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Fumes from suspected drug lab put contractors in hospital

Posted December 11, 2015 16:55:24

Map: Cracow 4719

Electrical contractors have been treated for exposure to fumes and 3 homes evacuated after a suspected illicit drug laboratory was found at a house in Cracow, in Queensland’s Capricornia region.

Police declared an emergency situation following the lab’s discovery by the electrical contractors, who had been later treated at the Theodore Medical Centre.

A 200-metre exclusion zone was set up around the address.

Roads impacted include the intersection of Third and Fourth avenues with the Eidsvold Theodore Road.

Specialist police are travelling from Brisbane to the scene.

Emergency services are in attendance.

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‘Loaded 3D-printed gun, drug lab’ identified on Mudgeeraba house

Posted December ten, 2015 12:58:33

A loaded 3D-printed handgun and a drug laboratory have been identified in the course of a raid on a Gold Coast property believed to be linked to outlaw bikies, police say.

Police searched the Mudgeeraba acreage this morning, taking an alleged member of the Lone Wolves outlaw motorcycle gang into custody.

The man, an owner of a sports supplement chain, was one of 4 men and women arrested.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith alleged the “sophisticated” laboratory was employed to make methylamphetamine, otherwise recognized as ice.

He mentioned these allegedly involved had gone to fantastic lengths to conceal and safe the operation.

There were CCTV cameras, hiding holes, and a secure hidden in the bush.

All through the bushland in the background we now have found about 10 various hidey holes.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith

“We have a printed 3D-handgun that is really loaded,” he said.

“And then, all through the bushland we now have discovered about 10 diverse hidey holes with various bits of lab gear and other paraphernalia and what appears like chemical substances.

“We’ve got hollowed out tree logs, we’ve got PVC pipes that are covered in bark so they are hidden out there in the bushland.

“There is CCTV footage so you cannot approach the house with no becoming noticed.

“We’ve located a secure cemented into the ground up in the bushland behind the house.”

Officers are continuing to search the home, which they count on will take some time.

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Cancer drug improvement gets enhance with $2m grant for new technology

Posted December ten, 2015 09:54:43

Scientists in Melbourne anticipate the development of cancer drugs to speed up following becoming awarded a grant for a crucial piece of technologies.

The Australian Cancer Investigation Centre will offer $ two million to the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne for a new detector that will make the evaluation of malfunctioning proteins — which trigger ailments, which includes cancer — 10 occasions quicker.

Australian Synchrotron director Andrew Peele said the new detector would eventually lead to the development of new cancer drugs.

“The one particular we presently have is extremely outdated, it is quite slow and what this funding is going to enable us to do is upgrade the detector,” he mentioned.

“Properly it will be like going from a dial-up connection to broadband.”

There are only a couple of synchrotron facilities in the world with this technologies.

The detector is used to analyse proteins and the research is utilized to assist realize how cancer begins and spreads.

Mr Peele said Australia had some of the very best researchers in the world who need to now be in a position to make even a lot more cancer-associated discoveries.

“So we’ve currently had some great examples where researchers have made those simple discoveries, worked with some really large drug businesses, developed drugs and are now receiving them onto market place,” he said.

“But every single time they do that it is a large piece of work. So what this detector is going to let us do, is actually get that pipeline flowing.”

The synchrotron makes use of a process named “micro crystallography” to analyse proteins, exactly where strong X-ray beams are shone onto crystals. The signals from this are then picked up by the detector.

“What crystallography does is, if you can take those proteins and make them type crystals, then employing the Synchrotron you can comprehend their precise structure,” Mr Peele mentioned.

“After you have structure, then you can get an idea as to their function and that is what this detector is going to let us do.”

Deputy director of St Vincent’s Institute of Health-related Study in Melbourne, Professor Michael Parker, stated the data would straight boost cancer drug improvement in Australia.

“Arming researchers with clear representations of protein structures supports efforts to design and style drugs that target particular proteins, to boost their anti-cancer properties or suppress their cancer-enabling effects,” he said.

