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States can take lead more than climate alter action: Weatherill

Posted December 05, 2015 09:18:34

States and regions have the capacity to tackle climate adjust even if national governments discover it hard to attain agreements, South Australia’s Premier Jay Weatherill has mentioned.

Mr Weatherill and other provincial leaders met UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in Paris on Friday as talks continued in the French capital on a worldwide climate deal.

He stated sub-national governments had been a major force in tackling climate change.

“Territory and regional governments are investing in their transport systems, their energy systems, and their waste systems,” Mr Weatherill stated.

“It falls to state and regional governments and cities to take these methods because there’s been so much paralysis at an international level in action on global warming.”

South Australia is 1 of the chairs of the Climate Group States and Regions Alliance, which contains Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT, as well as several Canadian provinces, American states and European regions.

Mr Weatherill mentioned the meeting was told of South Australia’s program to turn into carbon neutral by 2050.

“We’re already out there carrying out it, and if there are troubles in national governments reaching these agreements, then we can attain agreements at a sub-national government level and get on with the enterprise of really taking on international warming.”

Mr Weatherill’s delegation will be in Paris till Tuesday, and he will be speaking at other international forums.

“We want to offer ourselves as a test bed for new technologies and new concepts that will not only lead us in the fight against worldwide warming, but develop the jobs of the future,” he said.

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Early days but late nights for climate change negotiators in Paris

Posted December 04, 2015 10:53:48

It is nevertheless early days in the two-week extended negotiations for a new international agreement to limit climate alter, but negotiators are currently operating into the early hours of the morning.

Key points:

  • Friday deadline to lock in globe-wide deal to limit global warming
  • Final agreement expected to limit boost of two degrees Celcius
  • Push to bridge gap among building and created countries

The United Nations conference in Paris started on Monday with the aim of locking in a world-wide deal to limit global warming beyond 2020, with a deadline of next Friday.

But some negotiating sessions have currently run by means of the night, not wrapping up until early hours of the morning, just before resuming again only a couple of hours later.

A variety of teams are operating on different aspects of the agreement and some regions are proving challenging to get consensus on, major to the late night sessions.

The final agreement is anticipated to settle on limiting worldwide warming to an boost of 2 degrees Celcius.

But there is a big gulf in between created and developing nations on where the onus to reduce emissions lies and how considerably financial help advanced economies ought to provide.

Let’s all function to get building nations into the extremely greatest position they can to access the financing that is there to do things that are important for development.

Head of the United Nation’s Development Program Helen Clark

Head of the United Nation’s Development System Helen Clark urged creating countries to take benefit of new technologies to enable financial advancement whilst still limiting carbon emissions.

“Let’s all work to get developing countries into the extremely ideal position they can to access the financing that’s there to do issues that are important for improvement,” Ms Clark said.

She referred to as for sophisticated economies to provide poorer countries grants, rather than loans, to aid them cope with climate alter.

“We do really feel that standard climate justice needs assistance for adaptation for those who have been harmed by events they didn’t result in,” Ms Clark said.

“There is a fundamental injustice in nations getting set back time and time once again, and getting to incur higher debts and exposure to monetary liability.”

As opposed to the unsuccessful 2009 negotiations in Copenhagen, these talks are not focused on setting targets for nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

As an alternative, every single nation has proposed its personal level of cuts and approaches for doing so.

The negotiations are centred about the general level of emissions cuts, funding, and a technique for monitoring and reviewing each and every country’s progress.

The deal will be a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, which placed most of the responsibility for minimizing emissions on the developed globe and expires in 2020.

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Honduras, Myanmar, Haiti best disaster list: climate group

Posted December 04, 2015 02:52:35

An aerial view shows flooding over Kalay in Myanmar's Sagaing region Photo: An aerial view shows flooding more than Kalay, upper Myanmar’s Sagaing region earlier this year. (AFP: Ye Aung Thu)

Honduras, Myanmar and Haiti leading a new list of nations hardest hit by two decades of storms, floods, landslides and droughts that killed more than half a million men and women, climate analysts say.

They warn of a lot more frequent disasters if Earth’s overheating can’t be tamed.

