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South Carolina military college suspends cadets more than ‘KKK uniforms’

Posted December 12, 2015 14:03:56

US military cadets in KKK-like costumes Photo: Photographs of military cadets at The Citadel wearing KKK-like outfits had been extensively shared on social media. (Facebook: Citadel Minority-Alumni)

A prestigious military college in the United States has suspended eight students and launched an investigation following photos emerged of cadets posing in all-white outfits reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan.

Crucial points

  • Cadets at South Carolina military college suspended for dressing in outfits reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan
  • College comes below fire for flying Confederate flag
  • Suspected white supremacist Dylann Roof shot dead nine black churchgoers in very same city
  • Hillary Clinton says “symbols of hate produce a lot more hate”

US Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also weighed in the incident at The Citadel college, exactly where the Confederate battle flag flies, tweeting: “Symbols of hate develop a lot more hate. It is time for the Confederate flag to come down at The Citadel.”

The flag was the concentrate of renewed impassioned debate in June after a suspected white supremacist shot dead nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, the very same city exactly where The Citadel is primarily based.

The cadets were pictured dressed in white and with white pillow situations over their heads with two holes for the eyes, in haunting similarities to the infamous Ku Klux Klan, a white hate group.

“Eight cadets have been suspended and went home this morning,” Citadel spokeswoman Kim Keelor mentioned.

Retired Lieutenant-Common John Rosa, the academy’s president, stated the cadets had been singing Christmas carols as portion of a “Ghosts of Christmas Past” skit.

The pictures — which have been splashed across social media — were “offensive and disturbing”, he mentioned in a statement, ordering an investigation.

“These photos are not constant with our core values of honour, duty and respect,” he mentioned.

School’s Confederate flag comes under scrutiny

The furore drew interest to the Confederate flag flown on campus, seen as a racist symbol by numerous Americans.

Ms Keelor stated The Citadel was not immediately capable to remove the flag due to a state law recognized as the Heritage Act that “prevents its removal as it is portion of a memorial collection of antique flags”.

External Hyperlink: Hillary Clinton tweet about The Citadel

She stated the college’s board of visitors voted nine to three in June to remove the flag and subsequently created a formal request to the relevant legislators asking that it be permitted to take away the flag.

Only South Carolina’s legislature has the authority, by a vote, to choose that the flag be taken down, according to Ms Keelor.

The Heritage Act itself could be reconsidered by legislators when they convene in the New Year.

In a web site attributed to him, accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof espoused racist views toward African-Americans and, in pictures, posed with firearms and the Confederate flag.

There are at the moment amongst five,000 and 8,000 Ku Klux Klan members, according to the Southern Poverty Law Centre.


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Michelle Obama makes rap video for college campaign

Posted December 11, 2015 07:59:44

Video: Go to College (feat. Michelle Obama)

Striding out of the White Property in slow motion, sporting oversized sunglasses, Michelle Obama lays down a rap track aimed at raising the star power of maths majors and engineering students.

“If you wanna fly jets, you should go to college. Attain higher and cash cheques? Fill your head with information,” Ms Obama rhymes as comedian Jay Pharoah, identified for his Saturday Evening Reside impression of her husband president Barack Obama, makes a stack of bills rain onto the floor of the White Home.

The video is a funny and affectionate send-up of the celebrity culture that Ms Obama has said she desires to turn on its head to try to get a lot more American little ones thinking about greater education.

Ms Obama’s “Far better Make Room” campaign, targeting students aged 14 to 19, encourages them to go to college by providing them a brush with fame on social media with help from celebrities like Pharoah and basketball fantastic LeBron James.

The campaign is part of a bigger White Home work to address slipping US college graduation prices.

Ms Obama, who grew up in a working-class loved ones in the South Side of Chicago, frequently speaks to students about how she worked hard to get good grades and degrees from Princeton and Harvard.

“South Side Chicago, we all know/ We had to do overtime every evening to make it to tomorrow,” raps Ms Obama.

“And every person could genuinely make their dream come correct/ Hey kid listening in Michigan, this could be you.”

During her time in the White Residence Ms Obama has championed a string of initiatives to promote healthy consuming, education for girls and aid for military families.

“I want to honour and empower young individuals who are functioning challenging in school and pursuing their dreams, and I want to do it in a fresh and enjoyable way,” she mentioned in a statement.

She wowed crowds earlier this year with an impressive “Uptown Funk” dance routine, performed throughout the standard Easter Egg hunt at the White Home in assistance of her campaign for healthier lifestyles.

Fans took to social media to praise Ms Obama’s “dope” rap expertise, other individuals saw the funny side — whilst a couple of suggested her teenage daughters Sasha and Malia may be a touch embarrassed.

“I consider the nation will join me in saying, ‘Mrs Obama, we consider you need to reduce an album,'” stated Sam Reich from CollegeHumor, which helped generate the video.

