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Tasmanian bushfire risk to ‘double’ if climate emissions continue apace

Posted December 14, 2015 13:11:01

A new lengthy-term forecast of Tasmania’s fire circumstances has predicted the state’s fire danger threat would double by the finish of the century if carbon emissions continued at existing rates.

The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Investigation Centre report showed the state’s fire season would commence a month earlier and cover twice the location if carbon emissions continued at high levels.

Tony Warby from the Australian Antarctic Division said the quantity of fire danger days was also most likely to increase by about 10 per cent per decade this century.

“Maybe most concerningly, locations that are at greatest risk now of bushfires are most likely to be the places of even far more increased threat in the future, so these places a probably to get worse a lot more swiftly,” he stated.

External Hyperlink: The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Analysis Centre’s animated Future Fire Danger Index shows how the area and intensity of bushfire danger in Tasmania could increase over time.

The information analyses possible scenarios up till 2100, with an expected boost in fire threat predicted despite the current Paris climate deal.

Even with the Paris deal added to calculations, Dr Warby stated the best attainable case situation was a 1.five degree Celsius to 2C boost more than pre-industrial levels.

I don’t consider there is any doubt at all that that we’re going to see rising bushfire risk in numerous components of Tasmania more than the next couple of decades.

Dr Tony Warby

“That would undoubtedly limit some of the worst-case scenarios that had been identified in this report, but at the exact same time we know that over the subsequent a number of decades CO2 emissions will continue to improve,” he said.

“It would surely be nice to think that, on the back of the deal that was reached in Paris, that we will have a future that moves towards low emissions far more speedily than possibly we otherwise anticipated.”

The report says that the fire danger season could begin up to a month earlier, especially in the Central Highlands and the south east of the state.

“What is presented in the report is a realistic assessment of the probably danger more than the subsequent several decades,” Dr Warby said.

“Beyond the middle of the century, based on where global emissions go, some of the worst outcomes potentially may possibly not be realised, but I don’t think there’s any doubt at all that that we’re going to see rising bushfire risk in numerous components of Tasmania more than the subsequent couple of decades.”

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Only little group to blame for emissions scandal: VW

Updated December 11, 2015 01:26:31

Volkswagen says only a little group of workers were responsible for cheating US diesel emissions tests and there is no indication that board members were involved in the largest enterprise crisis in the firm’s history.

Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch said investigations into the affair were going well, but the scandal was the outcome of a “chain of errors” and it would take months to say which men and women had been to blame.

The carmaker announced that it had agreed on actions to enhance oversight of engine-software improvement to keep away from any future emissions test manipulations.

Volkswagen hoped to attain agreement with US environmental authorities in the subsequent handful of days or weeks so the organization can start off to recall affected vehicles there.

Cooperation with those authorities was described as “exceptional”.

In spite of the scandal, orders so far this year had been up by three.5 per cent and chief executive Matthias Mueller stated he was confident that buyers would get over their reluctance to get the group’s cars in the coming weeks.

VW also mentioned it was organizing to bring in a new corporate structure that would be in location across the group by early 2017.

The business was not taking into consideration the sale of any units to simplify the group structure or raise income, and was happy with having 12 brands.

But executives had been nevertheless unable to estimate the scandal’s legal expenses, for which they had so far produced no provisions.

Mr Mueller, who has not been to the United States given that becoming chief executive after the scandal broke, stated he would start off a check out to the nation right after the Detroit motor show in January.

Speaking at a news conference at VW’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Mr Mueller said he would apologise for the predicament, but added: “I never feel I will be going down on my knees there … I will appear ahead optimistically and confidently.”

Europe’s most significant carmaker launched internal and external investigations in September following admitting its deception in the United States.

Engine-improvement unit ‘remains the focus of investigations’

“No business justifies crossing legal and ethical boundaries,” Mr Poetsch stated. “Even even though we can’t stop misconduct by folks after and for all, in future it will be extremely challenging to bypass our processes.”

Mr Poetsch said the external investigation by US law firm Jones Day was generating good progress but would require time to attain conclusions.

He mentioned Volkswagen would not name any people involved on Thursday but it was most likely only a modest quantity of men and women took component in the deception.

