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Mother shares fears as parole for Russell Street bomber moves closer

Posted December 14, 2015 16:41:11

The mother of murdered Melbourne teenager Prue Bird says she is on edge at the believed the man linked to her daughter’s death could quickly be released from jail.

Craig Minogue has served 29 years for the 1986 bombing of Victoria Police’s headquarters on Russell Street.

He was a standover man and a violent armed robber prior to his attack on the police force, which killed police officer Angela Taylor and injured several much more.

He has now been moved to the campus-style Loddon medium safety prison, near Castlemaine, and is a single step closer to parole, which he can apply for in nine months’ time.

Police questioned him more than the 1992 murder of 13-year-old Prue Bird, but he has never been charged and has constantly denied any involvement.

Minogue is suspected of giving the order for the teenager to be killed as a payback for her grandparents, Julie and Paul Hetzel, for turning against him.

Paul Hetzel was a crown witness who testified that Minogue was a single of the architects of the Russell Street bombing.

The Hetzels have been in hiding considering that Minogue’s arrest.

Although in prison, Minogue killed a fellow inmate, Alex Tsakmakis, but no further time was added to his 29-year sentence for the bombings.

The judge at the time stated the crime need to be taken into account by the parole board.

‘They all say they’re reformed’

Minogue maintains he is a changed man.

He has gained a PhD in ethics and is a published author.

The teenager’s mother, Jenny Bird, said she was sceptical of Minogue’s reformation, and nervous about the prospect he could be paroled.

“They all say they’re reformed, but I think the crime that was committed with Angela Taylor, that was just horrific,” she stated.

“He also killed once again even though he was in there, he is a suspect for Prue nevertheless, and no, I do not believe he ought to be getting out.

“I believe any person can say they are reformed, and we’ve noticed it time and time once more that men and women are released and they re-offend.”

The Victorian Government said parole decisions have been the responsibility of the parole board and its most essential consideration was neighborhood safety.

Several police who have dealt with Minogue worry that he will be created a poster boy for reform by the parole board.

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Fears Fremantle Hospital intensive care services to be cut

Posted December 03, 2015 21:04:08

Intensive care services at Fremantle Hospital might be scaled back next year, with Fiona Stanley Hospital to take over management of the smaller sized facility from February.

By producing what it has named the Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group, the Overall health Department aims to develop a “seamless connection between the two hospitals”.

But the State Opposition believes it will outcome in Fremantle Hospital services, like the ICU, becoming downgraded, and job losses.

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett mentioned no final choice had been created.

“I realize there is some consideration about that, I don’t consider a choice has been made at this stage,” he mentioned.

But Labor Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk stated the alterations in management and prospect of losing solutions were one more blow for the local neighborhood.

“Individuals currently felt the closure of the emergency department extremely keenly,” she said.

“They do really feel that Fremantle, and the Fremantle Hospital is getting neglected by this government.

“You only have to look at the buildings to see that.”

The Well being Division briefed about 500 employees behind closed doors right now, outlining how the smaller hospital would form part of a new Fiona Stanley-led group.

In a statement, the Well being Department mentioned work on streamlining policies and method would “lead to much better patient flow and transfer processes among the internet sites, and a versatile workforce with enhanced clinical rotations and enhanced workforce opportunities”.

Opposition Wellness spokesman Roger Cook said the announcement has designed far more uncertainty for Fremantle Hospital staff.

“The Government has hidden the actual job losses from the staff,” he said.

“We will see these staff go into Christmas now, not understanding the fate, not being aware of the fate of their jobs, not being aware of the fate of their hospital.”

Australian Health-related Association president Michael Gannon said the secrecy that surrounded the adjustments, and the continuing uncertainty more than job cuts, was eroding morale and trust amongst health-related employees.

“The true difficulty we’ve got is that nurses and medical doctors working in South Metro do not trust the Government,” he said.