The new detector will come on the internet in 2017.

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Blueprint for mental health, drug, alcohol solutions in WA released

Posted December 07, 2015 20:09:36

A ten-year program to overhaul mental overall health care and drug and alcohol services in Western Australia will consist of an extra 38 beds for mental wellness individuals.

The strategy was a recommended outcome of the 2012 Stokes Review, which was commissioned right after a spate of suicides by patients released from mental overall health facilities.

Mental Health Minister Helen Morton mentioned the program known as for a six-fold enhance in personalised neighborhood help solutions, doubling the quantity of community-based clinical remedy hours and a three-fold improve in the number of community-based beds more than the next decade.

Ms Morton said new beds would open in Rockingham, Kalgoorlie, Broome, Karratha and Bunbury, enabling an added 500 folks to obtain subacute remedy each year.

“Solutions in the neighborhood are as well couple of and also challenging to access and we are unnecessarily pushing individuals into secondary level and hospitals by way of emergency departments,” she mentioned.

“Priority regions contain improving 24-hour emergency response solutions, services for Aboriginal communities and for young children, expanding alcohol and other drug services hubs in regional places, and the improvement of subacute mental health service and residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation services.”

The plan also calls for the number of hospital beds for people with acute mental illness and medically supervised alcohol and drug withdrawal to practically double by the end of 2025.

Ms Morton said solutions presented at Graylands Mental Health facility would be moved to community-primarily based centres across the state.

“There’s no justification in this day and age for us to place men and women, sedated, in a Royal Flying Medical professional aeroplane and bring them to Perth — we can supply those services in Geraldton,” she stated.

It really is not a program without having income: AMA

While the program outlines the kinds and levels of services necessary across the state, it does not specify who should fund or provide them.

Australian Healthcare Association WA President Michael Gannon stated the Government’s strategy does not mean much with no funds to back it up.

“With out the money it is not a strategy. It’s a non-program. We truly want investment in this region. Consecutive governments have failed to invest in the region of mental overall health,” he stated.

“Our greatest concern about this strategy is that it appears to sideline psychiatrists. They’re the most essential men and women for the sickest individuals in the system.

“They’re the most crucial people when it comes to the complex, risky patients that are not responding to other forms of therapy.”

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Man dies at Stereosonic from suspected drug overdose


Posted December 05, 2015 20:03:14

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Map: Adelaide 5000

A man has died from a suspected drug overdose at the Stereosonic music festival in Adelaide this afternoon.

The man was treated by paramedics and taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital about 5:00pm but later died.

Police mentioned the initial investigation indicated the man had taken an illicit drug and had a quantity of pills in his possession.

Another man is in a crucial situation in hospital right after suffering a health-related episode.

Police think he also consumed an illicit substance.

The death comes a week after a 25-year-old lady died at the Sydney Stereosonic festival of a suspected overdose.

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Drug rehab centres in Sydney’s west ‘struggling’

Posted December 04, 2015 22:03:17

Below-pressure rehabilitation facilities have accused the New South Wales Government of neglecting drug abuse and addiction in Sydney’s western suburbs.

Wayback Rehabilitation Centre in Harris Park has been treating individuals with addictions for more than two decades.

Its waiting list has blown out to three months, and chief executive Ray Brindley said the centre was struggling to cope with enhanced demand.

“It’s quite concerning, since you’re trying to resolve the problem, trying to work at the problem, and you are hampered all the time due to the fact you don’t have the sources to take the folks who want rehabilitation,” Mr Brindley mentioned.

There are nine drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in and around Sydney’s CBD, but Wayback is the only facility in the Parramatta region.

There are three other folks in Sydney’s south-west.

Rehabilitation centres map Photo: Although there are quite a few rehabilitation centres in and around the Sydney CBD there is only a single in the Parramatta region and only 3 in south western Sydney. (ABC News)

Mr Brindley stated the Government was neglecting people in the western suburbs.