“We are speaking right here not about a one particular-off error but a chain of errors,” he said, adding: “Primarily based on what we know nowadays, it was a quite restricted group which acted irresponsibly.”

VW’s engine-improvement unit remained the concentrate of investigations, Mr Poetsch stated.

Mr Mueller stated the crisis was an opportunity for VW to introduce long-necessary structural alter. Considering that the start of this year, the VW group’s executive board has brought in six new members, and leading management had been changed at seven of VW’s 12 brands.

He mentioned VW was functioning on a new structure to give a lot more power to its regional divisions and brands. Information would be drawn up in the 1st quarter of next year and it would be in location across the group by early 2017.

“As critical as this crisis is, it is also offering us an opportunity to drive much-need structural alter and we will use that chance,” Mr Mueller mentioned.

Up to 11 million cars worldwide have computer software installed that defeats emissions tests, and the charges to Volkswagen of fixing the cars, paying fines to environmental authorities and dealing with legal challenges are estimated in the tens of billions of euros.

Mr Mueller said it was fairly basic and affordable to repair the impacted automobiles, and he was often asked why they had not accomplished so in the very first spot. The purpose was that the technologies for the fixes was not offered when the vehicles were constructed, and the issue was not identified at the time.

“We will not allow the crisis to paralyse us,” Mr Mueller said. “Although the present situation is significant, this company will not be broken by it.”

The scandal forced out VW’s long-time chief executive and wiped 13 per cent, or 10 billion euros, off its marketplace worth.


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1st posted December 10, 2015 23:46:14

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Climate-saving deal to reduce emissions within reach in Paris

Posted December ten, 2015 07:36:56

An elusive universal pact to save mankind from disastrous worldwide warming is inside attain, the French host of UN talks said as he released a new blueprint just 48 hours before the deadline for a deal.

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius cautioned the toughest issues nonetheless required to be resolved as he appealed for compromise among the ministers and other negotiators from 195 nations gathered in the northern outskirts of Paris.

But, soon after releasing a streamlined draft of the accord that eliminated hundreds of smaller sized points of dispute, Mr Fabius voiced self-assurance an accord could be signed by Friday to rein in greenhouse gases that warm the planet.

“I am convinced we can reach a deal but to do so we must unite our forces and set our compass on the want for compromise,” Mr Fabius told the delegates.

The UN talks have been billed as the final chance to avert the worst consequences of global warming: deadly drought, floods and storms, and rising seas that will engulf islands and densely populated coastlines.

A lot more than two decades of international diplomacy have failed to make such an accord, which would call for a transformation of the world’s energy method away from its reliance on extremely polluting coal, oil and gas.

Deep divisions — mainly amongst rich and poor nations — over how to pay for the costly shift to renewable types of power, such as solar and wind, have bedevilled the UN climate method.

Even though the most significant arguments are yet to be resolved in Paris, negotiators and lengthy-time observers agreed following the release of the draft that a deal could be reached.

“Our sense is that virtually every thing we require for an ambitious, equitable agreement is nonetheless in play,” said Jennifer Morgan, international director of the climate system at the World Resources Institute.

“But there is clearly an immense quantity of work to be accomplished in the coming hours.”

Nevertheless some campaigning groups said they had been concerned that world powers, in their rush for an agreement, may settle for a weak accord that does not do sufficient to curb greenhouse gases.

“It really is a mix of the good, the undesirable and the ugly, but we’ve got three days to force the worst stuff out and get a decent deal. It really is crunch time now,” Greenpeace climate policy expert Kaisa Kosonen.

Taking effect in 2020, the Paris agreement would seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions deeply sufficient to curb worldwide warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius over pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

In a victory for dozens of nations most vulnerable to rising sea levels and fierce storms, a much more ambitious cap of 1.5C was also kept as an alternative in the draft accord released on Wednesday.

“We have in no way been this close to a climate change agreement,” Thoriq Ibrahim, Maldives environment minister and chair of the Alliance of Tiny Island States, said in response to the newest draft.

“It is now up to us ministers to show the leadership required to make tough choices that put the interests of folks and the planet ahead of short-sighted politics.”

