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Rescued bushwalker was ‘losing hope’ following two days in Tasmanian wilderness

Posted December 08, 2015 11:03:42

A Tasmanian bushwalker who spent two days lost in the wilderness on the state’s west coast says he was losing hope that he would be discovered.

On Saturday afternoon 75-year-old Harry Gruner left his two walking companions at a remote hut in the Mount Dundas area and headed to Fraser Falls by himself.

He told 936 ABC Hobart he underestimated the length of the stroll and it became dark before he created it back.

“I did not have a torch with me, I did not have matches with me since I thought I would be coming back early which was very foolish,” he said.

“I walked down and it got actually dark and ultimately I ended up at the river but I did not know exactly where I was.”

With out an EPIRB on him, Mr Gruner’s disappearance sparked an comprehensive search involving more than 25 police and State Emergency Service volunteers as properly as the rescue helicopter.

I walked over the bridge, effectively a lot more or less crawled over, and all of a sudden I saw a four-wheel drive of the SES and I thought ‘oh you’re safe’.

Harry Gruner

Mr Gruner mentioned he struggled to be seen by the rescue teams because of the thick scrub.

“On Saturday I heard the helicopter but it was very hard to be observed,” he stated.

“Everywhere you look, trees, I believed ‘if I get on prime of the hills and I could be observed by the chopper’, but I was struggling to get up to the hill tops only to find out they have been heavily grown with trees.”

Mr Gruner stated he became weaker and was forced to drink water from nearby streams which created him sick.

He mentioned he was “obtaining desperate” when the rescue crews lastly situated him about four:00pm yesterday.

“All of a sudden I saw a suspension bridge in front of me, so I climbed up with this final strength I had,” he mentioned.

“I walked over the bridge, well more or much less crawled more than, and all of a sudden I saw a four-wheel drive of the SES and I believed ‘oh you are safe’.

“It took about an hour ahead of a couple of blokes came.”

Mr Gruner was taken to the Queenstown Hospital suffering dehydration and exhaustion.

Earlier this year bushwalkers have been urged to carry rescue beacons such as the EPIRB following a spate of comprehensive searches for missing bushwalkers.

In October, a man was rescued from Mount Anne soon after spending two nights in the remote location.

Significantly less than two weeks later two Victorian bushwalkers have been rescued from the very same region.

Last month an knowledgeable bushwalker from New South Wales went missing for two days on South Cape Variety in south western Tasmania.

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WA bushfire-prone zones to be known in days

Updated December 04, 2015 22:09:49

New fire building regulations maps out within days Photo: A fire which destroyed 71 homes in Roleystone prompted hard new creating regulations for fire prevention, which will be released in coming days.
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Associated Story: Difficult rules on creating in WA bushfire prone regions ‘will be costly’

There are fears challenging new building requirements for new properties in Western Australia aimed at limiting harm from bushfires will leave landholders facing enhanced fees.

The State Government is just days away from releasing extended-awaited state-wide maps identifying which regions of WA are bushfire-prone and should comply with the new guidelines.

Some have raised concerns about the improved price to get specialist guidance and comply with the new standards.

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors WA president Gary Fitzgerald welcomed the changes, but admitted some home owners would not like obtaining to pay more to comply.

I feel people, even though they may possibly initially react adversely, … will realise we have to take preventative measures to limit bushfire and bushfire harm and safeguard life and home.

WA Premier Colin Barnett

He said some people preparing to build a new home, especially these close to pockets of bushland in urban places, would be surprised to discover out they would be impacted.

“I surely consider there will be some men and women that won’t have thought that they are in locations that will be impacted, since there are some huge locations of bushland that are a hectare or a lot more in size that are probably properly inside condensed urban places,” he stated.

“I think there will be some uncertainty and some landowners will not appreciate potentially what impacts that may have on their house in terms of the new needs that will be imposed.

“I feel that is the circumstance with all legislative modifications … that I believe we hear about it for a extended time, but it really is not until it really is in fact implemented or in place that individuals realise what it truly signifies for them and take notice of it.”

Flooring, roofing, glazing specifications to be tightened

Mr Fitzgerald and fellow constructing surveyors are bracing for increased demand for their solutions since they will be at the front line of helping house owners comply.

They will do the bushfire attack level assessments to appear at aspects such as the variety of bush and typography to figure out the level of risk of a home.

