Darwin’s northern suburbs. (Supplied: Environment Centre NT)
Connected Story: Calls for prosecution soon after vegetation cleared
Map: Berrimah 0828

A developer who cleared a block of land in Darwin’s north, which at the time was alleged to be a “clear breach” of arranging procedure, will not be prosecuted.

In February, Darwin businessman Nick Bjelica lodged an application to have the block on Boulter Road in Berrimah rezoned from Community Purposes to Numerous Residential Dwelling.

Two months later, four of the seven hectares of native vegetation on the block of land had been cleared, sparking a furious reaction from neighborhood groups.

Then lands and arranging minister Peter Chandler alleged the act was a “clear breach” of government procedure.

Important points:

  • Darwin businessman Nick Bjelica lodges application to have block rezoned
  • Block cleared of vegetation in April, 2014 sparking outcry
  • Then arranging minister alleges clearing was a “clear breach” of preparing process
  • Existing Minister announces there will not be a prosecution

“I cannot ask the public to have faith in the Government’s organizing processes if they’re not enforced when there has been a clear breach,” Mr Chandler told News Corp.

“We want to see sustainable improvement, that is why we’re looking at this area’s flood and drainage issues to see what improvement is suitable … this guy has just jumped the gun.”

But the Government will not be proceeding with a prosecution.

“The Development Consent Authority (DCA) has concluded its investigation into the matter and has advised that it will not be proceeding with prosecution,” a spokeswoman for current Planning Minister Dave Tollner stated today.

She mentioned that “regrettably, even with the assistance of the NT Police, the DCA was unable to prepare a viable case against the primary parties responsible” for what she alleged was “the illegal clearing” of the block.

“The current enforcement action has brought to light a quantity of shortcomings in the investigatory provisions (of the Preparing Act),” Mr Tollner’s spokesperson said.

“For this cause the Minister has directed the Department of Lands, Preparing and the Atmosphere to undertake a overview of the present provisions of the act with a view to escalating the department’s investigatory and enforcement powers.”

Mr Tollner’s spokeswoman mentioned that would be carried out to cease alleged “equivalent illegal clearing activities” from happening “in the future”.

Each the DCA, which is headed by former Nation Liberals chief minister Denis Burke, and Mr Tollner “take the situation of illegal clearing of land really seriously”, the spokesperson stated.

“As a result advice was sought from the solicitor for the Northern Territory on whether there have been any extra avenues to pursue the matter in light of the proof.”

Mr Tollner’s office stated the evaluation would assist “increase Government’s capability to effectively undertake comparable prosecution actions in the future”.

There was, Mr Tollner stated, “no connection amongst the land clearing and the application to rezone the land”.

MD zoning allows for development two storeys above ground level.

Environmental group outraged

The Speedy Creek Landcare Group stated it was dismayed by the selection and claimed there was adequate proof to prosecute the organization that did the clearing function.

“We had been shocked… there is clear evidence that the organization did carry out the clearing,” the group’s secretary Lesley Alford stated.

Landcare's Lesley Alford Photo: Landcare’s Lesley Alford is disappointed at events considering that this block was cleared of native vegetation.

That contractor, Litchfield Green Waste Recyclers, confirmed they did clear the block, but did so below instruction from one more organization, Halikos, which said it was neither the owner nor the developer of the block.

Ms Alford mentioned the Government and DCA’s choice not to prosecute showed a weakness in legislation.

She asked how could the neighborhood have faith in the arranging process if it was not going to be implemented when what she described as “a clear breach” occurred.

“The wetland that’s on this block is part of the Marrara wetlands which type the upper Fast Creek catchment,” Ms Alford stated.

“It’s a actually critical element of the Rapid Creek program, for the ecology of the program and for the hydrology of Speedy Creek.

“But there’s also the principle of the Government enforcing its own arranging act and its personal organizing scheme.”

Bjelica: ‘I wasn’t aware the land was getting cleared’

Mr Bjelica told the ABC he was not conscious that the land was being cleared.

“I was away in Katherine doing organization at the time,” he mentioned.

“I don’t go there very typically I was told by a person else that the land had been cleared.”

Shortfalls in organizing scheme identified in September

A committee formed to supply tips to Government on flood mitigation in the higher Darwin area discovered “preparing decisions requiring stormwater assessment are fragmented and responsibilities are ambiguous”.

The committee, which delivered its report to Government in September, advised the “definition of flooding within the NT Preparing Scheme is amended to incorporate stormwater flooding to the effect that the owner or occupier of land maintains the pre-improvement peak flow prices within a catchment”.

It identified there was “no underlying legislation that bargains directly with stormwater management”.

“There is no overarching understanding at the organizing level of the principles and objectives of stormwater management to be followed in the Northern Territory,” the committee mentioned.

In October, Mr Tollner announced the Government would be “implementing the measures” from the committee’s suggestions.

Public feedback on the improvement application at Boulter Road is open till December 18, 2015 and can be accessed on the Department of Lands and Arranging web site.

External Link: The block, situated at the corner of Boulter Road and Amy Johnson Drive, Berrimah, NT.

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