Funding for climate adjust initiatives stay a challenge

A single of the greatest prospective deal-busters remains cash.

Wealthy nations promised six years ago in Copenhagen to muster $ US100 billion a year from 2020 to help developing nations make the costly shift to clean power, and to cope with the effect of global warming.

But how the pledged funds will be raised nonetheless remains unclear — and building countries are pushing for a promise that the amount will be ramped up in future.

Meanwhile, rich nations are insisting that establishing giants work harder to tackle their greenhouse gases, noting that much of the world’s emissions come from their rapidly-expanding economies.

Most nations submitted to the UN ahead of Paris their voluntary plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions from 2020, which was extensively hailed as an crucial platform for accomplishment.

Energy revolution possibleVideo: Power revolution attainable (The Globe)

But scientists say that, even if the cuts were fulfilled, they would nonetheless put Earth on track for warming of at least two.7C.

United Nations Environment Plan executive director Achim Steiner mentioned the Paris climate talks could fuel an power revolution which could unfold inside months.

“What will come out of Paris will unquestionably be a signal to a low carbon economy. I consider we will see an power revolution beginning to unfold actually within months of Paris getting come to an agreement,” he stated.

1 of the remaining battle fronts in Paris is a debate more than when and how usually to assessment these national plans, so that they could be “scaled up” with pledges for deeper emissions cuts.

Some establishing nations insist they should not be pressured into deeper cuts, insisting that duty rests with rich nations that have burnt the most fossil fuels given that the Industrial Revolution.

In a dramatic and timely example of the world’s fate if rampant coal burning goes unchecked, choking smog has descended on the Chinese capital of Beijing and surrounding cities this week.

A red alert, ordering factories to close and recommending children remain at property, was raised in Beijing for the 1st time on Monday, followed by 27 other cities on Tuesday.

China is the world’s most significant emitter of greenhouse gases, primarily because of its reliance on coal to give low cost power for its 1.three billion individuals as they go via a exceptional financial transformation.


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VW says false CO2 emissions have an effect on only 36,000 automobiles

Updated December 10, 2015 00:28:00

Volkswagen says allegations it lied about the carbon dioxide emissions of up to 800,000 automobiles have proven to be largely unfounded.

The vehicle maker now says the quantity of impacted automobiles was about 36,000.

Essential points:

  • Volkswagen says only 36,000 cars affected by false carbon emissions, not 800,000 as formerly reported
  • VW was initially expecting charges of at least two billion euros which includes compensation payments to customers
  • The German carmaker is scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday on the fallout so far of the pollution-cheating scandal

“The suspicion that the fuel consumption figures of current production automobiles had been unlawfully changed was not confirmed,” VW stated in a statement.

“Only a tiny quantity of the model variants of new cars will have the catalogue (CO2) figure slightly adjusted.”

It mentioned the “unfavorable influence on earnings of two. billion euros that was initially expected has [also] not been confirmed”.

VW mentioned final month it had falsified fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions in about 800,000 automobiles sold mostly in Europe and was expecting costs of at least two billion euros like compensation payments to clients.

“The damaging influence on earnings … has not been confirmed,” VW stated.

“Whether or not we will have a minor financial impact, depends on the results of the remeasurement physical exercise.”

On Wednesday, the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that the number of cars actually impacted was much reduced and owners would not be expected to make any further tax payments as a outcome of the discrepancies.

The newspaper reported that fewer than 40,000 cars had been truly impacted.

The report comes after a November 3 report that the auto giant revealed an internal probe had uncovered “inconsistencies” on carbon emissions as properly, affecting not only diesel engines but petrol engines too.

VW is at present engulfed in a massive pollution-scandal that had initially centred on so-referred to as defeat devices, sophisticated software program fitted into diesel engines to skew the outcomes of tests for nitrogen oxide emissions.

The carmaker admitted to fitting 11 million diesel engines worldwide with the rogue computer software, triggering each regulatory and criminal investigations in a range of nations, like Germany.

VW is scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday on the fallout so far of the pollution-cheating scandal.

It will also hear from the top executive of its Audi unit what methods he plans to take to repair luxury diesel automobiles fitted with computer software found to have enabled its engines to evade US emissions limits.

