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Tasmanian bushfire risk to ‘double’ if climate emissions continue apace

Posted December 14, 2015 13:11:01

A new lengthy-term forecast of Tasmania’s fire circumstances has predicted the state’s fire danger threat would double by the finish of the century if carbon emissions continued at existing rates.

The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Investigation Centre report showed the state’s fire season would commence a month earlier and cover twice the location if carbon emissions continued at high levels.

Tony Warby from the Australian Antarctic Division said the quantity of fire danger days was also most likely to increase by about 10 per cent per decade this century.

“Maybe most concerningly, locations that are at greatest risk now of bushfires are most likely to be the places of even far more increased threat in the future, so these places a probably to get worse a lot more swiftly,” he stated.

External Hyperlink: The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Analysis Centre’s animated Future Fire Danger Index shows how the area and intensity of bushfire danger in Tasmania could increase over time.

The information analyses possible scenarios up till 2100, with an expected boost in fire threat predicted despite the current Paris climate deal.

Even with the Paris deal added to calculations, Dr Warby stated the best attainable case situation was a 1.five degree Celsius to 2C boost more than pre-industrial levels.

I don’t consider there is any doubt at all that that we’re going to see rising bushfire risk in numerous components of Tasmania more than the next couple of decades.

Dr Tony Warby

“That would undoubtedly limit some of the worst-case scenarios that had been identified in this report, but at the exact same time we know that over the subsequent a number of decades CO2 emissions will continue to improve,” he said.

“It would surely be nice to think that, on the back of the deal that was reached in Paris, that we will have a future that moves towards low emissions far more speedily than possibly we otherwise anticipated.”

The report says that the fire danger season could begin up to a month earlier, especially in the Central Highlands and the south east of the state.

“What is presented in the report is a realistic assessment of the probably danger more than the subsequent several decades,” Dr Warby said.

“Beyond the middle of the century, based on where global emissions go, some of the worst outcomes potentially may possibly not be realised, but I don’t think there’s any doubt at all that that we’re going to see rising bushfire risk in numerous components of Tasmania more than the subsequent couple of decades.”

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Attacks on Brough continue to dominate final week of Parliament

Updated December 03, 2015 09:21:52

The fate of Mal Brough is set to dominate the final day of the parliamentary year, with a quantity of Coalition frontbenchers providing varying levels of assistance to the embattled MP.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday defended Mr Brough, who is getting investigated by the Australian Federal Police for any part he played in obtaining former staffer James Ashby to receive copies of then-speaker Peter Slipper’s diary in 2012.

Liberal frontbencher Simon Birmingham told the ABC that Mr Brough had his full support, whilst cabinet minister Barnaby Joyce provided some qualified support.

The Agriculture Minister told reporters outside parliament that he would not “second guess” the details of the affair.

“I am totally specific that if every thing is as it really is been said, then Mr Brough will continue on,” Mr Joyce said.

“But it’s ridiculous for folks to try to be the Rumpole of the Bailey inside the chamber.”

It was a reference to shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus, who has been top the Opposition’s questioning on the matter.

Mr Dreyfus yesterday attempted twice to censure Mr Turnbull over his “atrocious” judgement in appointing and supporting Mr Brough, but both had been defeated.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese repeated his criticism of the Prime Minister this morning, saying that former PM Tony Abbott showed significantly far better judgement than his replacement.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s judgement is the worst judgement shown by a political leader given that Malcolm Turnbull last time he was Liberal leader [when he] decided to stake his entire leadership on a false e-mail from Godwin Grech,” Mr Albanese stated.

Fellow Labor MP Jason Clare compared Mr Brough’s predicament to that of former speaker Bronwyn Bishop.

Mr Clare mentioned it took Mr Abbott 32 days to get rid of Ms Bishop right after the “helicopter scandal”.

“It’s now 16 days considering that Mal Brough’s house was raided by the federal police,” Mr Clare stated.

“Tick, tick, tick. How long is it going to take Malcolm Turnbull to sack Mal Brough?”

Brough offers qualified apology

Mr Brough yesterday provided a qualified apology to Parliament for “unwittingly” adding to confusion concerning his recollection of the Slipper diaries affair.

On Wednesday morning, Mr Brough addressed Parliament aiming “to clarify his comments” over a 2014 interview with Channel Nine.

In the 60 Minutes interview, Mr Brough appeared to admit that he did ask Mr Ashby to procure Mr Slipper’s diary.

On Tuesday he cast doubt on that admission, telling Parliament “what was place to air was not the complete query”.

But on Wednesday Mr Brough told the House that his “recollection of the interview was that the question was place to me in a somewhat disjointed manner”.

“I answered the query without having clarifying what component of the query I was responding to,” Mr Brough said.

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1st posted December 03, 2015 09:19:24

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Solar Impulse raises funds to continue round-the-globe flight

Posted December 01, 2015 23:59:22

The Swiss solar-powered plane whose record-setting, round-the-globe flight was place on hold in July by weather and battery problems has raised the 20 million euro ($ 29 million) it demands to finish the trip, co-founder and pilot Andre Borschberg says.

Mr Borschberg, at the United Nations’ Paris climate summit with co-pilot Bertrand Piccard, stated backers that contain chemical maker Solvay, Swiss lift maker Schindler, power grid maker ABB and Swatch’s Omega brand, produced contributions.

Mr Borschberg and Mr Piccard had hoped to finish the 35,000-kilometre, multi-leg circumnavigation in 2015, leaving from Abu Dhabi in March.

Initial crosswinds in China triggered weeks of delays.

Then, when its batteries overheated in the course of a record-breaking five-day, 5-night Pacific crossing from Japan to Hawaii in July, the plane was forced to winter inside a hangar at Kalaeloa.

“The monetary side is beneath control,” Mr Borschberg, a former Swiss Air Force fighter pilot and co-founder of Solar Impulse, mentioned.

“We are all extremely focused and hunting forward to continuing next year,” stated the 62-year-old, who flies solo, alternating in between pit-stops with Mr Piccard at the controls of the single-seat plane.

Solar Impulse’s price range since 2004 is now some $ 247 million. The plane has 17,248 solar cells, a wider wing-span than a Boeing 747 and weighs as much as a five-seater household auto.

Mr Borschberg said he plans to start test flights around March and, barring obstacles, the 4,000-kilometre leg from Hawaii to North America starts in April, when daylight hours are enough to recharge the batteries.

West Coast stops have been left open to accommodate potentially fickle weather.

Vancouver, as effectively as San Francisco, Los Angeles or Phoenix are all candidates, Mr Borschberg stated.

They also strategy on a US Midwest pit-cease followed by New York’s John F Kennedy Airport, ahead of crossing to either Europe or North Africa and, finally, Abu Dhabi.

“We know we can do it, but it remains a challenge,” Mr Borschberg mentioned.

He mentioned he hopes a year’s delay will not undermine the message he aims to spread at the Paris climate talks: deploying renewable energy technologies will assist cease climate alter.

“That is what we utilized to make it feasible to fly day and night with the sun only,” he mentioned.

“That’s what we surely could implement on a bigger scale.”


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