Video: Michelle Obama dances to Uptown Funk


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Case against murder accused ‘a college of red herrings’

Posted December 08, 2015 22:03:47

The case against a man accused of murdering punk rock fan Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber is “a school of red herrings” and “stinking kippers by the dozen”, his lawyer has told a court.

Christopher Navin, 29, has admitted stabbing Mr Sofer-Schreiber to death, but has pleaded not guilty to murder by explanation of mental impairment in the ACT Supreme Court.

Significantly of the trial, which has run for 3 weeks so far, has been devoted to evidence about Navin’s mental well being and regardless of whether he was suffering psychosis at the time of the killing.

The crown outlined a case suggesting Navin was motivated by animosity, soon after he blamed the victim for isolating him from close friends in the punk rock scene.

The pair had fallen out when they shared a home, with the victim taking legal action against Navin, partly more than damage to Mr Sofer-Schreiber’s garage.

The case was resolved and pals mentioned Navin laughed it off.

Prosecutors also detailed forensic evidence about blood patterns, suggesting the victim was not first stabbed at the front door, where Navin said the attack started, but at his dining table.

The court heard Navin attempted to cover up the crime by burning the knives and other evidence, and that he lied to the police.

Another essential piece of evidence was repeated phone calls and text messages Navin produced to the victim shortly just before the killing, to which Mr Sofer-Schreiber did not responded, in spite of the pair agreeing to meet up for lunch.

Prosecutor Margaret Jones told the jury many of Navin’s actions afterward suggested he knew what he did was incorrect.

“He goes to the funeral, and you may discover that was to give a veneer of innocence,” she mentioned.

It was clear proof of someone getting dictated to by psychosis.

Stuart Littlemore

She also told the court he gave varying accounts to the psychiatrists.

Navin’s personal account recommended the decision to kill the victim solidified when he left his parents on Boxing Day.

For months he stated he had it in his thoughts that the voices in his head have been in league with Mr Sofer-Schreiber and he must make friends with him, as he feared he was a threat to his family.

By the time of the killing, he believed the victim was organizing to hire a hit man to kill members of his family members.

Navin said he saw warning indicators, including when he went to feed a friend’s cats and saw a book with the words “on the loose”.

He said he took that to mean there was a hit man on the loose.

Then at his parents’ residence, he saw a piece of wire in the shape of a noose on a bench and saw his mother move a necklace in a manner that produced him consider she was in quick danger.

Landmarks for psychosis did not modify: Littlemore

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber Photo: Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber was found stabbed to death in his Canberra apartment on December 29, 2013. (Supplied: ACT Policing)

The prosecution pointed to differences in the narrative told to many psychiatrists who treated and interviewed Navin, some a lot more than a year later, as evidence he was not telling the truth.

But defence barrister Stuart Littlemore described it as “a case theory that is irresponsible and mindlessly prejudiced”.

He stated it would be unusual if the stories were precisely the exact same.

“But the landmarks along the road for the psychosis did not modify,” he said.

Mr Littlemore said it simply was not accurate that Navin was socially isolated, and said he had contact with buddies and family.

He stated his actions could be explained in the context of his mental illness.

“It was clear proof of an individual being dictated to by psychosis,” he stated.

Mr Littlemore told the jury there was 1 situation to make a decision: “The only genuine query is how psychotic he was on Boxing Day two years ago, when he knocked on the door of the Lyneham property.”

The case is continuing.

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Columbine Massacre RPG creator banned from college campus, film festival

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Ten years after its release, Super Columbine Massacre RPG is as soon as once again causing controversy for its creator.

If you followed video games about a decade ago, you possibly remember the controversy surrounding Super Columbine Massacre RPG. The totally free indie title dissected the 1999 tragedy by putting players in control of shooters Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, exploring the college (and their motivations) via 16-bit-style graphics and a familiar, leading-down RPG technique. Not absolutely everyone believed the title was in great taste to say the least. The game was a preferred target of anti-game-violence crusader Jack Thompson, for instance, and it was controversially removed from Slamdance’s “Guerilla GameMaker competition” in 2007.

Now, the creator of the Super Columbine Massacre RPG, Danny Ledonne, is embroiled in controversy once once more. The administration at Colorado’s Adams State University banned Ledonne from campus ahead of a recent film festival he’s helping to organize, citing his creation of the game in a letter that also refers to him as a public security concern.

ASU: “The game is about shooting students.”

“Reality: Mr. Ledonne developed a post-Columbine video game that recreates the horror of the Columbine HS shooting massacre,” ASU Police Chief Paul Grohowski writes in an open letter to the Adams State University discussing a trespass warning issued against Ledonne. “In this post-Columbine, hypersensitive world of mass shootings and violence on college campus’ nationwide, it is my duty to balance the cost-free speech and person rights against the public security of the a lot of,” the letter continues. “Despite the fact that, Mr. Ledonne’s behavior has not however breached the realm of violation of our laws, my recommendation to ban him from campus is sound, rational and errs on the side of public safety.”

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