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MP cites daughter’s bullying in Facebook reprimand of exact same-sex marriage opponent

Posted December 12, 2015 09:23:48

Tasmanian Greens leader Cassy O’Connor has cited her personal daughter’s bullying expertise in a passionate letter rejecting an MP’s claim of becoming bullied by identical-sex marriage advocates.

Last month Labor MP Madeleine Ogilvie voted against a tri-partisan motion in help of exact same-sex marriage.

Final Sunday, some Labor members who support same-sex marriage gathered outdoors Ms Ogilvie’s workplace and staged a protest. They drew a rainbow in chalk on the pavement.

Ms Ogilvie vented her objections on Facebook, claiming to have been bullied by “threatening … intimidating, thuggish behaviour”.

“I will not be bullied by a small group of people who say they want tolerance, but behave with anything but tolerance,” she wrote.

“Techniques of intimidation, house harm and bullying on social media … are fully unacceptable,” she added.

Ms O’Connor addressed Ms Ogilvie in a letter posted on Facebook on Friday afternoon, saying it had taken a handful of days to digest Ms Ogilvie’s bullying claims.

Comments on Cassy O'Connor's post were overwhelmingly positive. Photo: Comments on Cassy O’Connor’s post have been overwhelmingly optimistic. (Facebook)

“You see, ironically, the day you claimed to have been bullied as a outcome of your regressive stance on marriage equality was the day my very same-sex attracted 17-year-old daughter came house in tears since some kids in town had been calling her a dyke,” Ms O’Connor wrote.

“This is what LGBTI young men and women experience on a close to daily basis. This is what an unequal society appears and feels like.”

By Saturday morning, the post had received a lot more than 4,200 likes and had been shared a lot more than 1,000 times.

The majority of comments on the post had been overwhelmingly constructive.

Ms O’Connor, who moved the motion final month, told Ms Ogilvie she ought to “cop it on the chin and move on”, offering her advice to “think just before you ever press send or post on a public message”.

“You are not the victim here and it was silly to claim so,” she wrote.

“My second piece of tips is to don’t forget that being in politics is never ever about you.”

Ms Ogilvie, who was tagged in the post, has not responded to the comments.

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Secret Facebook group to name men who troll females online

Updated December 04, 2015 09:07:58

Much more than 1,one hundred ladies are arranging to tackle on-line abuse by naming and shaming “trolls” in a Twitter campaign launching nowadays.

Sydney author and columnist Kerri Sackville is sick of seeing girls, especially those in the media, maliciously threatened with rape and murder on the web, so is top the charge against guys she has labelled trolls.

Soon after reading comments feminist and writer Clementine Ford received soon after a male Meriton employee was fired for calling her a slut on the internet, Sackville was compelled to take action.

“Clementine posted about the messages [and comments] she had been sent, becoming referred to as a slut and a whore and a c*** and threatened with rape and violence,” Sackville told the ABC.

“When you abuse 1 lady you abuse all of us … I stated to my pal there has to be some thing we can do.”

Sackville was inspired by posts following the Paris attacks that killed 130 men and women, which tweeted the names of victims a single by one particular.

“It produced the victims some thing other than numbers, one thing other than statistics,” she mentioned.

She discussed with friends tweeting the names of the men who had not too long ago written abusive comments to Ford.

The notion speedily gathered traction, and right after producing a closed Facebook group “Twitter campaign — Cease Violence Against Females” on Tuesday, it had much more than 1,000 members by Friday morning.

Although the majority are females, there are some males.

Nowadays, members will launch the campaign by tweeting out names from the list of far more than 150 men, focusing on a “top ten” — which Sackville said had been verified and were the “most abusive and repeat offenders”.

The hashtag #EndViolenceAgainstWomen and a hyperlink to Ford’s post exactly where folks can see what the males have written will also be incorporated.

“We’re not slandering them, we’re not abusing them, just posting their name. [The comments are] already in public domain, it’s just taking that next step,” she stated.

Sackville mentioned the majority of trolls did not hide behind anonymity, meaning their first and final name would be shared.

“They feel they can be in the public arena without any worry or consequence or retribution and I want guys to know we are watching,” she said.

Individuals outdoors the group can participate by screen-shotting the tweets and posting themselves, Sackville said.

“There are some girls who have joined the group but they are too traumatised from previous threats of violence on-line they just do not feel robust enough to participate — but we will do it for them,” she mentioned.

‘I’m ashamed to be sincere, it shows it does silence women’

Journalist and tv personality Tracey Spicer is a member of the group and has endorsed its approach.

