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NBN cyber security centre to be set up in Melbourne

Posted December 06, 2015 14:20:58

Up to 700 new jobs will be produced at a new cyber security headquarters getting set up in Melbourne for the National Broadband Network (NBN), the Victorian Government says.

Details technologies specialists will function at the 24-hour centre at the Docklands to safeguard the NBN from cyber attack.

The move is anticipated to create about 400 tech jobs in the next two years, and one more 300 in building and maintenance.

Victoria’s Tiny Organization Minister Philip Dalidakis would not say how significantly it had price the Andrews Government to woo the NBN, but insisted it was funds nicely spent.

“We make no apologies for getting aggressive in the marketplace to land those jobs and those businesses that are going to hold in excellent stead Melbourne and Victoria’s position as the number a single IT location,” he mentioned.

“The quantity a single tech, the quantity a single digital destination, the quantity 1 destination for start off-ups.”

In a separate announcement in August, the Federal Government mentioned four,500 new workers would be recruited and educated to ensure the NBN was completed by 2020.

“We’ve got 1,300 jobs in New South Wales, 900 in Western Australia, 900 in Queensland, 800 in Victoria, 400 in South Australia, 200 in Tasmania,” then then communications minister Malcolm Turnbull stated.

Federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield stated there had been currently 2,300 Victorians operating for the NBN.

“The NBN does have a choice, it does have options, and as a senator for Victoria I am really pleased that we’ll see new jobs here,” he said.

NBN’s chief data officer John McInerney mentioned the centre would be the NBN’s “very first line of defence”.

“It’ll be looking at site visitors across the network, it’ll be acting as a first point of interrogation of that site visitors as it goes through,” he mentioned.

“But genuinely it’s a national broadband asset, a crucial asset for Australia, this centre will be generating sure that we recognize what’s really traversing the network at all instances.”

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Life-saving wireless health-related devices ‘at risk of cyber attack’

By Rebecca Turner

Posted December 03, 2015 00:33:58

Life-saving wireless heart pacemakers could truly be ticking time bombs at danger of cyber attack, a Perth conference has been told.

Health-related device safety specialist Todd Cooper told the SRI Safety Conference at Edith Cowan University on Wednesday that wireless medical devices such as ventilators, patient-controlled analgesia pumps and MRI machines had been vulnerable to cyber attacks.

He stated that whilst no cybercriminal had however hacked into a health-related device with the intent of harming a patient physically, wireless devices were a recognised target and “a ticking time bomb”.

“Given the fact that this is a vulnerability that is there these days and can be exploited, I consider hospital personnel really require to take action rapidly,” he stated.

The danger of “medjacking” — or the hijacking of health-related devices — is regarded so actual that in September, the FBI issued a security alert warning on the threat.

The agency warned of the prospective for cybercriminals to hack into healthcare devices which connect to the web to send or acquire information, such as insulin dispensers.

“Criminals can use these possibilities to remotely facilitate attacks on other systems, send malicious and spam e-mails, steal individual info, or interfere with physical safety,” the FBI warned.

Two years ago, former US vice president Dick Cheney revealed that in 2007 he had the wireless function of his heart defibrillator disconnected to safeguard him from the threat of cyber attack.

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China blamed for ‘massive’ cyber attack on BoM supercomputer

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China is being blamed for a main cyber attack on the computer systems at the Bureau of Meteorology, which has compromised sensitive systems across the Federal Government.

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