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Hockey’s resignation cost taxpayers far more than $450,000

Updated December 11, 2015 00:30:13

Dumped treasurer Joe Hockey’s choice to quit politics mid-term has cost taxpayers more than $ 450,000 in by-election expenditures.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull removed Mr Hockey as treasurer when he assumed the leadership in September, sparking the former member for North Sydney’s resignation from Parliament.

Liberal candidate Trent Zimmerman — a former staffer for Mr Hockey — last weekend won the safe Liberal seat regardless of a swing against the Government.

Recent listings on the Government’s tender web site show practically $ 35,000 was spent on Australian Electoral Commission marketing, along with a lot more than $ 15,000 on printing.

More than $ 70,000 was also spent on venue hire, whilst delivering the official household guide expense $ 75,000.

Spending of less than $ 10,000 is not published.

Mr Hockey was this week officially named Australia’s next Ambassador to the United States and is set to begin in Washington subsequent month.

In an interview released earlier this week Mr Hockey stated: “If I was going to stay it would have to be overwhelmingly about receiving even with individuals that brought me down.”

Labor’s waste watch spokesman Pat Conroy said the former treasurer’s purpose for leaving Parliament early is not good adequate.

“Properly this is Joe Hockey’s final insult to the Australian public, to cost taxpayers a completely unnecessary half-a-million dollars for this by-election when he admits freely the only reason he left Parliament was if he’d stayed he would have just plotted revenge against Malcolm Turnbull and the plotters who brought down Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey,” Mr Conroy stated.

“Usually these issues occur if folks are sick or they’ve got private causes, but to resign less than a year out from an election just to take yet another government gig is fairly appalling I would say.”

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Very first posted December 11, 2015 00:22:19

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Oil cost plunge not probably to finish any time quickly

Posted December 07, 2015 19:50:53

Oil cartel OPEC is doing Australian households a enormous favour. It is incapable of behaving like a cartel.

Its members so desperately need to have the funds that they have been ignoring production targets set by the organisation, aimed at stabilising the worldwide marketplace and raising costs.

OPEC members have been ignoring their own targets for 18 months and the result is an oil price tag that has plunged to six-year lows in Asia, and it is not likely to finish any time quickly.

The oil cartel, which accounts for roughly 40 per cent of the world’s production and supplies most of Asia, remains in disarray.

It threw in the towel on Friday, deciding to abandon production limits, which is just a single really optimistic improvement for oil consumers.

Iran, for so long under sanctions connected to its nuclear plan, has promised to lift production to four million barrels a day by the finish of next year.

That is an boost of 20 per cent from existing levels.

It is challenging to see how OPEC can lift oil prices when adhering to production limits carries its personal risks.

If OPEC cuts production and costs go up, it increases the viability of US shale oil producers, so cutting production will not operate.

Oil price tag drop not totally passed onto buyers

This is all great news for families and motorists in the lead-up to Christmas, as reduced petrol costs will free up some earnings to invest on other items.

Oil businesses know consumers will not complain about pump prices as extended as they see them fall.

But motorists should be complaining due to the fact, just like banks which fail to pass on a complete cut in official interest rates, the oil firms are holding onto a larger share of the advantage.

Retail margins at the petrol pump have gone up and are the highest they have been at any time during the previous year.

FuelTRAC fuel analyst Geoff Trotter said “15 years ago oil businesses claimed the retail margin was two cents a litre”.

“Now it is far more than 20 cents a litre.”

The margins are even wider for diesel fuel.

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Royal Mail calculates cost of $24,000 letter to Mars

Posted December 05, 2015 07:34:23

Britain’s Royal Mail has turned to NASA for assist following a 5-year-old boy wrote in asking how considerably it would expense to post a letter to Mars.

Oliver Giddings will probably not be capable to send a letter to space, as the value $ 23,877 is nicely beyond the reach of most children’s pocket funds.

In its reply to Oliver, who wants to turn out to be an astronaut, the Royal Mail explained how the figure was calculated.

“Fuel is really expensive and impacts the price of sending letters about our planet,” senior client advisor Andrew Smout wrote.

“NASA also told me that their last visit to Mars, carrying the Curiosity rover, cost about $ US700 million ($ 950 million).

“The spaceship itself is quite modest so storage is at a premium. Based on how significantly the spaceship weighed compared to how much it costs to get to Mars, they stated that something weighing up to 100 grams would cost them about $ US18,000 ($ 24,000) to fly to Mars.”

The Royal Mail added the value of the letter would be covered by 18,416 initial-class stamps.

Oliver, from near Lytham St Annes in northwest England, wrote back to the Royal Mail thanking them for their reply.

“It’s really costly to send a letter to Mars. You would need to have so several stamps!” he stated.


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