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Three individuals dead after head-on crash in Darwin

Updated December 12, 2015 07:17:27

Map: Darwin 0800

Three people have died right after a crash on Tiger Brennan Drive in Darwin this morning.

Police say there was a head-on collision between a bus and a smaller sized car.

The accident happened among Amy Johnson Avenue and the Winnellie Industrial estate.

Police say Tiger Brennan Drive, a major arterial road into Darwin, is expected to be closed for an comprehensive period of time even though they investigate.

Much more to come.

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Very first posted December 12, 2015 07:13:43

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Insurance coverage unaffordable for a lot of Darwin residents: report

Posted December 08, 2015 22:46:47

Insurance is now out of attain for numerous low-income Territorians, with costs for Darwin residents this year jumping at a price virtually six instances the rise in the Consumer Price tag Index, a new report has discovered.

The report by the Northern Territory Council of Social Services showed insurance coverage charges rose 2.3 per cent more than the previous year, higher than the national rate of 1.six per cent.

This efficiently widened the monetary and overall health gap between much more affluent Territorians and these who could not afford insurance coverage.

Darwin has the third highest average household expenditure on insurance coverage out of all Australian capital cities.

Council policy advisor Jonathan Pilbrow said the report located “insurance is largely the domain of much more affluent households”.

He mentioned Territorians who bought insurance have been now paying an typical of nearly $ 1,500 a lot more per year than they were in 2009.

Northern Territory Infrastructure Minister Peter Chandler named for a public campaign to lower insurance premiums, comparable to the push to lower fuel costs in 2014.

“Through good government policy, wonderful help from the media, and of course the neighborhood, we’ve observed what we can do with fuel costs,” he told Mix 104.9.

“So perhaps it’s going to take a collective effort again to put some pressure on insurance.”

Mr Chandler mentioned a joint push from government and the public could pressure insurance coverage organizations to reduce costs.

He stated insurance coverage charges had enhanced around Australia due to events such as all-natural disasters, and the improve reflected that.

Mr Chandler denied insurance premiums in the Territory had increased due to the fact of the Government’s sale of the Territory Insurance coverage Workplace (TIO) in early 2015.

He stated the sale of TIO prevented even higher premium rises by permitting the market to regulate expenses.

“What we have been threatened with as a government was premiums if government had kept TIO going through the absolute roof,” he mentioned.

“And that was a certainty, an absolute certainty. And we knew that. And the only way this government could do anything good in that space was to take the action that it did.”

The Northern Territory Council of Social Solutions has called on the NT government to give concessions of automobile registration charges, and get rid of disincentives to insurance coverage, such as taxes and levies applied by the NT Government.

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Russian royal buried in Darwin in plot owned by NT’s richest family members

By Elliana Lawford

Posted December 08, 2015 21:42:34

Russian royal buried in Darwin Photo: Russian royal Leonid Gurevich Kulikovsky has been buried in Darwin. (ABC News: Elliana Lawford)
Associated Story: Russian royal farewelled in Darwin after dying alone in Katherine
Map: Darwin 0800

A Russian royal who died alone in the Top Finish town of Katherine has been buried alongside members of the Northern Territory’s richest family members, the Paspaleys.

Leonid Gurevich Kulikovsky was the fantastic grandson of Tsar Alexander III, who reigned in Russia in the 1800s.

Mr Kulikovsky emigrated to Australia in 1967 to discover “greener pastures” and reside “incognito”.

He died a pauper in September, below a tree in Katherine, accompanied only by his faithful dog.

After his death the Paspaleys, themselves immigrants from Greece who fled World War I for Australia and created their fortune in pearling, approached the Russian representative in the Northern Territory, Simon Andropov.

They presented to bury Mr Kulikovsky in their private family burial ground.

Mr Andropov stated it was fitting that Mr Kulikovsky was buried in a Greek cemetery.

“It’s good that he’s gone to a Greek cemetery, because his grandfather escaped from Russia through the Islands of Greece and the Greeks showed them all the courtesy and hospitality, and it really is just good that his grandson is now buried in a Greek plot in Darwin,” Mr Andropov mentioned.

Russian royals may possibly pay a visit to NT

Mr Andropov said members of the royal household would like to pay a visit to his grave.