Scientists point to the mounting threat from storms, floods, droughts and increasing seas if mankind can not brake emissions from heat-trapping greenhouse gases, specially from fossil fuels.

A red-flag to negotiators from 195 countries attempting to broker a global climate-saving pact in Paris, the Bonn-based advocacy group Germanwatch released the 2016 Global Climate Risk Index showing those nations most affected by the direct consequences of extreme weather events.

Honduras, Myanmar and Haiti were the most afflicted by such disasters amongst 1995 and 2014, said the latest edition of the annual index.

Next had been the Philippines, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand and Guatemala.

Altogether, a lot more than 525,000 people died as a direct result of about 15,000 extreme climate events, the report said.

Losses amounted to a lot more than $ two.97 trillion, it stated.

Expanding hyperlink in between global warming and extreme weather

Cyclists watch the floods. Photo: In this file photo, Hurricane Beta brought on heavy rain as strong waves hit the beach in the northern city of La Ceiba, Honduras in 2005. (Reuters: Tomas Bravo)

The evaluation only looked at the direct outcomes of extreme weather, it stressed, whereas the indirect consequences of intense weather such as drought and famine resulting from heatwaves can be much far more deadly.

It shows only 1 piece of the puzzle and is not a extensive index of vulnerability to climate adjust, researchers stressed.

For instance, the study does not take into account sea-level rise, glacier melting or far more acidic and warmer seas.

A increasing body of research connects international warming and extreme weather, Germanwatch stated.

“The Climate Risk Index therefore indicates a level of exposure and vulnerability to intense events that countries ought to realize as a warning to be ready for more frequent and/or more severe events in the future,” the report said.

Germanwatch urged negotiators at the UN climate conference in Le Bourget on the northern outskirts of Paris to attain a universal deal to avert a climate catastrophe.

“Paris needs to deliver a far-reaching and sturdy climate regime that safeguards impacted populations,” it warned.

Hunting at 2014 alone, the Germanwatch study showed Serbia, Afghanistan and Bosnia suffered most from intense weather events.

They were followed by the Philippines, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Nepal, Burundi, Bolivia and India.

Most of the nations who created it in the prime ten for intense weather in 2014 had suffered “exceptional catastrophes”, Germanwatch mentioned.

“Over the final few years another category of nations has been gaining relevance: Nations that are recurrently impacted by catastrophes such as the Philippines and Pakistan,” it said.

Tolls from disasters are also affected by improvement approaches, such as population development in vulnerable places and protection against intense events, professionals also caution.


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Funds row threatens historic climate deal in Paris

Posted December 03, 2015 12:52:52

French president Francois Hollande Photo: The French have called for a swift compromise on the money rich nations should spend on climate change. (AFP: Philippe Wojazer)

Developing nations have warned that a bitter row over money is threatening efforts to seal a historic pact to tame global warming, as the French hosts pleaded for compromise.

Key points:

  • Nations urged to reach speedy agreement on climate change funding
  • Developing nations want rich countries to contribute more than $ 100b to climate fight
  • Concerns are being raised that the talks are not moving fast enough

The UN-brokered talks involving 195 nations are facing a deadline of December 11 to forge an agreement aimed at cutting the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change, and averting its catastrophic impacts.

Despite more than 150 world leaders opening the talks on Monday with lofty rhetoric about the urgency of the task, bureaucrats became quickly ensnared in familiar rows that have condemned previous efforts to failure.

“My message is clear: we must accelerate the process because there is still a lot of work to do,” said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who is presiding over the negotiations.

“Options for compromise need to be found as quickly as possible.”

One of the most fiercely contested issues in the 25-year diplomatic effort to find a solution to global warming has been how much responsibility rich nations must accept for the problem, and therefore how much they should pay.

Developed countries have powered their way to prosperity since the Industrial Revolution by burning coal, oil and gas, which are the primary sources of the heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

Developing nations insist the developed ones must now largely finance the world economy’s costly shift away fossil fuels, a debate worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

More than $ 100 billion needed for climate fight

A powerful bloc of 134 developing nations — including China, India and all African and South American countries — released a statement near the end of Wednesday’s negotiations insisting the rich were again trying in Paris to absolve themselves of their financial responsibilities.