“They do not trust what the Minister says and the do not trust what the Premier says.

“And that is a really bad spot to be.”

Dr Gannon stated the Government needed to be far more open with staff about its plans for reform and job cuts across the hospital method.

“They want to be there carrying out the job, they want to take care of sufferers, they also want some certainty in their specialist lives,” he mentioned.

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Fears uncommon WA parrot population devastated by Esperance fires

Posted November 30, 2015 17:53:38

Western ground parrot Photo: The western ground parrot is the state’s most endangered bird, with just an estimated 140 left in the wild just before the Esperance fires earlier this month. (Supplied: Alan Danks)
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Western Australia’s rarest bird is a step closer to extinction following the Esperance bushfires destroyed 90 per cent of its habitat.

Cape Arid National Park was one of the places hardest hit by the bushfires earlier this month which claimed 4 lives, burned 30,000 hectares of crops and about 15,000 livestock.

Ahead of the fires there had been just 140 western ground parrots believed left in the wild.

Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) regional ecologist Sarah Comer stated two fires in Cape Arid National Park in mid-October had burned about 20 per cent of ground parrot’s habitat.

“That was deemed a pretty considerable impact on the species,” she said.

Ms Comer stated DPaW was conducting post-fire surveys in the park when the second round of fires hit two weeks ago.

“We had spent two weeks surveying what was left after the first fires,” she stated.

They sound beautiful, it really is a sound you would be missing if they weren’t heard in the evening chorus.

Division of Parks and Wildlife regional ecologist Sarah ComerĀ 

“We had identified birds remaining in a couple of tiny pockets, and then the fires that came by means of a couple of weeks ago actually resulted in the loss of some of these tiny pockets that we had discovered soon after the first fires.

“We now estimate about 90 per cent of its habitat has been destroyed.”

Ms Comer stated two pockets of the bird’s habitat have been untouched by the fires earlier this month, and recordings from automated devices in these places indicated some birds had survived the blaze.

“The challenge for us now is to figure out what remains, and whether or not any birds have managed to escape east towards Israelite Bay,” she stated.

Desperate bid to save surviving birds

Ms Comer mentioned DPaW would this week conduct emergency cat baiting in Cape Arid National Park.

“The urgent action is to handle predators in that region, and then look at fire management out there and how we can save what is left,” she stated.

“The ground parrot is a quite unusual parrot, it’s one particular of only five ground-dwelling parrots in the planet.

“They sound gorgeous, it is a sound you would be missing if they weren’t heard in the evening chorus.

“If we drop the ground parrots these days, what is subsequent? They could be a actual canary in a coal mine.”

The Friends of the Western Ground Parrot has called for on the web donations to save the bird from extinction.

Chairman David Taylor mentioned the group hoped to raise $ one hundred,000.

“I’m hopeful they have all escaped [the fires], but I doubt it extremely significantly,” Mr Taylor said.

“Right after the fire in 2002 birds did survive, so we are genuinely hoping it is going to be the identical situation.

“We have set a target of $ one hundred,000.

“Not to sound pessimistic, but the fires north of Esperance exactly where the farmers have been affected and the townspeople of Scaddan, plus the fires in South Australia, I would say folks would be providing that priority prior to giving any donations to the western ground parrot.

“But we are hopeful.”

Western ground parrot Photo: Western ground parrot populations employed to stretch all the way up the coast south of Geraldton to Israelite Bay, but their numbers have dwindled drastically. (Supplied: Jennene Riggs)

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Two dead, fears for third in South Australian bushfire

Updated November 25, 2015 20:48:57

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Two people have died in a major bushfire north of Adelaide and there are unconfirmed reports of a third death, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has said.

One body was found in a paddock close to Pinery and a body was also found in a auto near Hamley Bridge.

The unconfirmed report is of a fatality near Freeling right after a automobile was reported to have hit a tree.

Much more to come.

1st posted November 25, 2015 20:42:32

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