“The issue we have in the area, and the support we have from the Government does not match,” Mr Brindley stated.

“We’re struggling a lot, it is just the lack of resources, you only have so a lot of beds, and you only have so many staff because you only afford to employ so numerous staff.”

Without rehab ‘there’d be a lot more men and women dying on the street’

Brett, who did not want his full name to be published, had been abusing drugs such as heroin and ice for 20 years when a court order led him to seek assist at Wayback in June.

He had to wait more than a month to get in, and feared he might not have created it if he was forced to wait any longer.

“I’d hate to feel, anything could have occurred, from killing myself, to even a lot more crime I suppose,” Brett said.

He mentioned the Government needed to acknowledge the significance of rehabilitation centres in fighting the scourge of drugs in the neighborhood.

“If it wasn’t for the rehabs there’d be a lot far more folks dying on the streets, a lot far more crime, and the families that it destroys is the massive a single,” he said.

“It is not just your mum and dads, it really is your young children, and the youngsters are the ones that endure.

“To have a rehab like Wayback – my children are going to have a future with their dad.”

Rehab demand ‘rises 10-15 per cent each year’

Larry Pierce, the chief executive for the Network of Alcohol and other Drugs (NADA), the peak organisation for the non-government drugs and alcohol sector, said there was a desperate require for services to be expanded in the west.

Larry Pierce Photo: Larry Pierce, chief executive of the Network of Alcohol and other Drugs, says a lot more funding is needed for drug rehabilitation in western Sydney. (ABC News)

“We know that there is about 160 beds across 3 agencies in the greater western Sydney location, they’ve all got pretty lengthy waiting lists, we know that demand has been rising by someplace between 10 a 15 per cent each and every year more than the final decade, with no a significant boost in the quantity of those beds.

“That waiting period that discourages a lot of folks from actually moving into that type of therapy, or they move off and try to find some thing else.

“Services could be expanded in both the number of beds, but also the number of and variety of applications the services could run.”

The Opposition’s spokeswoman for Mental Health, Tania Mihailuk, stated the Government had failed folks in the area.

“We have a developing population there, and clearly a lot more and a lot more individuals are facing drug dependency concerns and want the assistance of a rehabilitation centre,” Ms Mihailuk said.

“It is unacceptable that men and women are waiting weeks to have treatment.”

Tania Mihailuk Photo: Opposition spokeswoman for Mental Overall health Tania Mihailuk says the Government has failed the men and women of western Sydney. (ABC News)

In a statement, Mental Well being Minister Pru Goward defended the Government’s handling of the situation, saying it was drawing on police, wellness and community sources to fight drug use and addiction across the state.

“The NSW Government has budgeted $ 185 million this year for drug and alcohol treatment services such as withdrawal management solutions, counselling, rehabilitation solutions, and hospital-based drug and alcohol consultation liaison solutions.

“These services accept individuals making use of any variety of substance, including methamphetamines.

“Fighting the scourge of ice use and addiction is a priority for the NSW Government and we remain committed to delivering a range of drug and alcohol prevention and remedy programs appropriate across NSW.”

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Doctors want ban on prescription drug, device advertisements

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Practically nothing says erectile dysfunction treatment like a couple in two bathtubs overlooking the ocean. (credit: DisneylandDini20/YouTube)

If you believe a drug you saw on a industrial is right for you, talk with your doctor about the problems with drug advertisements.

On Tuesday, the American Health-related Association (AMA) called for a ban on direct-to-customer ads for prescription drugs and medical devices. Such ads drive demand and costs for pricey name-brand treatment options when these drugs might not be acceptable or when clinically powerful, low-expense possibilities are accessible, the doctors group mentioned. The announcement is element of a larger effort by the association to make prescription drugs much more reasonably priced.

“Today’s vote in support of an advertising ban reflects concerns amongst physicians about the unfavorable effect of commercially-driven promotions, and the part that marketing expenses play in fueling escalating drug rates,” AMA Board Chair-elect Patrice A. Harris said in a news release.

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