“Nothing … can be achieved without the provision of means of implementation to enable developing countries to play their part to address climate change,” the statement said.

The bloc, known as the G77 plus China, restated a demand for rich nations to follow through on their commitment to mobilise $ 100 billion a year into a climate change from 2020.

It also demanded as “substantial scaling up of finance” on top of the previously agreed $ 100 billion.

The financing issue is central to hugely complex 54-page draft text that negotiators need to trim down by the weekend, so that ministers have a week to try and finalise it.

Frustration permeated the negotiating halls of the convention centre in the northern outskirts of Paris on Wednesday.

“We are not making anywhere near the progress we need to be making at this point,” said Daniel Reifsnyder, one of the two co-chairmen in the talks’ key arena.

Early disagreements typical at climate talks

Greenpeace climate campaigner Li Shuo, who has observer status in the talks, described them as “quite messy”.

“At some point, we definitely need to switch gear,” he said.

Still, such frustrations are typical of the start of climate negotiations, where vast interests are at stake and a single word in an agreement can have big repercussions, said veteran observers.

“I remain confident that it will be a hard fought two weeks but at the end of the day we are likely to achieve, and I believe we will achieve, an agreement,” Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt told reporters.

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres cautioned against despair.

“The text of the agreement will go through ups and downs, there will be many commas inserted and commas removed because that is the nature of this. It is a legally binding text and needs to be reviewed very, very carefully,” she said.

Touching on the rich-poor issue, British charity Oxfam issued a study saying the wealthiest 10 per cent of people produce half of Earth’s fossil-fuel emissions, while the poorest half contribute a mere 10 per cent.

An average person among the richest one percent emits 175 times more carbon than his or her counterpart among the bottom 10 per cent, the charity said.

At the core of the talks is the goal of limiting warming to a maximum of two degrees Celsius over pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

That objective — along with a more ambitious option of 1.5 degrees Celsius — has been enshrined in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2010.

Since then, scientists have pounded out an ever-louder warning that relentlessly climbing carbon emissions will doom future generations to rising seas and worsening floods, storms and drought — a recipe for hunger, disease and homelessness for many millions.


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Chasing storms: Surreal portraits ignite conversation on climate change

Posted December 02, 2015 14:18:17

Map: United States

Chasing storms across the United States, with only 15 minutes to take the perfect shot.

Photographers Benjamin Von Wong and Kelly DeLay set out to create a set of surreal portraits set in front of dramatic storms to highlight the dangers of climate adjust.

Conservation photographer Benjamin Von Wong has released a set of images designed to send a powerful message about climate alter, arguing it “doesn’t care” about people’s standard lives.

Wong teamed up with storm photographer Kelly DeLay to create the images, chasing storms across seven states in western United States with only ten-15 minutes for every shot.

The series was known as “Surreal Stormchasing Portraits: Igniting a conversation on Cowspiracy and the fight against climate alter”.

External Link: The portraits have been shot in front of the dramatic stormfonts with the help of volunteer models

Can you envision how difficult it would be to plan a shoot while chasing a storm? Coordinating models, constructing sets and designing lighting — all with no understanding where the shoot would take spot, whilst storms zip by at who knows how many miles per hour?

Benjamin Von Wong

When the concept was 1st suggested by Wong’s sidekick Anna, he believed it would be also challenging.

“It would be an absolute nightmare and not possible to pull off without having funding,” he stated.

“We should believe of a different project.”

Placing together this photoshoot was unlike something I had ever accomplished before. Not only had I never ever chased a storm in my life, I had also by no means planned a project about an uncontrollable force of nature.

Benjamin Von Wong

But the notion stuck, and so Wong decided to look for a person who could assist him locate and safely navigate the storms.

The web led him to DeLay, an knowledgeable weather photographer who agreed to do the project beneath specific circumstances:

  • they would have no far more than 10-15 minutes to set up and pull down every single shot
  • he would say where they would go and
  • there was no guarantee they would get the shot.

Wong agreed.