He stated the level of risk would then trigger the new developing requirements applied to every new home or residential extension in declared areas.

“It identifies specific provisions such as the type of flooring, such as the kind of walls, such as the variety of roofing, the glazing assemblies that are needed within your creating … if within those locations,” he stated.

Even though some regional councils already impose building standards relating to bushfire danger, these new measures aim to introduce a lot more uniformity across the state.

The new requirements are part of recommendations that followed the 2011 Kelmscott Roleystone fire, which destroyed 71 homes.

Premier Colin Barnett confirmed he anticipated the maps to be released in days and said the adjustments were essential as the climate got hotter and drier.

“There may possibly be some backlash against that and it will add to the price of creating new properties in bushfire-prone locations,” he said.

“I think individuals, even though they may initially react adversely, when they think about it, will realise we have to take preventative measures to limit bushfire and bushfire harm and safeguard life and home.

“They are sensible extended-term measures.”

WA has had a terrible start off to the fire season with devastating fires in Esperance that killed 4 men and women and destroyed bumper crops which were prepared for harvest.

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1st posted December 04, 2015 21:54:00

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Early days but late nights for climate change negotiators in Paris

Posted December 04, 2015 10:53:48

It is nevertheless early days in the two-week extended negotiations for a new international agreement to limit climate alter, but negotiators are currently operating into the early hours of the morning.

Key points:

  • Friday deadline to lock in globe-wide deal to limit global warming
  • Final agreement expected to limit boost of two degrees Celcius
  • Push to bridge gap among building and created countries

The United Nations conference in Paris started on Monday with the aim of locking in a world-wide deal to limit global warming beyond 2020, with a deadline of next Friday.

But some negotiating sessions have currently run by means of the night, not wrapping up until early hours of the morning, just before resuming again only a couple of hours later.

A variety of teams are operating on different aspects of the agreement and some regions are proving challenging to get consensus on, major to the late night sessions.

The final agreement is anticipated to settle on limiting worldwide warming to an boost of 2 degrees Celcius.

But there is a big gulf in between created and developing nations on where the onus to reduce emissions lies and how considerably financial help advanced economies ought to provide.

Let’s all function to get building nations into the extremely greatest position they can to access the financing that is there to do things that are important for development.

Head of the United Nation’s Development Program Helen Clark

Head of the United Nation’s Development System Helen Clark urged creating countries to take benefit of new technologies to enable financial advancement whilst still limiting carbon emissions.

“Let’s all work to get developing countries into the extremely ideal position they can to access the financing that’s there to do issues that are important for improvement,” Ms Clark said.

She referred to as for sophisticated economies to provide poorer countries grants, rather than loans, to aid them cope with climate alter.

“We do really feel that standard climate justice needs assistance for adaptation for those who have been harmed by events they didn’t result in,” Ms Clark said.

“There is a fundamental injustice in nations getting set back time and time once again, and getting to incur higher debts and exposure to monetary liability.”

As opposed to the unsuccessful 2009 negotiations in Copenhagen, these talks are not focused on setting targets for nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

As an alternative, every single nation has proposed its personal level of cuts and approaches for doing so.

The negotiations are centred about the general level of emissions cuts, funding, and a technique for monitoring and reviewing each and every country’s progress.

The deal will be a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, which placed most of the responsibility for minimizing emissions on the developed globe and expires in 2020.

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The lady who celebrates Christmas 365 days a year

Posted December 01, 2015 13:15:59

Jane (Janeo) Dawes enjoys being surrounded by Christmas all year round as a prop house director. Photo: Jane Dawes enjoys being surrounded by Christmas all year round as a prop residence director. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

Meet Mrs Christmas: a Brisbane decorator who has been organizing, celebrating and organising festive cheer each day of the year for a lot more than two decades.

For 25 years Jane Dawes has decorated some of the River City’s biggest shopping centres, corporate buildings and public spaces.

We’re the magical people that set up the decorations even though everybody is sleeping in their beds.

Decorator Jane Dawes

While Christmas comes and goes each year, Ms Dawes looks at reindeers and sleighs all year round.

Her perform spot, The Prop House in the inner-city suburb of Woolloongabba, features five-metre-tall Christmas trees, life-sized gingerbread males and thousands of baubles.

The born and bred Brisbane businesswoman began in the market following generating visual merchandise displays in shopping centres.