“The grand duchess has expressed a wish to come and see Darwin,” Mr Andropov stated.

“She expressed that wish via father Michael, who did [Mr Kulikovsky’s] service at the Serbian Church.

She’s really grand and she’s got very an entourage, so hopefully she may come out.

“His grave might turn out to be a tourist spot.”

Mr Kulikovsky completed his education in Denmark ahead of moving to Australia.

Mr Andropov confirmed the royal had worked in Sydney, living “incognito, no-one knew of his royal heritage”, before travelling around Australia on retirement.

Mr Kulikovsky lived in a caravan park in Katherine and was identified dead, having suffered a heart attack, Mr Andropov said.

Police confirmed he died on September 27.

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Darwin port a ‘strategic defence’ facility: report

By Nadia Daly

Posted December 04, 2015 18:18:12

Darwin’s port, which has been leased to a Chinese business, has been described as a “strategic defence port” in the annual report of the body that runs the facility.

The remarks in the 2015 Darwin Port Corporation (DPC) annual report contradict comments made by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who final month mentioned it was a “industrial port, not a military port”.

In October this year Chinese-owned organization Landbridge Group signed a 99-year lease for the port with the Northern Territory Government for $ 506 million.

An opening letter in the report by Darwin Port Corporation chief executive officer Terry O’Connor stated the port was crucial to Defence:

“The Port of Darwin plays an critical role in Australia’s Defence approach and in 2014/15 was host to over one hundred Navy vessels.

The Corporation worked closely with Defence to program and accommodate the elevated Barbour activity for significant international Defence physical exercise Talisman Sabre, in July 2015.

The Corporation supplies safe berthing and help services at Fort Hill Wharf and in May this year signed a new access agreement with the Australian Defence Force for its refuelling needs.”

The report later mentioned the Port of Darwin was “identified as a strategic defence port in the National Port Strategy” and noted “the Corporation attended defence briefings”, and was operating “closely with Territory and Federal Government agencies” to make confident acceptable safety arrangements had been in location for going to naval vessels.

Port report Photo: The 2015 annual report from the Darwin Port Corporation.

Fort Hill Wharf, component of the port site leased to Chinese business Landbridge, is utilised by the Australian Navy and overseas militaries, including the United States.

The report listed the Division of Defence as a stakeholder in the organisation.

“The Port of Darwin has been a strategic port for Australian and allied forces for more than a century,” the report stated.

Mr Turnbull has previously said Defence had no concerns about the lease of the port, though some defence analysts have raised questions about Landbridge’s hyperlinks with the Communist Celebration and the People’s Liberation Army.

Meanwhile the 2015 report also stated that Port Corporation’s earnings had been down to $ 12 million, from $ 17 million in the previous monetary year.

It noted that the quantity of vessels that visited the port have been virtually half of the earlier monetary year from 3,178 to 1,717.

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Darwin developer escapes prosecution over contentious land clearing

By Avani Dias

Posted December 04, 2015 17:22:44

Clearing of land at Boulter Road, Darwin Photo: The cleared block on Boulter Road, in Darwin’s northern suburbs. (Supplied: Environment Centre NT)
Connected Story: Calls for prosecution soon after vegetation cleared
Map: Berrimah 0828

A developer who cleared a block of land in Darwin’s north, which at the time was alleged to be a “clear breach” of arranging procedure, will not be prosecuted.

In February, Darwin businessman Nick Bjelica lodged an application to have the block on Boulter Road in Berrimah rezoned from Community Purposes to Numerous Residential Dwelling.

Two months later, four of the seven hectares of native vegetation on the block of land had been cleared, sparking a furious reaction from neighborhood groups.

Then lands and arranging minister Peter Chandler alleged the act was a “clear breach” of government procedure.

Important points:

  • Darwin businessman Nick Bjelica lodges application to have block rezoned
  • Block cleared of vegetation in April, 2014 sparking outcry
  • Then arranging minister alleges clearing was a “clear breach” of preparing process
  • Existing Minister announces there will not be a prosecution

“I cannot ask the public to have faith in the Government’s organizing processes if they’re not enforced when there has been a clear breach,” Mr Chandler told News Corp.

“We want to see sustainable improvement, that is why we’re looking at this area’s flood and drainage issues to see what improvement is suitable … this guy has just jumped the gun.”