The list of challenges for this project seemed to be infinite, from maintaining a convoy of 1st-time chasers safe, possessing a tail automobile for equipment, props, and so on…

Kelly DeLay

DeLay and Wong set off, asking pals and fans to pose as models for the shots and sourcing props from Craigslist and bins on the side of the road.

A tiny group was also assembled to assist with the shoot, and one particular fan lent his ambulance to carry gear.

DeLay would track the storms and the team would send out a 24-hour notification that they would be in a common region when a single approached, and Wong’s fans near the place would rush out and find him.

Once they met up and went more than the safety suggestions, they would go into chase mode to try and intercept a storm.

External Hyperlink: Shooting the portraits needed a sprint to the place and a rapid set up and pack down

I believed that Kelly had been exaggerating when he stated that I would have ten-15 minutes per shot. I learned extremely speedily that he wasn’t.

Benjamin Von Wong

The storms would move at over 48 kilometres per hour, and Wong mentioned also usually they would “lose precious time trying to locate the best road to get us into the correct position to set up our shots”.

“Utilizing words like ‘epic’ and ‘surreal’, Ben set the bar higher on what he wanted,” DeLay said.

“I learned rapidly how distinct and meticulous he was. His outstanding pictures from this project give you a excellent indication of that.

“It was my job to get us in front of a storm with a wonderful foreground and in an area that we could back in the ambulance in and get the shot just before a supercell would run us more than.”

It is nearly not possible to look at the plethora of distinct crises that impact our planet right now with no feeling overwhelmingly depressed and powerless. Regardless of how powerless I might feel, I want to place myself out there and attempt my best to make a good distinction in the globe with the imagery I create.

Benjamin Von Wong

Wong said he took on the project because he wanted to try and make a distinction in the face of how powerless he felt.

“Just working on this project has allowed me to tremendously boost my understanding of climate adjust by discovering documentaries like Cowspiracy and how dire of a scenario we find ourselves in,” he mentioned.

External Hyperlink: Behind the scenes of Benjamin Von Wong’s storm portraits

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Planet leaders applaud Australia’s climate objectives in Paris: Hunt

Updated December 01, 2015 23:35:31

Planet leaders have applauded Australia’s climate targets at the United Nations Climate Alter Conference, Environment Minister Greg Hunt says.

Speaking to Lateline from the talks in Paris, Mr Hunt described Australia’s targets of 26 to 28 per cent reductions in emissions by 2030 as “ambitious”.

He stated compared to some of the excellent economies of the planet, Australia was performing far more than its fair share.

“In per capita terms, Australia is lifting heavily, we are undertaking more than our fair share, since we are proper at the front of the planet in per capita reductions, which is a proxy for work,” he stated.

Mr Hunt stated Australia’s efforts had been recognised by other heads of state in Paris.

“I’ve got to say, the response that other nations had offered us and the response from the floor of the conference hall has been overwhelming assistance,” he said.

“A sense that Australia is actually leading via our saving of 90 billion tonnes at a international level.

“Our personal commitments, the fact that we have created the announcement that we would meet and beat our targets and sign on to the Kyoto Protocol, these are key international achievements acknowledged by the international neighborhood.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, who also visited Paris for the talks, final week announced Labor’s new climate policy with an emissions reduction target of 45 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

Greg Hunt says Australia's plans have been applauded at the Paris climate talksVideo: Greg Hunt says Australia’s plans have been applauded at the Paris climate talks (Lateline)

Mr Hunt admitted that Australia was a larger emitting nation per capita, but he mentioned that would modify.

“We are beginning from a larger base. I cannot change history or the reality of the economy as it is,” he stated.

“But what we have completed is set a policy that will see us decrease from becoming the 14th highest emitter in the world, down to the 25th highest emitter by 2030. That is a really important modify.”

Mr Hunt also backed the Federal Government’s program to commit $ 1 billion from the foreign aid price range to aid Pacific nations tackle climate adjust.

“Julie Bishop is a master in this space of delivery of Australian help in a way which meets our worldwide objectives, our regional objectives, but their national demands,” he said.

He mentioned it was yet another announcement welcomed by world leaders at the conference.

“It is something that has been embraced,” he stated.