Shoppers have been deterred from making purchases due to the fact of the CO2 cheating, functions council chief Bernd Osterloh has stated, adding to currently falling demand for its cars in China and Latin America.

NordLB’s Schope predicted the group’s global sales would fall as considerably as four per cent worldwide subsequent year in a marketplace that looks set to grow by the identical margin.


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Initial posted December 09, 2015 23:29:31

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World’s richest 10pc produce half of global carbon emissions: Oxfam

Posted December 03, 2015 00:57:17

The richest 10 per cent of folks make half of Earth’s climate-harming fossil-fuel emissions whilst the poorest half contribute a mere ten per cent, a new study kind British charity Oxfam says.

Oxfam published the numbers as negotiators from 195 nations met in Paris to wrangle over a climate rescue pact.

Disputes more than how to share responsibility for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions and aiding climate-vulnerable countries are amongst the thorniest and longest-operating issues in the 25-year-old UN climate approach.

“Wealthy, high emitters must be held accountable for their emissions, no matter exactly where they live,” Oxfam climate policy head Tim Gore said in a statement.

“But it really is easy to forget that swiftly establishing economies are also home to the majority of the world’s really poorest folks and whilst they have to do their fair share, it is wealthy nations that need to still lead the way.”

The report stated that an typical particular person among the richest 1 per cent emits 175 times much more carbon than his or her counterpart among the bottom 10 per cent.

Rich and building nations stay deeply divided on the issue of “differentiation”, or how to share out responsibility for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, which derive mostly from burning coal, oil and gas.

Developing nations say the West has polluted for a lot longer and should shoulder a larger obligation for cutting back.

They also demand assurances of finance to support them shift to less-polluting renewable power, shore up defences against climate impacts such as sea level rise, droughts and superstorms, and to cover harm that can’t be avoided.

“We hope sophisticated nations will assume ambitious targets and pursue them sincerely. It really is not just a query of historical duty — they also have the most space to make the cuts and make the strongest effect,” Indian prime minister Narendra Modi told Monday’s opening of the summit by globe leaders.

Yet many wealthy nations, led by the United States, reject the concept of a “bifurcated” strategy with obligations placed on 1 group of nations, and not the other.

They point to the danger of carbon emissions, as measured by volume, rather than per capita, from emerging giants such as China and India.

Oxfam said its analysis “helps dispel the myth that citizens in swiftly developing nations are somehow most to blame for climate adjust.”


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VW to release fix for cars affected by emissions scandal, says chief executive

Volkswagen chief executive Matthias Müller told business managers that VW will deliver technical particulars on fixing cars fitted with emissions-rigging software program. Photograph: Julian Stratenschulte/AFP/Getty Pictures

Volkswagen chief executive Matthias Müller has said the firm will provide technical particulars on fixing vehicles fitted with emissions-rigging computer software to German regulators by the end of the month.

According to a copy of a speech he gave to firm managers at Volkswagen headquarters on Monday, Müller stated the Federal Motor Transport Authority has signed off on a software update to fix impacted 2-litre diesel motors. The regulator has also given the “basic go” to a fix for the 1.6-litre automobiles that will also involve replacing an air filter cartridge and grill. Information are being finalized on a software program fix for 1.two-litre motors.

Müller said most of the affected automobiles would not require significant work. He stated: “For about 90% of the group’s autos in Europe the solutions are confirmed. The price for the retrofitting is technically, physically and financially manageable.”

Connected: The Volkswagen emissions scandal explained

European sales for the Volkswagen Group dropped .8% last month, although its European industry share slipped to 25.2% in October, down from 26.1% in the same month last year.

VW’s mass market brands suffered sales falls final month, as Seat fell 11.2%, Skoda declined two.9% and the important VW brand slipped .four%.

Nonetheless, VW’s premium brands – Audi and Porsche – appear to have been untouched by the scandal, with sales increasing three.five% and 13.three% respectively.

Because vehicle deliveries usually happen several weeks after buy decisions, the full repercussions of the scandal, which began with VW’s admission on 18 September that diesel engine emission tests had been rigged, are expected to grow to be much more apparent in information for November.

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