But the Government will not be proceeding with a prosecution.

“The Development Consent Authority (DCA) has concluded its investigation into the matter and has advised that it will not be proceeding with prosecution,” a spokeswoman for current Planning Minister Dave Tollner stated today.

She mentioned that “regrettably, even with the assistance of the NT Police, the DCA was unable to prepare a viable case against the primary parties responsible” for what she alleged was “the illegal clearing” of the block.

“The current enforcement action has brought to light a quantity of shortcomings in the investigatory provisions (of the Preparing Act),” Mr Tollner’s spokesperson said.

“For this cause the Minister has directed the Department of Lands, Preparing and the Atmosphere to undertake a overview of the present provisions of the act with a view to escalating the department’s investigatory and enforcement powers.”

Mr Tollner’s spokeswoman mentioned that would be carried out to cease alleged “equivalent illegal clearing activities” from happening “in the future”.

Each the DCA, which is headed by former Nation Liberals chief minister Denis Burke, and Mr Tollner “take the situation of illegal clearing of land really seriously”, the spokesperson stated.

“As a result advice was sought from the solicitor for the Northern Territory on whether there have been any extra avenues to pursue the matter in light of the proof.”

Mr Tollner’s office stated the evaluation would assist “increase Government’s capability to effectively undertake comparable prosecution actions in the future”.

There was, Mr Tollner stated, “no connection amongst the land clearing and the application to rezone the land”.

MD zoning allows for development two storeys above ground level.

Environmental group outraged

The Speedy Creek Landcare Group stated it was dismayed by the selection and claimed there was adequate proof to prosecute the organization that did the clearing function.

“We had been shocked… there is clear evidence that the organization did carry out the clearing,” the group’s secretary Lesley Alford stated.

Landcare's Lesley Alford Photo: Landcare’s Lesley Alford is disappointed at events considering that this block was cleared of native vegetation.

That contractor, Litchfield Green Waste Recyclers, confirmed they did clear the block, but did so below instruction from one more organization, Halikos, which said it was neither the owner nor the developer of the block.

Ms Alford mentioned the Government and DCA’s choice not to prosecute showed a weakness in legislation.

She asked how could the neighborhood have faith in the arranging process if it was not going to be implemented when what she described as “a clear breach” occurred.

“The wetland that’s on this block is part of the Marrara wetlands which type the upper Fast Creek catchment,” Ms Alford stated.

“It’s a actually critical element of the Rapid Creek program, for the ecology of the program and for the hydrology of Speedy Creek.

“But there’s also the principle of the Government enforcing its own arranging act and its personal organizing scheme.”

Bjelica: ‘I wasn’t aware the land was getting cleared’

Mr Bjelica told the ABC he was not conscious that the land was being cleared.

“I was away in Katherine doing organization at the time,” he mentioned.

“I don’t go there very typically I was told by a person else that the land had been cleared.”

Shortfalls in organizing scheme identified in September

A committee formed to supply tips to Government on flood mitigation in the higher Darwin area discovered “preparing decisions requiring stormwater assessment are fragmented and responsibilities are ambiguous”.

The committee, which delivered its report to Government in September, advised the “definition of flooding within the NT Preparing Scheme is amended to incorporate stormwater flooding to the effect that the owner or occupier of land maintains the pre-improvement peak flow prices within a catchment”.

It identified there was “no underlying legislation that bargains directly with stormwater management”.

“There is no overarching understanding at the organizing level of the principles and objectives of stormwater management to be followed in the Northern Territory,” the committee mentioned.

In October, Mr Tollner announced the Government would be “implementing the measures” from the committee’s suggestions.

Public feedback on the improvement application at Boulter Road is open till December 18, 2015 and can be accessed on the Department of Lands and Arranging web site.

External Link: The block, situated at the corner of Boulter Road and Amy Johnson Drive, Berrimah, NT.

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Girl, 11, handcuffed by police, now missing in Darwin

Posted November 25, 2015 20:08:04

Darwin police are looking for an 11-year-old girl who has escaped police custody right after becoming arrested and handcuffed for alleged house offences.

Sarah-Jane Smith has not been seen for 4 days.

She was taken into custody last week at her Tennant Creek school and then taken to a Darwin household, but has considering that ran away.

Much more to come.

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