“The conference of the climate change convention, when the Prime Minister announced that, stopped, and applauded widely.

“It really is a sign of Australia’s international standing.”

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In their words: World leaders get in touch with for climate action in Paris

Posted December 01, 2015 09:26:32

Map: France

Globe leaders speak at the climate change summit in Paris.

Our agreement in Paris should give a typical platform for action. Australia is not daunted by the challenge. With fantastic optimism and faith in humanity’s genius for invention, we are confident that with collective leadership we will, with common cause, secure our future.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

As the leader of the world’s biggest economy and the second largest [greenhouse gas] emitter … the United States of America not only recognises our role in creating this difficulty, we embrace our duty to do anything about it.

Barack Obama, US president

Developed nations ought to honour their commitment of mobilising $ US100 billion every year from 2020 and offer stronger monetary assistance to establishing countries afterwards … It is also important that climate-friendly technologies be transferred to developing nations.

Xi Jinping, Chinese president

Infographic: Tuvalu prime minister Enele Sopoaga.

[Governments need to show the strongest leadership to limit] the effects of climate modify which we strongly think is also the cause of radicalism and terrorism. The plight of refugees we see today … and increasing terrorisms and radicalism represents a small measure of what the planet, mankind, will face if we do not tackle climate alter.

Tuvalu prime minister Enele Sopoaga

To resolve the climate crisis, very good will [and] statements of intent are not sufficient … We are at breaking point.

Francois Hollande, French president

This is a question of environmental necessity, but also of economic frequent sense … Our really future as humankind hinges on this … Billions of individuals are pinning their hopes on what we attain here in Paris.

Angela Merkel, German chancellor

Infographic: President of Comoros Ikililou Dhoinine.

We have to accept the reality that climate alter is accelerating more quickly than climate adjust negotiations.

President of Comoros Ikililou Dhoinine

We think about it crucial that the new climate agreement is based on the principles of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and is legally binding. Each created and creating economies must take portion in its realisation.

Vladimir Putin, Russian president

Climate modify is a major global challenge. But it is not of our creating … We want the world to perform with urgency. We want a complete, equitable and tough agreement which should lead us to restore the balance between humanity and nature and in between what we have inherited and what we will leave behind.

Narendra Modi, Indian prime minister

I urge you to instruct your negotiators to decide on the path of compromise and consensus. Bold climate action is in the national interest of every single country represented at this conference. The time for brinksmanship is over.

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general

Infographic: Honduran President Juan Hernandez delivers a speech at the COP 21 United Nations conference on climate alter, on November 30, 2015 at Le Bourget (AFP: Jacques Demarthon)

For Honduras, climate modify is a matter of life and death. The figures never add up … we are not all equally responsible. We have not come cap in hand … we come to show you how  much we endure.

President of Honduras Juan Hernandez

If the planet have been a patient, we would have treated her long ago. You, ladies and gentlemen, have the power to place her on life support, and you need to surely begin the emergency procedures with no further procrastination.

Prince Charles of Britain

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‘We are at breaking point’: Hollande launches global climate deal push

Updated November 30, 2015 23:20:11

French president Francois Hollande has opened the Paris climate modify summit warning world leaders they require to be ready to commit to meaningful action to fight worldwide warming.

More than 150 globe leaders — such as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull — have arrived in Paris to attend the United Nations talks, armed with promises and accompanied by higher expectations as they appear to hold back the Earth’s increasing temperature.

Key points

  • Hollande says the fights against worldwide warming and terrorism are closely linked
  • Planet leaders are below stress to keep away from the anti-climactic talks in Copenhagen in 2009
  • As the world’s greatest emitters, China and the US have pledged to lead the way

Mr Hollande reiterated that a deal to try to hold any additional increase in global temperatures to beneath two degrees Celsius required to be “universal, differentiated and binding”, with richer countries contributing a lot more than poorer ones.

“I can’t separate the fight with terrorism from the fight against global warming,” he mentioned at the opening of the talks.

“These are two large global challenges we have to face up to, simply because we have to leave our youngsters a lot more than a world freed of terror, we also owe them a planet protected from catastrophes.”