“By means of the year we do themeing and prop employ for domestic parties and big events but it really is usually about Christmas,” she mentioned.

“We’re the magical men and women that set up the decorations while every person is sleeping in their beds.

“Christmas for us is daily, all year.”

Boxes arrive all year filled with Christmas trees, wreaths, toys and reindeers to be used in displays. Photo: Boxes arrive all year filled with Christmas trees, wreaths, toys and reindeers to be employed in displays. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

It is 12 months a year and it gets frantic around September when men and women panic and realise Christmas is coming.

Jane Dawes

Ms Dawes now lives and breathes the festive season as she plans, designs and builds displays with her little group of 12.

“Decorating buying centres and corporate buildings occur from September and then in January it has to be packed away once again,” she stated.

“It is 12 months a year and it gets frantic about September when men and women panic and realise Christmas is coming.

“We pretty significantly begin talking to our customers in January and February about the following Christmas.”

One of the many Christmas Trees Jane Dawes and her team will place throughout Brisbane. Photo: One of the numerous Christmas trees Jane Dawes and her group have placed all through Brisbane. (Supplied: The Prop House)

Fluffing Christmas trees

Ms Dawes mentioned one particular of the hardest components of her job was overnight purchasing centre installations.

“Clients stroll in a single day and there’s no decorations and then the next day they walk in and ‘hey presto’, there are decorations everywhere,” she stated.

“We deal with a very huge Nutcracker in the city and there is a toy solider at Springfield that stands at 4-and-a-half metres high … he’s quite impressive.”

Decorations are themed and placed in groups ready to go out to be installed. Photo: Decorations are themed and placed in groups ready to go out to be installed. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

The main task requires a crew of 50 working non-cease from 6:00pm via to 7:00am the subsequent day.

“We have to choose our crew as we need general luggers, EWP [elevated operate platform] drivers who drive the large scissor lifts and they all have to find out how varied the workload is,” she stated.

“We make it all seem in a extremely short time.

“You can be fluffing a Christmas tree one particular minute and then testing lights the next minute or on a lift hanging garlands.”

Individual Christmas tree branches are stacked in size and length in the prop showroom. Photo: Individual Christmas tree branches are stacked in size and length in the prop showroom. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

With extended shifts and overnight work, Ms Dawes said treats helped her team get by way of the night.

“We attempt to maintain it exciting and I go by means of lots of snake lollies at about two:00am every single shift to preserve everybody going with sugar,” she mentioned.

Buckets of baubles the size of basketballs are sorted in colour to make it easy for hanging. Photo: Buckets of baubles the size of basketballs are sorted in colour to make it straightforward for hanging. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

Checking thousands of Christmas lights

Hundreds of thousands of fairy lights are utilised in many of Ms Dawes’ displays and the stress of hoping they all function is an occupational hazard.

“There’s nonetheless that moment when you believe, ‘I hope all the lights are going to work’,” she said.

“It constantly happens and we typically hope we have not plugged in a plug or there is a loose bulb that is stopped the connection.

“Just imagine what absolutely everyone goes via setting up their Christmas tree but it is like on steroids as we’re dealing with far more lights and bigger trees.”

One of the life-sized Nutcracker soldiers used in shopping centres decorations. Photo: 1 of the life-sized Nutcracker soldiers employed in purchasing centres. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

Right after Christmas dinner has been eaten, Ms Dawes stated the preparing for next year began.

“Dismantles are tough as generally the satisfaction is a storage room full of boxes but they finish about January 15,” she stated.

“We hang as significantly as we can in our warehouse as that offers us floor space and I was always the person that packed to go camping so I can pack our retailer space extremely efficiently.

“Soon after that, we then do stocktake and redo the showroom and off we go again. We just keep functioning.”

All going well, Ms Dawes tries to take time off around February every single year ahead of Christmas begins all more than again.

She mentioned the adore of her job came from the satisfaction of seeing displays up and completed.

“Realizing that we have developed a concept or custom constructed one thing and to see how it appears at the end is an amazing feeling,” she mentioned.

“I do not think I could still be carrying out it if I didn’t get that buzz.”

Decorations hang from the ceiling as they wait to be installed in shopping centres and locations throughout Queensland. Photo: Decorations hang from the ceiling as they wait to be installed in shopping centres and areas throughout Queensland. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

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