She mentioned ashamedly, trolls had silenced her.

“Ever given that I started writing opinion pieces … I noticed some of the vicious, hateful, scary comments that would come [on social media],” she told the ABC.

“I put up with it for years and thought it was typical till a couple of pieces I wrote got interest from the MRA — the Men’s Rights Association — in the US.

“I started to get some really terrifying stuff.”

Trolls have have threatened journalist Tracey Spicer and her family online Photo: Journalist Tracey Spicer says she has been “silenced” by trolls following they threatened her and her family members. (Supplied: Tracey Spicer)

Spicer said the group knew where she lived and what school her kids went to, threatening her on Twitter, Facebook and email.

“I spoke to a friend of mine who is really higher up in New South Wales Police and he said, ‘look, you can complain about them … but as soon as you do that it can fire them up’,” she said.

Spicer mentioned she produced the decision to be less “strident” in her viewpoints to defend her household.

“I am ashamed to be sincere, it shows it does silence ladies,” she stated.

Screenshot from Kerri Sackville's closed Facebook group Photo: Screenshot from Kerri Sackville’s closed Facebook group aiming to name and shame trolls. (Supplied: Kerri Sackville)

“That’s why I admire what Clementine Ford and Jenna Value and these ladies who get extremely hateful comments and are still speaking out.

“It is great and encouraging for all females.”

Spicer mentioned male columnists she had spoken to did encounter trolls but the harassment was not as violent or sexual.

“Girls are targeted with really sexual stuff. I was told I would be raped and my youngsters will be raped. It does speak into that actual gender power imbalance.”

Sackville echoed these comments, saying males who expressed opinions in the public domain were not attacked the exact same way.

“You get men and women like Alan Jones … who can be extremely appropriate wing and express controversial views and men and women might contact them idiots or morons … no-one particular threatens to rape them,” she said.

‘We have to impose our personal sort of order’

Sackville expects the hashtag will begin trending at speed and hopes the campaign will not only raise awareness but trigger a “cultural shift”.

“I am not kidding myself thinking there will be an finish to violence against females in general or on-line,” she said.

“But I want males and girls — there are some ladies [offenders] as well — to consider twice.

“I want them to know we are watching and we will stand together.

“When you target one particular journalist, you are targeting all of us.

“There are no checks and balances on the internet. We have to impose our own sort of order.”

Sackville wished to clarify the project is not Ford’s initiative.

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1st posted December 04, 2015 09:01:49

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Israeli families sue Facebook demanding action on violent posts

Posted December 03, 2015 23:33:30

The web has grow to be the newest frontline in the battle amongst Palestinians and Israelis.

Hundreds of Israelis families are suing Facebook, demanding they do something to cease the spread of pictures and messages on its platform that glorify violence against Israelis.

It follows a spike in street violence between Israelis and Palestinians more than the past two months.

Ninety-seven Palestinians have been killed considering that October 1, a lot more than half of those while carrying out attacks on Israelis.

Nineteen Israelis have been killed in these attacks, which contain stabbings, shootings and auto-rammings.

A photo of Richard Lakin who was killed on a bus by two Palestinians. Photo: A photo of 76-year-old Israeli Richard Lakin who was killed on a bus by two Palestinians. (Facebook)

Richard Lakin, 76, was one particular of the Israelis killed by two young Palestinians who boarded a bus he was on and began attacking.

Mr Lakin’s son, Micah Lakin Avni, said he nevertheless cannot make sense of it.

“How could it be that two 20-year-old children … got out a gun and started shooting men and women in their 70s,” he told the ABC.

“And when they fell to the floor, took out a knife and began stabbing them, and when they run out of bullets began strangling people.

“What brought individuals to do this, how could individuals be so evil?”

Mr Lakin Avni started scouring the web for answers and was horrified by what he identified.

External Link: Facebook post Richard Lakin

“Here you have a chart that was posted on Facebook that showed how to most successfully hit a main vein or artery,” he stated displaying a web page on the net.

“This was posted on Facebook and spread around all over the internet.”

“The quantity of incitement to violence on the internet had got these kids worked up to the point where they run out, take a kitchen knife and go out onto the street and run towards an innocent civilian and try and stab them.”

Not lengthy prior to his death, Richard Lakin, who had taught at a joint Israeli/Palestinian college, wrote this post on Facebook, addressing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu straight: “It’s time to wake up and seek a typical ground with our Palestinian neighbours … stop all provocations in the West Bank.

“Adequate with the non-negotiations that the Israeli and Palestinian public has had to endure throughout your time as PM. Every thing has gotten a lot more extreme.”