World peace is at stake in the talks, he mentioned.

Soon after decades of struggling negotiations marked by the failure of a previous summit in Copenhagen six years ago, some form of landmark agreement seems all but assured by mid-December.

External Link: ABC correspondent Lisa Millar at COP 21

Mr Hollande warned that there could not be a vague agreement.

“To resolve the climate crisis, very good will, statements of intent are not enough,” Mr Hollande stated, telling world leaders that the future of humanity rested on their shoulders.

“We are at breaking point.”

Warnings from climate scientists, demands from activists and exhortations from religious leaders like Pope Francis, coupled with significant advances in cleaner power sources like solar power, have all added to stress to cut the carbon emissions held responsible for warming the planet.

Most scientists say failure to agree on robust measures in Paris would doom the globe to ever-hotter typical temperatures, bringing with them deadlier storms, more frequent droughts and rising sea levels as polar ice caps melt.

As the summit opened in Paris, the capitals of the world’s two most populous nations, China and India, had been blanketed in hazardous, choking smog, with regulators in Beijing asking factories to limit output and halting construction work.

On the eve of the summit, hundreds of thousands of people from Australia to Paraguay joined the largest day of climate alter activism in history, telling world leaders there was “No Planet B” in the fight against worldwide warming.

“This previous year has been a turning point,” Christiana Figueres, the UN’s climate chief, told delegates.

Arriving in a sombre city exactly where safety has been tightened right after Islamist militant attacks that killed 130 folks on November 13, every single leader will be permitted a brief opening speech, just a couple of minutes extended.

US, China pledge to push for climate deal in Paris

US president Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have pledged to operate with each other for a climate adjust agreement that ensures a “low carbon international economy” this century.

At the start of bilateral talks held on the sidelines of the Paris gathering, Mr Obama mentioned the two countries’ decision to make their personal emissions-reduction pledges final year had helped drive other nations to comply with suit.

US president Barack Obama shakes hands with Chinese president Xi Jinping. Photo: US president Barack Obama shakes hands with Chinese president Xi Jinping during their meeting. (Reuters: Kevin Lamarque)

“As the two largest economies in the planet and the two largest carbon emitters, we have both determined that it is our responsibility to take action,” Mr Obama mentioned, with Mr Xi sitting subsequent to him.

“Our leadership on this issue has been totally essential.”

Mr Obama mentioned the two countries would perform collectively at the talks to accomplish an agreement that moves toward a low carbon global economy this century and “robust” monetary help for developing nations adapting to climate adjust.

Mr Xi said the two countries would work side by side to ensure the Paris conference accomplished its objectives, and he noted that cooperation amongst the United States and China at a time of multiple international challenges was essential.

“The world economy is recovering slowly, terrorism is on the rise and climate change is a enormous challenge. There is far more instability and uncertainty in [the] international situation,” Mr Xi mentioned by means of a translator.

The world’s two biggest carbon emitters, after on opposite sides on climate concerns, agreed in 2014 to jointly kick-begin a transition away from fossil fuels, every at their own speed and in their own way.

That partnership has been a balm for the principal source of tension that characterised earlier talks, in which the developing world argued that countries that grew rich by industrialising on fossil fuels need to spend the price of shifting all economies to a renewable energy future.


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Shorten calls for ambitious targets as climate talks get underway in Paris

Posted November 30, 2015 22:45:44

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has referred to as for ambitious climate targets to be set as world leaders collect in Paris for the United Nations Climate Conference.

Mr Shorten spoke to Lateline from Paris as the talks got underway and mentioned nations that did not take strong action would be increasingly isolated.

“The whole purpose for this Paris conference is simply because climate modify is possessing worse and worse effects on our environment and even more importantly, on our economy,” he mentioned.

“So nations who feel that they don’t need to alter, I believe will get isolated in the future in trade and other arrangements in between nations.”

French president Francois Hollande officially opened the summit by telling planet leaders that the “hope of all of humanity rests on your shoulders”.

Mr Shorten said he would be attending a quantity of meetings whilst he was in Paris.

