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Machete-wielding man attacked passing motorists in rampage, ACT court told

Updated November 27, 2015 16:43:28

Map: Belconnen 2617

A Canberra man who climbed into a passing vehicle, held a machete to a woman’s throat and reduce her, has pleaded guilty to nine charges in the ACT Magistrates Court.

Imran Hakimi, 32, was arrested earlier this month right after an attack in which two folks had been injured late at evening on Chandler Street in Belconnen.

Police arrived at the scene to uncover Hakimi becoming restrained by members of the public.

The lady told police he ran towards the passenger window of her auto, striking it with the 40-centimetre machete.

Police mentioned he put the blade to the woman’s throat following climbing into the vehicle, but she managed to flee.

The court heard the woman then tried to cease a taxi.

When the car ultimately came to a halt, Hakimi went to the vehicle, opened the door and struck the driver, cutting his face.

Witnesses said Hakimi was yelling: “I have lost my little ones, I will stab you.”

Police had currently been alerted to the disturbance by yet another woman, who had gone to a nearby police station after he had slashed at her car.

Hakimi pleaded guilty to nine charges, like intentionally wounding, to employing an offensive weapon and home harm.

Hakimi will face the ACT Supreme Court in December soon after getting committed for sentencing by Magistrate Margaret Hunter.

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Initial posted November 27, 2015 16:18:17

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Clubs NSW drops court action against Wilkie over lobbying comments

Posted November 27, 2015 10:42:06

Clubs New South Wales has dropped court action against independent MP Andrew Wilkie over comments he produced about their lobbying behaviour.

Mr Wilkie was incorporated in a defamation case against the ABC over a 7.30 plan which aired audio of former MP Peter Garrett claiming he was handed an envelope of money from the business body although elected.

The clip was taken from a documentary on the gambling sector.

Mr Garret has since mentioned his memory failed and he was offered a cheque prior to he took workplace.

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Man on trial over death of housemate guarded in weeks after offence, court told

Posted November 26, 2015 22:59:08

A psychiatric registrar has told a Canberra court that a man on trial for killing his former housemate had been guarded and uncomfortable in the course of a consultation in the weeks right after the offence.

Christopher Navin, 29, is on trial for killing Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber in his Lyneham house on Boxing Day in 2013.

Navin has pleaded not guilty by way of mental impairment.

Mental health staff who dealt with him in the year before the offence has given proof in court about his therapy and case management.

One particular medical professional told the court when he had seen Navin earlier in the year he was not clearly psychotic, but he admitted the illness did not take a lengthy time to develop.

The court also heard a mental wellness nurse who visited Navin at residence three days ahead of the crime located him to be standard.

The visit had been prompted by concerns from Navin’s former boss, following he had quit his job.

She told the court if a person was unwell, they may possibly yell or swear or say inappropriate issues, but Navin was carrying out none of that and answered concerns appropriately.

In January 2014, right after the crime but prior to he was arrested and charged, Navin had a consultation with the psychiatric registrar, who discovered he had difficulty making eye get in touch with.

“He kept searching to a corner in the area like anything was catching his eye,” the registrar mentioned.

“He was also perplexed.”

But she told the court his speech was not blocked.

“There was anything going on… I wasn’t confident,” she said.

“In the meantime he did not seem to be at danger of something immediately undesirable taking place.”

Earlier in the day, Navin’s lawyer study a statement to the jury outlining his client’s admission to killing Mr Sofer-Schrieber, stabbing him multiple instances with two knives.

When he left the unit he took a tent and chair that had been purchased by Mr Sofer-Schreiber earlier that day.

He then admitted to burning and disposing of the knives in a dam on a family members property in New South Wales, where he went following the killing.

Navin also burned the driver side floor mat from his automobile.

The trial continues.

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Kamitsis ‘ingratiating herself’ with senior police at expense of NT taxpayers, court told

By Felicity James

Posted November 26, 2015 23:10:48

The former chairwoman of NT Crime Stoppers, Alexandra ‘Xana’ Kamitsis, has been “ingratiating herself” with senior police officers at the expense of Northern Territory taxpayers, a court has been told.

Crown prosecutor David Morters has alleged Kamitsis, through her organization Latitude Travel, submitted fraudulent invoices to a Well being Division scheme, which provides pensioners concessions on travel.

In closing submissions, Mr Morters stated Kamitsis invoiced the Well being Department for amounts higher than actual travel fees, passing the benefits onto loved ones and buddies, including former NT police commissioner John McRoberts.

“What she is carrying out is ingratiating herself with senior police officers, one of which she admits having an intimate relationship with, at the complete expense of Northern Territory taxpayers,” Mr Morters said.

Mr Morters mentioned Kamitsis had admitted in agreed information to obtaining an “intimate partnership” with Mr McRoberts and becoming a “buddy” of NT Assistant Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker.

