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PFL certainty essential for Fremantle Port sale, says asset sales head

Posted December 08, 2015 15:47:55

Certainty over the Perth Freight Hyperlink is essential to the sale of the Fremantle Port, the head of the West Australian Government’s asset sales plan says.

The Government has committed to constructing Roe 8, the 1st stage of the controversial Perth Freight Link, but Premier Colin Barnett has put stage two of the project to Fremantle on the back burner.

Mr Barnett cited the complexity and expense of the project as reasons along with the government’s want to concentrate on priority projects like Roe 8, the Forrestfield Airport rail link and the Swan Valley bypass.

Speaking to a crowd of organization leaders, WA Treasury executive director of strategic projects and asset sales Richard Mann said the Government needed to confirm the technique and timing of the project, which would turn into a strategic transport route to the port.

“We count on those choices to be created over the coming months and they will obviously be factored into our transaction,” he mentioned.

He said the Government might provide possible purchasers of the port a lease longer than 49 years, despite previously stating that would be the time period set on the sale.

“There is undoubtedly been no choice on a 49-year lease for Fremantle,” Mr Mann mentioned.

“The lease term is fundamental to dealing with the quantity factors you happen to be talking about, expansion and growth in particular.

“That will be a important policy decision for the Government and you’d be conscious that the majority of port transactions in Australia, the lease term has been drastically longer than 49 years.

“If you happen to be speaking about expansion and development over time and return on investment, then a quick lease term can make that pretty hard, so the quantity one particular consideration for government is, how extended is the lease term in order to facilitate those objectives?” Mr Mann said.

Prospect of longer lease welcomed

Chamber of Commerce and Sector chief executive Deirdre Willmot stated certainty about stage two was required for organizations and welcomed recommendations a longer lease would be supplied to possible purchasers.

“If that offers opportunities for a wider range of investors to place proposals to the government … that is very good news,” she stated.

“There’s been a commitment to Roe 8, we’re nonetheless waiting for the particulars on what the final access to the port will be and that is critical for long term users and potential owners of the port.

“The time has genuinely come where we require those new plans to be finalised so there is that certainty.”

The Government announced the sale of the port in the May possibly spending budget but it is anticipated any final decision on the contract would need to be regarded by Cabinet.

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Essential bills pass in rowdy end to parliamentary year

Posted December 04, 2015 01:46:19

Essential pieces of legislation have been approved throughout the final evening of Federal Parliament for 2015, which was characterised by bitter and occasionally raucous debate.

Labor accused the Greens of getting “sell-out rats” for undertaking a deal with the Government on its bill to double existing penalties for multinational tax avoidance.

The Greens secured amendments which will force private Australian companies with revenue of $ 200 million or more to also publicly disclose their tax details, and multinationals with international income of $ 1 billion or more will have to prepare far more detailed monetary statements.

“What you can do in this place, is you can grandstand from the sidelines or you can roll your sleeves up and really get action on multinational tax avoidance,” Greens leader Richard Di Natale told the Senate.

The Federal Opposition was outraged because it desires the disclosure rules to apply to organizations with a income of $ one hundred million, and the Greens supported such an amendment just last month.

Labor senator Sam Dastyari stated Senator Di Natale had been “weak” and “desperate” to do the deal.

There’s a large distinction among truly receiving a bill passed into legislation, versus obtaining a political outcome that you can go and do a press conference on.

Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson

“He begins with the numbers on the position that he advocates for, he keeps the numbers, then he folds,” Senator Dastyari said.

“I want far more transparency, I want much more disclosure, I want far more openness.”

But the Greens mentioned without having their deal with the Government there would be no transparency of key companies’ tax affairs.

“We had the numbers for a political outcome, not a policy outcome,” Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson mentioned.

“There’s a large difference in between in fact acquiring a bill passed into legislation, versus receiving a political outcome that you can go and do a press conference on.”

There was also some disquiet on the Government benches.

South Australian Liberal senator Cory Bernardi signalled his intention to cross the floor, due to the fact the Greens agreement overturned a earlier decision by the Coalition party space.

“I regret very much that it’s come to this,” Senator Bernardi stated.

“It is really about, simply, the principles and processes that want to be endorsed.”

But after formal votes on the amendments the Senate’s final decision on the bill was waived by means of, and it was then authorized by the House of Representatives.

Citizenship changes pass regardless of crossbench concern

The Federal Government relied on support from the Opposition to pass two other essential bills prior to Parliament’s summer season break.

The Government’s changes to strip citizenship from dual nationals involved in terrorism was the subject of further scrutiny from the crossbench before becoming passed.

“When you cancel their citizenship and you deport them back to wherever they come from, have you carried out any modelling on the likelihood of them choosing up a weapon and putting a bullet by means of one of our soldiers?” independent senator Jacqui Lambie asked.

Attorney-General George Brandis stated anybody deported below the new law would be “placed into the hands of the other nation of which they are dual citizens”.

“You say that these people might put a bullet into one particular of our soldiers, these are folks that may possibly place a bullet into 1 of our soldiers or one particular of our civilians, we do not want them on our streets, that’s the goal of this bill,” Senator Brandis mentioned.

The Government also had Labor’s help to pass just more than $ 1 billion worth of savings from the larger education price range.

The legislation will convert start-up scholarships for students into loans from January subsequent year, and take away the ten per cent discount accessible for paying course costs upfront from 2017.

Both houses of parliament have now adjourned till February subsequent year.

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