Mr Lakin Avni made a certain point of searching for information about the attackers who had killed his father.

“I found that one particular of them had posted on Facebook a few months just before, a sort of general get in touch with to martyrdom, saying, ‘I’m going to grow to be a martyr and get in touch with on all of you to do the same’,” he mentioned.

“I think the argument that social media is just a billboard and they [the social media websites] do not bear responsibility doesn’t carry water since they manage the content they know exactly what I’m undertaking.”

“It is not a difficulty to generate an algorithm to recognise all these videos and hire ten or 20 or even 500 people, if need be, to monitor them and take down the issues which are actual dramatic incitement to violence.”

‘Sentiments on the web a symptom, not the cause’

But sites are proving significantly tougher to manage.

Ahmad Yousef works for Quds media, a web-primarily based Palestinian news service that has more than four million followers.

He said the primary videos on his web site that go viral are the clips that capture what life is like under Israeli occupation.

To claim that Palestinian resistance and Palestinian anger these days and the uprising is only because there is some thing on the internet is simply very superficial and incorrect

Palestinian parliament MP Mustafa Barghouti

“Facebook is not ‘helping’ to incite [violence, like] Israel is accusing,” he told the ABC.

“It assists to bring the image to the individuals — to show them what is taking place.”

But Mr Yousef also publishes photos that do glorify violence against Israelis and he stated he will continue to do so.

“It really is extremely regular, this is the scenario of Palestinian resisting Israel for the past 67 years,” he said.

“It’s my appropriate to treat the freedom fighters as heroes — to contact them heroes.”

Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian parliament, said the pictures and sentiments on the internet are only symptoms of the anger, not the cause.

“To claim that Palestinian resistance and Palestinian anger today and the uprising is only because there is one thing on the web is merely quite superficial and incorrect,” he told the ABC.

“There is a lot of Israeli violence against the Palestinian men and women and at the end of the day the question is exactly where is the cause of all of this?

“The major cause is occupation and the continuation of occupation.”

In Jerusalem, Mr Lakin Avni spoke at the Israeli parliament to attempt to get members to introduce legislation that will force Facebook to act.

“My father Richard Lakin, he was a human with a great heart,” he told the meeting.

“As we ask banks to cease transferring funds for terror acts goal, just like we ask the communication organizations to inspect the content material of what they give, so we need to demand from the social media networks actions in order to cease terror acts and incitement.”

He has already had some achievement with Israel’s deputy foreign minister last week meeting with Google and YouTube representatives in Silicon Valley to talk about the issue.

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Writer Clementine Ford defends response to offensive Facebook message

Posted December 01, 2015 21:34:46

Writer Clementine Ford has defended her actions right after a man who left an abusive comment on one particular of her Facebook posts was fired from his job with a hotel chain more than the message.

On November 24, Ford, a freelance writer who lists her interests as “feminism, pop culture and social troubles”, shared a screenshot of a sexually explicit comment she had received.

Michael Nolan, whose Facebook profile listed his employer as Meriton Apartments, commented on that post with the word “slut”.

External Hyperlink: Clementine Ford reports Mr Nolan’s comment to Meriton

On November 27, Ford posted a gallery of screenshots of that comment along with posts from Mr Nolan’s Facebook page, linking to Meriton’s Facebook web page and asking if they have been aware of his behaviour.

On November 30, Ford shared the text of a message she says she received from the Meriton Group, announcing that the incident had been investigated and that Mr Nolan “no longer operates for the Meriton Group”.

“Meriton Group does not condone this variety of behaviour,” the message stated.

In the same post, Ford defended herself against accusations she had “triggered a man to shed his job”.

“He is accountable for his actions,” she wrote.

“He is accountable for the items he writes and the attitudes he holds.”

Ford stated it was not her duty to “hold his hand and coddle him” since behaving in an abusive manner may possibly have consequences for him.

She said that females are usually told to stay silent about harassment in case it ruins a man’s career, but asked “Why is their behaviour our duty? Sufficient.”

In a column for Fairfax Media’s Day-to-day Life site, Ford said that “Facebook’s techniques for responding to abuse are useless” and that females “ritually targeted by gendered harassment” have to choose amongst removing themselves from the on the web globe, or to try and produce consequences for men and women in their everyday lives.

Ford had already edited her first post about the comment to say “There are fundamentally no consequences for males who behave like this, so we have to commence creating consequences for them.”

External Hyperlink: Clementine Ford Facebook post announcing Mr Nolan’s termination

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