“I will be meeting with hopefully leaders from the Pacific Island nations. They truly do count on Australia as becoming a massive brother in the best sense of the word for standing up for their issues,” he mentioned.

“I am searching forward to speaking with organizations. There is a lot of private sector interest in the choices that will be created at Paris, and the choices that nations make.

“See, if a nation like Australia sets ambitious ambitions, what will happen is that we can then encourage the private sector to step in and help deliver the solutions from technologies to trade opportunities to investment in renewable power.”

Shorten says ‘Turnbull playing in traffic’

Last week Mr Shorten announced Labor’s new climate policy with an emissions reduction target of 45 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

He rejected ideas a carbon price beneath the proposal could be as high as $ 200 a tonne.

“It really is just total rubbish,” he stated.

He mentioned the climate alter debate had been one of the far more toxic issues in politics and that it would have been straightforward for Labor to just give bipartisan help to the Government’s “ridiculously low targets”.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s caught. He’s caught in the middle of the road on this. He’s playing in the site visitors,” he mentioned.

“On 1 hand he had to in order to turn out to be the leader of the Liberal Celebration, sign up to Tony Abbott’s climate alter policies, with their ridiculously low targets. On the other hand he need to at least be honest with people and admit the consequences of alter.”

He stated the cost of not acting on climate change was too higher.

“The truth of the matter is that if sea levels rise, home will become, and infrastructure in Australia will turn into a lot much more expensive,” he mentioned.

“We’ll have much more drought. We’ll have more intense climate events. So there is a large price in not acting.”

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Hot, windy climate forecast for SA bushfire zone

Posted November 30, 2015 07:42:27

Spot fires a problem Photo: Hot climate poses a danger as spot fires continue to burn north of Adelaide. (ABC News: Tony Hill)

Hot, windy climate could pose a danger on the fire ground in South Australia’s reduced north nowadays, authorities have warned.

Key points:

  • Bushfire danger from temperatures in 30s and strong winds
  • Pinery fire within containment lines in SA decrease north
  • Vets dealing with injured farm animals and wildlife

Temperatures in the 30s are forecast, combined with strengthening winds.

Country Fire Service (CFS) official Phil McDonough said gusts would be firefighters’ most significant concern.

“We are going to expertise some warmer temperatures than we have had more than the last few days and, with these strong winds, there is a possibility that fire activity may possibly boost,” he stated.

The blaze which began at Pinery final Wednesday is now contained, but there are nonetheless spot fires inside the containment lines.

Mr McDonough stated crews worked hard over the weekend to strengthen the containment lines knowing the forecast was for hotter and windier conditions on Monday.

“We’re confident the function that the CFS crews, along with their partners the [Victorian] CFA etcetera, have place in will be enough to guarantee no fire breakouts,” he mentioned.

“Residents in the location still require to be mindful that there will be fire crews operating in the region.

“They will be concentrated in certain areas where we feel that there might be possible for improved fire activity.”

Two people died in the bushfire last Wednesday, and it destroyed or severely damaged 87 houses.

Tens of thousands of head of livestock perished.

Authorities are hoping interstate fire crews will be able to head property on Tuesday.

‘Heartbreaking’ scenes for emergency vet teams

Meanwhile, a veterinary group is dealing with injured farm animals and wildlife across the reduce north of SA.

Dr Rachel Westcott and Dr Oliver Funnell with an injured magpie Photo: Dr Rachel Westcott and colleague Dr Oliver Funnell treat an injured magpie. (ABC News: Nicola Gage)

Rachel Westcott, who is major the veterinary emergency management group, stated they had dealt with some very confronting scenes.

“It’s heartbreaking, it really is — it is gut wrenching and you really feel so considerably for the people who have lost everything,” she stated.

“They’ve lost generations of genetic selections of their herds and flocks.”

Some injured animals have been treated at farms, but these far more seriously injured have been sent elsewhere to be cared for.

“We’re performing some door knocking and outreach with our make contact with specifics so that individuals who need to have assist can make contact with us,” she said.

“We’ll be undertaking that for as long as is necessary.

“That may possibly take a number of weeks since wildlife that at times go to ground and hide comes out of a fire ground in days and weeks following the fire front.”

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