He told the jury that in some instances, Kamitsis submitted invoices for “bogus” travel expenses soon after she had already booked and paid for a less costly flight for the relevant pensioner.

Mr Morters referred to admissions Kamitsis produced in statements of agreed facts about how she spent money obtained from the Wellness Department’s pensioner concession unit.

Kamitsis has admitted she “dispersed” pensioner travel concession funds as shown in flow charts tendered in court, which depict the cash getting spent on friends and household, service fees and commission payments.

In one example, Mr Morters said the flow charts showed Kamitsis received a pensioner travel concession payment of $ 2,319 for Jeanette Carter, but the actual cost of Ms Carter’s flight was about $ 800.

The charts showed remaining funds had been spent on a $ 1,000 transfer to a “trip file” in the name of Mr McRoberts and a $ 407.91 service charge.

“In effect, she receives double the compensation she was entitled to,” Mr Morters told the jury.

“She transfers a lot more than half more than to her really close friend, Mr McRoberts.”

Court documents shown to the jury, such as emails amongst Kamitsis and Mr McRoberts, suggest the funds were used to pay for a flight for Mr McRoberts in September 2010, so he could attend the AFL grand final.

“They make it quite clear that what this trip is all about is to facilitate Mr McRoberts going to the grand final re-run in Victoria,” Mr Morters stated.

Flow charts shown to the jury also depict pensioner travel concession payments being spent on a $ 746 flight upgrade for Mr Chalker and a $ 758.49 service charge.

“Her state of mind is, I am going to take $ 758.49 as a service charge, at least 5 occasions what she is entitled to,” Mr Morters said.

A statement to the court from Mr Chalker stated he was told Kamitsis organised a flight upgrade for him and Mr McRoberts in 2010 when they were travelling back to Darwin from Canberra.

“I was not conscious that there was any financial cost for the upgrade,” Mr Chalker mentioned in his statutory declaration.

Kamitsis has pleaded not guilty to 20 counts of getting a benefit by deception and has elected not to give oral evidence in the trial.

Justice Dean Mildren has told the jury Kamitsis has “no case to answer” in relation to an alternative 17 counts of stealing, which would have been deemed if the jury discovered Kamitsis not guilty of fraud.

Justice Mildren mentioned the contract amongst the Overall health Division and Latitude Travel did not oblige Kamitsis to deal with the money she received below the pensioner travel concession scheme in a specific way.

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Kamitsis has ‘no case to answer’ on stealing charges, court told

Posted November 26, 2015 13:25:14

Darwin travel agent Alexandra ‘Xana’ Kamitsis has “no case to answer” in relation to 17 stealing charges, a judge has told a Northern Territory court.

Kamitsis, through her travel agency business Latitude Travel, had been accused of rorting a NT Overall health Division pensioner travel concession scheme, which provides travel discounts to pensioners.

The case is continuing, with Kamitsis still to face 20 fraud charges.

More to come.

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Federal court rules Wisconsin abortion law unconstitutional

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A federal appeals court panel says a Wisconsin law requiring abortion providers to get hospital admitting privileges is unconstitutional.

A three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued the decision Monday, upholding a federal judge in Madison who struck down the law in March.

Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Health-related Solutions challenged the law in 2013, arguing it would force AMS’ Milwaukee clinic to close due to the fact its doctors could not get admitting privileges. The lawsuit mentioned that amounted to an unconstitutional restriction on abortion.

State attorneys contend the law would make sure continuity of care for women hospitalized with abortion complications.

In the course of oral arguments in October, the 7th Circuit judges hearing the case peppered state attorneys with inquiries. 1 judge mentioned there was no rational basis for the law.

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Appeals court awards Newegg $15k after patent troll’s “frivolous” appeal

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Adjustacam LLC collected settlements from dozens of webcam makers and sellers. (credit: Getty Images)

The biggest publicly traded patent-holding firm will have to pay on the web retailer Newegg $ 15,000 soon after bringing a frivolous appeal.

The order brings to a conclusion what was a once-classic instance of sprawling “patent troll” litigation. In 2010, AdjustaCam LLC, a subsidiary of Acacia Study Corp., filed suit (PDF) in Eastern Texas against dozens of firms, saying that they infringed US Patent No. five,855,343, which describes a kind of movable camera clip. The list of defendants incorporated camera makers like Gear Head and Creative Labs, as nicely as retailers like Amazon, Newegg, K-Mart, Overstock.com, and Wal-Mart.

Although several defendants settled with AdjustaCam, Newegg was headed toward a jury trial. When the district court considered the claims of AdjustaCam’s patent, although, it did not go nicely for the patent-holding organization, which received an unfavorable claim construction order. With a jury trial upcoming in 2013, AdjustaCam simply dropped its case against Newegg and granted a “covenant not to sue.” (AdjustaCam is hardly the initial “patent troll” to use this approach.)

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